MTech Ballistic Knives

MTech knives are synonymous with a huge variety of good quality knives at affordable rates. MTech Ballistic is the series launched by this top knife brand that includes some of the most fantastic ballistic knives.

We have rounded up the top 10 ballistic knives from the Mtech series that are a must have. Add them to your collection to diversify it without breaking the bank or use these amazing ballistic knives everyday. You won't be disappointed. Lets begin.

1 - USMC Ballistic Knife

The US Marine Corps is one of the most formidable branches of the US army. This Mtech ballistic knife has USMC painted on its blade to symbolize that only the best and the bravest can carry this ballistic knife.

US Marines The Few The Proud Spring Assisted Folding Knife

The spring assisted ballistic knife has a 3.8" inch long stainless steel blade. Even though the low carbon content makes the sharp blade highly durable, the black titanium coating provided extra resistance against corrosion.

The 4mm thick blade of the Mtech ballistic knife is serrated so you can carry out extra ripping and thrashing tasks on top of regular cutting and thrusting from this rescue knife.

The 5" long black G10 handle has ergonomics to rival those of expensive knives. You can hold on to this ballistic knife firmly for hours-like in a rescue mission-and the sweat won't cause this folding knife to slip off.

This Mtech ballistic knife looks strong, works hard and is a perfect all rounder knife at just over $10 dollars. We can't think of a better knife deal than this. 

2 - Midnight OPS Ballistic Knife

If US Marine Corps aren't alluring enough to you, Mtech Ballistic knife series has another spring assisted knife to lure you in. This is the MIDNIGHT OPS ballistic knife.

MIDNIGHT OPS Tactical Spring Assisted Folding Knife 

This ballistic knife is made from the night dwellers, with people who clash with dangers lurking in the darkness and for stealth and purpose of duty. With 'Midnight Ops - Stealth Tactics Guts' and the 'MTech Ballistic' logo on the front of the blade, this ballistic knife is for people who mean business.

The 3.5" inch black finish blade is stainless steel. The drop point blade with a full grind is extremely sharp and 3.5mm thick. The black finish exudes the toughness of this ballistic knife. The folding knife has a thumb stud opening and liner lock system to keep things fixed while you work with the knife. 

The 5" inch long handle is made of aluminum that keeps this ballistic knife lightweight and just under 6.5oz. The handle has a stainless steel inner frame and an ABS center overlay to make this ballistic knife extra sturdy.

The bolster of this Mtech ballistic knife is a thing of beauty with a gold finish and death skull designed on the main pivot giving this ballistic knife annextra edge over other Black Ops knives out there. 

3 - Xtreme Mammoth Ballistic Knife 

The Mtech Xtreme series features this spring assisted ballistic knife is a deathly grey knife designed to be your perfect everyday carry 
( EDC) knife with its compact size and weight (11.20 oz).

M-Tech Xtreme Ballistic Mammoth Black G10 Spring Assisted Knife

The 3.5" inch long stainless steel blade has a fray finish. The type of blade is sheepsfoot making this ballistic knife an ideal tool for carving, skinning and working with intricacy and precision.

The gimping's on the spine of the blade help you hold it firmly as you place your index finger over it while cutting into something thick.

The black G-10 handle is 5" long with a gray fi bolster. The ergonomics of the handle is further aided by the curvature and grooves that typify the stylish handle of this Mtech ballistic knife.

The ballistic knife comes with a flipper opening mechanism if thumb studs aren't your thing. A lanyard hole helps make this folding knife easy to carry with a liner lock system keeping the blade locked in a fully opened position.

4 - Digital Camo Ballistic Knife

This Mtech ballistic knife with an urban camo design, marks a cool digital addition to Mtech Ballistic knife series. If you want to look uber cool and tough at the same time, you need to get this ballistic knife.

Urban Digital Camo Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

The 3.5" inch long stainless steel blade is partially serrated. Now you can carry out hard core cutting and chopping with this folding ballistic knife as well do some shredding with the serrations on the blade.

The 5" inch long G10 handle is what gives this ballistic knife an upper edge. Not only is the handle ergonomic but the digital camo inlay gives this ballistic knife a militaristic aesthetic.

The pocket knife is a must have for all military knife enthusiasts out there. The black classic looking bolster along with gimping's on the handle complete this ballistic everyday carry (EDC) knife's comfort features. Get it here

5 - Tactical Pakkawood Ballistic Knife

Not everything about the Mtech Ballistic knife series is 'cool', 'digital' and 'urban'. If you want a ballistic knife to be more old school and classic but have modern features, this tactical ballistic knife is your best bet.

M-Tech Ballistic Escape Black Pakkawood Spring Assisted Knife

The 8.25" inch M-Tech Ballistic knife is a spring assisted pocket knife boosting a lot of tactical features. But first, let's talk about the blade.

The 3.5" long partially serrated blade is made of stainless steel and has a drop point. The drop point blade alone is enough to do heavy lifting you would expect from this Mtech ballistic knife. The black finish gives this tactical knife gory aesthetics. You can pop this folding knife open by either a thumb stud or flipper opening.

The 4.75" inch long handle is armed with a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. Your ballistic knife is not all looks and no action. It delivers on performance in the most dire of circumstances and won't disappoint you as you reach out for your rescue knife in emergency.

