Generally, in America, when you talk about survival, you definitely mean surviving against the attackers. Americans can’t be blamed for this, but the random attacks have stick to their minds. Whenever they go out, they are equipped with some weapons to survive against those attacks. 

But, this is one aspect of survival, and there are many others. There are occasions when you need to have a complete survival gear in order to survive in every possible situation. So, there are plenty of different survival situations. 

Let’s start with a travel through wilderness areas. You often head to such areas like landscapes and forests for purposes like hunting and camping. If I am not wrong, this is the most popular outdoor activity in the United States. 

Why Not? 

Hunting and camping are quite enjoyable, exciting and adventurous. However, these adventures often land you in trouble. You need to survive not just against the attackers, but also against the wild animals that may approach you in search of their hunt. So, you need survival gear to survive against those wild animals. 

Man Vs Wild is a wonderful television series hosted by Bear Grylls on a popular UK channel known as Discovery. This television show tells you exactly what survival in a landscape or wilderness means. 

The men need to survive being in the forest for some days. They need to prepare shelter, prepare food, and survive against the wild animals etc. So, these are different survival situations and challenges that you need to overcome. 

Survival gear also helps you in facing harsh circumstances while you are in such remote areas. Don’t think that this is an additional thing, rather, it is a necessity because you need everything that eases your outdoor activity and saves you from any distress caused during your journey. 

A long journey through these remote areas is another challenge. In other words, it is a situation you need to survive as well. At times, the weather is too harsh and you need to build a shelter that is solid enough; that is made of wood or any other solid material. Hence, these are some of the survival situations that we often counter while travelling. 

When getting on the road for an adventurous trip, you necessarily have a backpack, and that backpack contains every essential thing you would require on your journey. Basically, we think about dresses, snacks, food, and match boxes etc. as the essential supplies. 

So, we put all of these in our backpack as part of our survival gear. However, we forget to include certain items that are necessary for our survival. It is not the case that most of us are unaware of the circumstances and challenges that we encounter, but we are actually lazy and careless to ignore some significant items. 

In this article, we shall disclose the most significant items that your backpack should include. 

Yes, things like match boxes, fire starters, food and snacks etc. are necessary, but make sure not to forget to add the following ten items as part of your survival gear: 

1. Pocket Knife

Pocket knife is the most advantageous thing would have in your survival gear. As it sounds, it is a knife to be carried in the pocket. Here is the first advantage then. You don’t necessarily have to put in your backpack to overload it. Instead, you can carry it in your pocket. 

Hence, you save some space to place other supplies. A pocket knife is a small sized knife with a blade that can be folded inside the handle. The blade is small, but has the power to do all the cutting tasks. At times, it is also called a folding knife. 

Now, let’s move to the reasons why you should have a pocket knife in your survival gear. First of all, it has a blade that lets you cut and peel fruits. If you have veggies and other essential food items, you can prepare food by cutting the veggies and fruits with this knife. 

After all, you need to feed yourself in order to survive. In a landscape or wilderness, you don’t have a restaurant or store to buy food stuff. All you can do is cut fruits and vegetables to eat. 

So, it’s the blade that is key to your survival. You need to build a shelter for you as well in order to avoid severe weather conditions. Also, you are well aware that bladed weapons have been serving as survival weapons against the attackers. 

But, this is the one situation where they serve your survival. A blade can also be used for fighting a wild animal or uncontacted people in the areas like Sierra Foothills who are always ready to harm the tourists. 

A blade is a major threat to these attackers who fear nothing else. So, whenever you are preparing for a journey to remote areas, make sure to keep a pocket knife in your survival gear. 

2. Survival Knife

Talking about survival against the attackers and wild animals, a survival knife is the best in this regard. Perhaps, the most significant part of your survival gear is this knife. 

Generally, survival knife is an extremely powerful knife with a fixed blade. There are a couple of features that make these knives powerful. 

