Ninja Weapons for Ninja Fanatics

There is no doubt that many of us, even as children, have benefited from a ninja phase and a fascination with ninja weapons. Despite the fact that many of us live in the modern world, I believe we still have a ninja warrior hidden within us that is simply waiting to lash out. 

The Western culture portrays weapons as if they are myths and fairy tales. Not many people are aware of this fact. In the west, ninjas' lifestyle and appearance are also often fabricated, along with their weapons.

Exactly Who Were the Ninja Warriors? A Brief History

Let's take a moment to look at who the real ninjas were and what they stood for before we look at the types of real ninja weapons. As ancient and feudal Japan's history reveals, the ninjas of the ancient and feudal eras were primarily spies, whose main weapon was stealth. 

Ninjas are traditionally considered as spies with ninjutsu fighting skills as well as spies. Consequently, the ninjas of feudal Japan utilized their famous weapons to accomplish the mission. Ninjas in feudal Japan could be hired by anyone who wanted to pay a fair price. (If they had to), they would rob and steal valuable information from the enemy. 

What do you know about the silent fighting art of "ninjutsu"? Since the main purpose of the Ninja was to go undetected while collecting valuable information for their 'employers,' their weapons were specifically designed as a way to enhance their stealth.


Confusion With The Samurai

Even some think the Ninjas were Samurai; however, the Samurais were the principal followers of the "Bushido code" in feudal Japan. Additionally, Samurais were recognised and had the highest status.

As opposed to the Ninjas, the female Ninjas were disguised as "female entertainers" and farmers; while the Ninjas were disguised as poor farmers and monks. Unlike their Samurai counterparts, Ninja warriors practiced as individuals rather than part of an official organization, following the "Ninpo code". 

We cannot deny that ninjas and their lethal ninja weapons have a certain coolness and awesomeness about them, so they are still popular in our modern day.

Ninja Weapons and the Martial Arts

Any ninja weapon you buy for yourself must be a type of weapon that possesses martial arts skills. The ninja is a skilled and trained warrior. The techniques they use are varied and they undergo proper training. 

A ninja can steal, stab, harm, or kill quickly with a variety of skills for a price. However, they were mostly spies, rather than killing. Spying also seeks to provide them with self-defense and other weapons they need for self-defense.

Getting to Know Ninja Weapons

Ninjas possess some deadly weapons hidden in their clothes. Such weapons are characterized by their simplicity. A real ninja can then carry the weapons easily and discreetly. This makes them extremely deadly in any difficult situation. After the ninjas, however, they used most of them as killing tools.

The Large Variety Of Ninja Weapons

The different types of weapons used by ninjas are well-made and lethal, making them an interesting part of the genre. In addition, the design of the various types of these arms is simple and disguised; nevertheless, they remain effective regardless of their design. 

Several of the different types of these weapons originated as farming tools. After a few minor innovations, they were converted into effective weapons. There are a number of different types of ninja weapons in the list below that are not only lethal, but highly effective as well. Have fun reading:

1. The Nunchucks

One of the most famous and traditional ninja weapons is the Nunchaku, also known as the Nunchucks. The original ninjas might not have preferred using martial arts weapons such as this one as their primary weapons. 

To hit an enemy with Nunchaku, you chain together two wooden sticks and spin them around in order to hit them. Using the chain of the nunchaku, the opponent can also use a knife or other weapon to gain control. Among the ninja's flexible weapons, the nunchaku is versatile and can be controlled in a variety of conditions.


2. The Ashiko

In order to perform their spy-related tasks efficiently, ninjas had to move in a technically stealthy manner. To get to places which were out of reach for others, the ninjas developed tools which helped them climb walls and trees. 

Specifically, Ashiko refers to special "climbing claws" that were attached to shoes via a special rope or even a lace. These were made from metal pieces with nails attached.

3. The Shuriken or Ninja Stars

Shuriken, also known as ninja stars and throwing stars are the most common ninja weapons among children. In the world of movies, stories, and anime series, shuriken are shown everywhere (alongside the ninjas) and are considered as one of the most recognizable ninja tools. Shuriken, or metal stars, are weapons of the Japanese warrior class. 

