You always want your home and office to look nice. And why not! These are the places where you spend most of your time. It is great to have some things places in your office and home that give you pleasure. Today, we have come up with some cosplay weapons that can be used for décor at your favorite places. 

There are things that beautify your house and workplace, and cosplay weapons can be one of them. Yes, these are intended to be used by cosplayer, but this is not necessary. Every person has some enthusiasm and passion for certain things. 

For example, a few people love to have historical items in their collections. Similarly, a few people like unique and antique things placed at their homes. 

This does not just display some lovely items to your guests, but also determines your passion and craze for those things. Now, cosplay weapons don’t just include foam swords and weapons, they also include medieval helmets, armors and many such things. 

Today, we are enlisting some fabulous cosplay weapons that will look great when placed at your home and offices. We have done our research to bring 10 of the most stylish, awesome and unique things that won’t just beautify your houses and offices, but also give you cherishing moments in those places. 

So, let’s go and explore those gorgeous items:

Let’s start with an antique item. This Viking drinking horn can be an exceptional thing to be placed at your home. It is actually made of real horn. During the medieval era, horns were used as drinking mugs. So, this is just a glimpse of medieval times, and an opportunity for you to show your enthusiasm for the medieval weapons. 

It is often used as a cosplay weapon, but you can place it either at your home or office. It comes with a leather holder which allows you to display it anywhere you want. There is a lovely color scheme on this horn which looks attractive to the eyes. So, collect this if you love such antique items!

Crusader helmets are frequently used as cosplay weapons because cosplayers often dress up as crusader warriors to perform on stage. But, this crusader helmet is for some crazy fans who love recalling the ancient times. By placing this as a decor in your home or office, you will pay tribute to the crusaders. 

Since it has a display stand that comes along in the package, you are allowed to display it at a table. In your house, you can display it at a table, such as a dining table or a coffee table. But, it would be best to place it at your table in the office. This is where it is intended. Made of brass, it is lovelier than your imagination! 

Those who like trying out of the box things would love this medieval bugle horn. This is actually a real horn, but a whistle is attached to it. Horns served the people during medieval times. Let’s get served by them again. There is a string attached to this horn which allows you to tie it or hang it on a steel nail. 

This is where it is supposed to be, whether at home or at the office. Also, you can sometimes blow the whistle for a different experience. So, get this whistle or horn in your collection to express your passion for such ancient things. 

This is a masterpiece. Though it is not very common as a cosplay weapon, but it has to be where it should be i-e your home or your office. Made of wood and metal, it is as luxurious as it sounds. It reminds of ancient times and describes those awesome people. 

See the picture below and tell us what else do you want! We won’t believe if you come up with anything better or more gorgeous than this. Honestly, it deserves to be at your office’s table or at your dining table. Indeed, this is something not to miss if you are really looking for pretty items for décor! 

Silver is one of the most eye-catching colors. It looks bright but never irritates your eyes. This is perhaps why most of the décor items have a silver color. This small armor of silver color is just another display item that will draw appreciation from everyone who sees it. Funnily, it looks like an Oscar award!

This armor is small and is made of cast iron. It is designed in a way that it can stand still without any support. So, you can comfortably place it on a coffee table at your home or at the office. It doesn't matter where you place it, but one thing is for sure, it would appear quite splendid. 

This kettle hat is often used in cosplay. As the name suggests, it looks like a kettle. But, it looks pretty awesome. It is generally worn by the people as a part of their costume. There is a yellow color which may seem a little odd, but is actually very nice. 

Since we are weighing these items from a display or décor purpose, things like this are quite attractive. This is why a display stand is additionally provided with the hat. In the Medieval Europe, soldiers in the army of Lord used to wear this hat. So, from this historical point of view, this item at least deserves to be in your collection. 

Yes, that’s a necklace that is supposed to be worn around your neck, but let’s be a little creative, Why not display it? Since there is a string or a sort of chain attached to it, it can also be hung along the wall on a steel nail. If you are not familiar with this cosplay weapon, it is a popular Hyrule sword. 

As it is a necklace, it can be worn around the neck. Women can use it as their jewelry but the best way to display it is by placing it at a display stand at your home. It would glorify your home for sure!  

No cosplay weapon is more popular than a foam sword. And masonic foam sword is by far the most gorgeous thing on this list. People tend to have foam swords at their offices and homes as decor. Yes, because they take pride in it. They love to express themselves as the warriors who devoted their lives while protecting their nations. 

This foam sword is excellent to display at home. Since it is made of foam, this is actually very safe. Even your kids are safe. You don’t have to worry about your kids reaching the sword. But, still you must keep them away from the reach of your children to make sure their original condition prevails. 

Shuriken is a fantastic decor item to have at home as well as the office. Well, this is an item that consists of three pieces of shuriken. If you know it was a weapon used by the ninjas for maiming their enemies, It was a handy weapon that served as a tactical thing to defeat their enemies.

It is basically a star with a few edges on it. You can place these three pieces at a table or anything else. Also, you can hang it along a wall. It would look quite unique and attractive.

Don’t think it is a strange cosplay weapon that would horrify you. This x claw is made of foam and is very safe to place at home. Your kids are pretty safe even if they use it in your absence. But, we promise it would be a nice thing as a décor for your office or home. So, get this unique item for enhancing the beauty of your house! 

Let’s Decorate Your House and Office!

As you have made your mind about which cosplay weapon you want as your home and office decor, it’s time to get on with this. Decorate your house with some fabulous items that blow the minds of the guests visiting you. 

These exceptional cosplay weapons are not only for decor, they can serve as lovely Halloween costumes. Explore the list again, and find some gorgeous cosplay items to use as your costume for Halloween, considering Halloween is not too far away!

Though all these cosplay weapons are intended for cosplay and LARP, there’s no stopping you from placing them at your homes and offices. Be wise and creative! Pick your favorite items from this list and make sure to display them to yourself and your guests. We promise you will start falling in love with your home as well as your workplace!