Firstly, these knives have immovable, fixed blades, and it is believed that knives with fixed blades are more powerful compared to knives with foldable blades. Secondly, these knives have full tang blades I-e the blades that go further inside the handle. 

Hence, these powerful blades are the best when it comes to fighting the animals in the wilderness and attackers. 

Survival knife does not have specifications when it comes to shapes, designs of blades and styles. These knives can have straight blades or curved blades, so that they can be used for doing different cutting tasks. 

Also, serrations on the blade are not necessary as well. However, this knife is a perfect addition to your survival gear. It’s powerful blade can inflict severe injuries to the attackers and animals to make them run away from you. 

Also, this massive knife in your hand would prevent any attacker from coming towards you. Such is the fear of this knife! 

3. Hunting Knife

Having said that there are plenty of different survival situations. Before you pack your bag and get on the driving seat, make sure to keep all the survival situations in mind and pick the supplies accordingly. 

What is the option for you if you run out of food items and snacks. And there are no food stuff available in remote areas and landscapes, just a reminder. In such situations, you need to do hunting to get rid of hunger.

Surviving without food is simply impossible, so, this is definitely the only option left. You can hunt small game like rabbits and quails. But, you need some hunting equipment for this purpose. 

Hunting knife is a necessary part of your survival gear too. Of course, there are plenty of hunting weapons that you can choose, but hunting knife is still essential. 

A firearm can injure or kill the small game, but you need to eat it. For this purpose, you need a knife. A hunting knife is generally a fixed blade, full tang knife that possesses the power to cut meat. 

It also has the power to cut the hardest of the materials. So, to survive in a situation where hunting is the only option left, a hunting knife should be included in your backpack.  

4. Skinning Knife

Skinning knife is often considered a hunting knife, but it is not necessarily a knife for hunting. Skinning refers to removing the skin from an animal, basically, a hunted animal. 

So, this knife is also required when you need to do the hunting. Like the hunting knife, it is also an extremely powerful knife, but is made exclusively for skinning. Once you have hunted an anima, you need to remove its skin before cutting or preparing the meat. 

An ordinary knife does not have the power to do skinning because it is a tough ask for its incapable blade. Skinning knife can easily remove the skin because it’s blade smoothly cuts through and disperses the skin from the meat. 

5. Pellet Gun

Many of you are surprised to see a pellet gun on this list, but this is always required when hunting is supposed to be done. So, these three tools, including hunting knife, skinning knife and pellet gun becomes a part of your survival gear just because of hunting. 

Since hunting is sometimes necessary, these three tools, specifically pellet guns are crucial. Pellet gun, as it sounds, is actually a gun but it does not fire real bullets. It is a specially designed hunting gun that uses steel BBs. 

However, it is only effective for hunting small game. You can’t hunt deer or other large game with these small steel bullets. 

When you need to hunt small game like rabbits, ducks, quails and squirrels etc., you can use a pellet gun. It would easily take down the small game and then you have the hunting and skinning knives for rest of the work. 

Other than small game hunting, pellet gun is also useful for surviving against the wild animals and attackers. A knife would make you get close to the attacker or the animal to injure him. 

However, pellet gun can fire BBs from a great distance. When you see something dangerous getting towards you, you can shoot it down with this gun. The steel-made BBs have the power to inflict serious damage, specifically, when you aim the face or eyes. 

6. Pepper Spray

Fighting wild animals is never easy. They are quicker than you and stronger than you. But, you have the brain to be smart in such situations. 

Add a pepper spray in your survival gear to make sure you have a smart weapon to deal with the attackers as well as these animals. Pepper spray is just a spray, but it includes capsaicin which causes irritation to the eyes and face. 

It also causes blindness for a temporary period of time.  It was originally used by the police and military personnel for crowd control. However, as of late, it is adopted as a self defense weapon to survive against the attackers. 

Such an advantageous weapon in your gear would guarantee your survival in the wilderness. 