Ninja Star

This type of weapon served more than just killing purposes; it also served as a distraction device. These weapons could sometimes come with poisoned tips, making them that much more dangerous.

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4. The Kama

Kama was originally a routine farming tool, but now it belongs to the ninja tool category. This weapon is made up of small sticks with blades attached to their edges. A 12-inch length made them easier to handle and carry; hence, they were easier to use. 

It was common for ninjas to disguise themselves as farmers in Okinawa; accordingly, they had special fighting skills using their farming tools. The ninjas' disguise as farmers made it easy for them to develop their Kama into effective weapons.

5. The Chigiriki

Chigiriki is another chained ninja tool that can be composed of wooden, iron or a chained weight. It is made up of the following components: wooden stick with a hollow center; metal or wooden weight attached at the end; and, chain or iron weight. 

The blade is one of history's most unique ninja weapons, and is designed specifically to kill enemies. There could be a risk of fractured noses and skulls from the heavy weight attached to the chain of the Chigiriki. Chained tools were especially useful since they could be used at a distance without being damaged.

6. The Tanto Blades

Ninja-lover or not, everyone knows this ninja tool is the tanto, one of the most important weapons. 

An effective use of the Tanto knife includes slicing and cutting the throat of an enemy (quick kills); prying through objects; and opening locked doors. Much like the throwing stars, the Tanto can also serve as an effective throwing weapon. 

As a general rule, Tanto knives have a small, thin blade made of sturdy and durable metal that is usually small in size. Tanto knives are usually between 12 and 14 inches long. Samurais were also known to use and own these cool weapons in addition to the Ninjas.

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7. The Arrow and Bow

Even everyday weapons, like arrows and bows, were used by the Ninjas. Ninjas were not only skilled with the arrow and bow for killing purposes, but they were also adept at hunting animals with them. It is evident from a study of ancient Japan's feudal origins that bows and arrows were among the most commonly used ninja weapons by female warriors.

8. The Nekote

In addition to bows and arrows, the Nekote was also a favorite ninja weapon among the females. The weapon consists of metal fingers included in finger sheaths that are fitted with blades that are quite sharp. Many metal blades of the Nekote were poisoned to ensure lethality to the ninja warriors. The Nekote was worn over the fingers of the ninja warriors. 

The Nekote also happens to be called the "claws of the cat" because they were not only used as hand claws to scratch enemies, but as effective and lethal weapons as well. There is so much innovation in the Nekote that they are my all-time favorite.

9. The Tetsubishi

This is another stealthy ninja weapon because Mitsubishis are made up of tiny pointy weapons that are spread over the floor to harm the enemy's feet or delay them from approaching. 

In ancient feudal Japan, people tended to wear barefoot shoes since they weren't as developed as they are today. Therefore, the ninja warriors were able to throw a bunch of Tetsubishi weapons at their enemies to escape; if these weapons were poisoned, they might also be used as killing weapons.

10. The Kunai Knife

The kunai is another extremely-renowned weapon used by ninjas all over the world. As part of the kunai tool, there is a short sharp dagger that can be used for thrusting. 

In addition to serving as an effective climbing tool, it could be used as a prying tool, as a spear, and as a throwing tool. For example, a Kunai could attach to a stick and serve as a spear, and as a throwing tool. 

Kunai Knife

Besides being useful, Ninja weapons are also extremely awesome in terms of how they are designed and how they work. So, it's no wonder they remain popular in today's world as well as available in local markets and on the internet.

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You Can Get Any Ninja Weapon You Want

Having gone through this list, you know why ninjas have been revered in history for so long - they're deadly and they're cool! You can call them the ancient versions of Batman. Then you might wonder where to find these  weapons if you are intrigued by all these ninja weapons.

The types of ninja tools that you can find in your area vary depending on where you live. Online shopping offers many benefits; you can compare prices since there are more options to choose from. The styles and designs of these weapons can be searched to suit your budget and your sense of style.

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