The handle exudes class and old school charm with its pakkawood handle. Loaded with nostalgia about the grandpa's knife and the ballisticity of modern day and age, this Mtech ballistic knife offers you the best of both worlds. 

6 - Tanto Army Ballistic Knife

Carrying in from the 'best of both worlds' feature of Mtech ballistic knife series- we present you with an army knife that offers the tacticality of military knives with a classicity of handcrafted knives.

MTech Xtreme Ballistic

The 3.5inch long stainless steel blade is a tanto instantly giving you all the razor sharpness and multiple actions that a tanto blade offers in this military ballistic knife.

With 2.8mm thickness, this ballistic knife blade has a sharp edge that can perform heavy duty cutting and stabbing action alongside the slicing and carving with finesse and precision of a skinning knife.

The ballistic knife has spring assisted opening making it a perfect everyday carry ( EDC) knife with just 5" closed length. Carry it around as a utility or a self defense knife and you will thank us later.

The classic 5" long aluminum handle with 3mm pakkawood insert in it. So you get the light weightiness from aluminum construction as well as the beauty of a wood inlay. We told you, this ballistic knife offers the aesthetics with practicality. 

7 - POW-MIA Ballistic Knife

The Mtech ballistic knife series truly outdoes itself with this military knife. With ' POW-MIA' and 'MTECH Ballistic' logos engraved on the front of the blade, this ballistic knife is your way to homage to prisoners of war and US veterans of the past.

POW MIA Tactical EDC Spring Assisted Folding Knife

While this ballistic knife looks amazing as an army knife but it also offers an ease of everyday carry with a black pocket clip. Just slide it into your pocket and you are ready to take on the world with this spring assisted knife.

The 3.7" long sharp blade is made of stainless steel. The black finish and 3.8mm thickness gives this ballistic knife an iron-claw strength that makes it useful for a whole number of operations like stabbing and slicing.

The 4.75" long handle is two-toned with black and grey camo design. The handle is made of aluminium to keep this ballistic knife lightweight. The triple bevel blade with a large finger choil makes this pocket knife easy and safe to work with. 

8 - 'Pop Of Orange' Ballistic Knife

So far, we have had too many earthly colors symbolizing the militaristic aspects of the Mtech ballistic knives. But this Mtech ballistic knife stands out for its popping orange color that smells like summer.

5 Inch Blade Pocket Knife

Not all ballistic knives have to be loaded with features. This Mtech pocket knife is simple and elegant. It gets the job done without being too over the top in its tactical aspects. Sometimes, all you need is a sharp blade in your everyday carry ( EDC) knife.

If you want a ballistic knife that looks graceful in its simplicity, you got it. The 5" long stainless steel blade is a drop point to take care of your thrusting and stabbing actions,  while the satin finish adds silkiness to this ballistic knife. Get your cuts sharp and easy with this Mtech ballistic knife.

The 5" long orange painted handle is made of aluminum. Both the sharp blade and the handle feature meshwork design giving this ballistic knife a peculiar yet beautiful appearance. The handle is pivoted throughout with steel screws contrasting well with an orange backdrop. The grooves and curves of the handle give this ballistic knife perfect ergonomics for those long hours of cutting etc. 

9 - Blue Rescue Ballistic Knife

Never before has a classic handyman's knife come this cheap. Mtech ballistic knife series is truly a godsend for creating this blue rescue knife that offers practical features along with resilience of a true craftsman knife. 

Everyday Carry Pocket Knife 

The 3.5 inches long stainless steel blade won't rust easily. You will be using this cheap pocket knife for years without it losing its sharp edge. You get a 3mm thick half serrated tanto blade with jagged markings on the dull side of the blade giving this ballistic knife added toughness in its looks.

As they say, a tanto is a jack of all trades. Whether you want to fix yourself a vegetable salad or thresh a wire, this ballistic knife has you covered. On top of that, a half serrated blade comes handy when shredding paper or cardboard.

The 4.5" inch long black and blue handle has curves for easy holding. The two-toned texture reflects light in the dark giving this ballistic knife a tactical advantage over plain dark handle knives. 

10 - Red FireFighter Ballistic Knife

We had to end with this rough and tough ballistic knife. Emboldened with the Fire Department medallion sign on its Redland black handle, this Mtech ballistic knife is a classic fighter's knife embodying fearlessness and selflessness-the virtunes you would love to uphold through your knife. 

Fire Fighter Rescue Spring Assisted

This spring assisted folding knife has a 3 Inch long tanto blade with serrations on the bottom half of the sharp edge. The versatile ballistic knife can deliver on a mélange of actions-from cutting to slicing to stabbing. The stainless steel blade has a black finish as if the blade eras been forged in fire.

The 4.75" long red and black handle is aluminium and gives this ballistic knife all its tactical features befitting a firefighter's knife. A glass breaker tip to get through any glass barrier in a hurry, a  seat belt cutter for rescue and run as well as a red pocket clip to make this an everyday carry ( EDC) knife.

You won't have to rescue a baby out of a burning building to feel valiant and adventure-loving. Sometimes the right pocket knife can do the trick. We believe this ballistic is it. Get it here

We hoped you enjoyed our list of top 10 knives from the Mtech Knife series. Time to get your hands on one of these and complete your knife collection!