Having said that you would need to deal with annoying people of remote areas along with some deadly animals, a pepper spray is the best thing to lead your survival against them. 

Obviously, you don’t want to cause any serious injuries to those people, a non lethal weapon like this would be ideal. You can just spray it on their faces to cause temporary blindness and then move to a relatively safe place. 

Yes, I’m talking about those animals too. A spray on their faces would be enough to frighten them and make them leave the area. As a result, you would be safe from any attack. 

7. Stun Gun Flashlight

Stun Gun Flashlight is a small device known to be a non lethal self defense weapon. It is one of the most popular survival weapons against the attackers. This is one of the weapons women often carry for self defense. 

Basically, it is a small device shaped like a torch that can deliver an electrical shock. There are two prongs on the device that delivers the shock once they are touched with the body of the attacker. 

A flashlight is an additional feature that provides light in the dark. Your survival gear deserves such a weapon that provides a couple of advantages. 

In a situation where you need to survive against the animals and attackers, there is no better weapon than a stun gun. While camping, you definitely need some light because there is no facility of electricity available in the camp. 

Fire would always be temporary, but a flashlight can be used for as long as you want. You won’t have to be worried about the dark anymore. The attackers often take advantage of the dark and launch an attack, so do the wild animals. 

However, once you have enlightened your path using a flashlight, you can sense the danger approaching you. So, this device is a perfect addition to your survival gear. 

8. Crossbow

Crossbow is another brilliant weapon that should be a part of your survival gear. It is basically a projectile weapon like a bow and arrow. However, it is an advanced version with more speed, accuracy and power. 

The modern crossbows or compound bows are shaped like rifles and even have triggers to pull and launch the arrow. At times, they are called compound rifles. Now, think yourself how many ways they can serve your survival. 

This is perhaps the most desirable thing while you are in a landscape. From hunting to self defense, crossbow has everything to offer. 

The pellet gun is for small game hunting, but small game is not always enough for you. Sometimes, you need to hunt a deer to survive. You can be a great gathering or group of mates. Also, small game would take more effort and hard work, and would be a tiring thing to do. 

You can use a crossbow to hunt large game like deer and make sure to have enough to eat for your survival. In addition, you can use it for killing deadly animals like bears to prevent their deadly attacks. 

Since they offer speed, range and accuracy, you can do that from a great distance. 

9. Machete

Machete is actually a knife, but a massive one. However, it is not a basic utility knife, rather a huge knife used by the butchers for cutting meat. 

But, why would you need such a knife in your survival gear? For two reasons. First, it helps you after you have hunted small game or large game. It allows you to cut meat with ease before you use a portable stove to cook it. 

Without a machete, it would be difficult and time consuming to cut the meat. But, machete would make it pretty easy. Also, this massive knife has a huge blade to cut the woods and branches so that you can build a shelter for you in rainy and snowy weather. 

Such a huge knife would also be handy in dealing with the attackers. 

10. Tomahawk Axe

Building shelter is another essential activity to survive in the wilderness. A camp made of cotton or fabric is not pretty safe at times. Sometimes during harsh weather circumstances, you require a solid shelter made of wood. 

But, for this purpose, you need to cut the woods. The reason why your survival gear needs a tomahawk axe is because it lets you cut the woods with ease in order to prepare a solid shelter. 

Generally, Tomahawk axe is a throwing axe used in throwing sports, but it can be used for cutting actions like an ordinary axe. 

Make A Survival Gear Checklist

Before you go to your next adventure or trip, make sure to have every necessary survival gear mentioned above. For this purpose, make a checklist. Not every gear is essential, but you need to have the most necessary among them. 

Consider the area you have chosen for camping and the activities you are interested in doing, such as hunting or fishing. Once you know the area and activities, make a checklist of survival gear accordingly. Add the most required items in your checklist. 

Before you get on the driving seat of your vehicle, check your backpack and then have a look at the checklist to confirm whether you have taken all the essential supplies. Have a safe trip!