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Welcome to knivesdeal.com, the home of all kinds of deals and steel products ranging from cheap airsoft guns, cheap knives, self defense weapons, outdoor gears, swords among other amazing deals. Our business has been in operation for over 13 years offering the most competitive and affordable prices. We offer high quality and durable products with full functionality. We care and cater to the needs of every person. The self defense weapons such as pepper spray, pocket knives, brass knuckles, stun gun among others are there to ensure you stay vigilant and ready to defend yourself at all times. The outdoor enthusiasts who either love camping, hiking, target shooting or hunting are also offered excellent and quality outdoor gear to cater for their needs.

We have a huge selection of crossbows for sale for the veteran archer inside of you. In addition, we offer crossbow bolts, pistol crossbows and other crossbow accessories. Real swords for sale are available where you can choose the best crafted and impressive sword that suits your needs. The available swords for sale are always ready to satiate your appetite for the love of the blade whether it is for entertainment purposes like the television and anime, or the love for the historical artifact.

We are top-notch service providers when it comes to satisfying your needs and love for the steel products. At Knives Deal, we value our customers and thus offer the most rewarding product to you. This is the ideal place for you on the internet regardless of whether you are a freelancer, collector or an all-around guru on all the products we offer. We offer quality services and deliver the best just for you. We offer efficiency, affordability, and availability of all products at all times.


Meh.... Nice Stuff. I like the staff they are nice when you call. I don't see any reason to try and find this stuff elsewhere. The price is so low its a waste of time to try and shop around.


Definitely one of the best buys out there. You can't go wrong with the product nor the customer service. Highly recommended.

Michael Tsusaki/California

I honestly wasn't expecting much for the price but these are absolutely amazing :) ! Great quality and a great feeling! Definitely recommend!:)

Ashton Clark/Washington

This website is actually legit, got my product in less then a week and extremely satisfied. I appreciate your business!

Rj Rafanan/California

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