small self defense weapons

Whenever I leave my house, I have a fear running through my mind. That fear is very familiar these days and it is the fear of getting attacked by a random attacker. People have been attacked quite a few times by the attackers who just seem fearless. 

It seems as if there is no way to get rid of them. However, there is one way you can counter the attackers. You can carry a self defense weapon and fight the attackers. They are not going to leave any chance of attacking you. 

self defense weapons

Therefore, you have to be prepared to battle them if they attack you. For this purpose, you need to have a perfect self defense weapon to carry in your pocket or bag. 

This is the important question then. What is the perfect self defense weapon to carry? Everyone has his needs and hence it is difficult to determine what is the right self defense weapon for everyone. One thing is constant by the way and that is the size. 

Everyone wants a small self weapon that fits well into the pocket. There are many self defense weapons available in the market, including a few very large and lethal ones while a few are small and still very lethal and effective. We have enlisted 10 amazingly small self defense weapons to get rid of the attacker. 

1. Pepper Spray

A pepper spray is a small bottle of spray typically containing chili spray. It is one of the smallest weapons for self defense. It is so small that you can easily carry it in your pocket. It contains capsicums as the active ingredient. 

It can cause some serious effects to the eyes of the attacker. When sprayed on the face, it can cause a burning sensation and force the eyes to close. At times, it may cause temporary blindness. 

2. Taser Gun

A taser gun sounds like a gun and is also a gun. It looks like a real gun but it does not shoot bullets. Rather, it shoots electrodes since it is an electroshock weapon. 

The electrodes travel to some distance and touch the body of the attacker to cause a strong electrical shock. The electrodes connect to form a circuit and deliver a powerful electrical shock. 

3. Self Defense Keychain

A self defense keychain, as it sounds is a keychain basically that can hold and carry your keys. However, there is more than just a key ring. There are two spikes attached to the keychain. 

These spikes are deadly and can cause serious injuries. You can use the spikes to punch the attacker in his face and cause serious injuries to survive against him. 

4. Comb Knife

A comb knife is a hidden blade basically and is designed specifically for self defense. It looks like a real comb and it does work like a comb. You can comb your hair when needed. 

However, when an attacker comes, you can remove the cover and reveal the blade. You can use the blade to battle the attackers, injure them with the strong blade and ensure your survival. 

5. Flashlight Stun Gun

A flashlight stun gun is another electroshock weapon and one of the best self defense weapons to deal with the attackers. It sounds like a gun but it does not work like a gun. 

Rather, it is a small device that offers a flashlight. There are two prongs featured on the device. You can touch these prongs to the body of the attacker to deliver a strong electrical shock and immobilize him. 

6. Steel Nunchaku

A steel nunchaku can be a perfect weapon to deal with the attackers. It is basically a pair of two sticks made of steel. Yes, there are wooden nunchucks as well. However, steel ones are more powerful and lethal. 

This can be a very lethal weapon and can ensure your survival against the attackers in any case. Just swing the sticks hard by holding them from the chain or rope that connects them. A couple of strikes are enough to leave the attack injured and survive.

7. Handcuffs

Yes, this is a strange option but is very popular these days for battling the attackers. These are police handcuffs that they use to detain or arrest the criminals and culprits. You can use these cuffs to detain the attackers as well. 

These are often made of steel and you can use them to beat the attackers as well. They can be lethal too. Once you injure the attackers, arrest them and take them to the police station to become a responsible citizen. 

8. Brass Knuckle Knife

A brass knuckle knife is a small and lethal weapon you can use for self defense. It is a wearable weapon that you can wear around your knuckles. 

You can first punch the attacker in his face using the knucks. In addition, you can use the knife to your advantage. It is a deadly combination that can frighten the attackers. 

9. Karambit Knife

A karambit knife is a small knife with a curved blade. Hailing from the Philippines, it has been used as a self defense knife. You can use it against the attackers for slashing and thrusting actions. It looks like a very dangerous knife and can keep the attackers away from you! 

10. Kubaton Keychain Spikes

A kubaton is another ninja weapon you can use to get rid of the attacker. It is a small keychain that can hold and help carry your keys. 

It is small but pretty effective in dealing with the attackers. There are a couple of deadly spikes on it. You can punch the attacker with these spikes and cause severe injuries. As a result, you can survive the attack!