self defense weapons for women

Women are more vulnerable to random attacks, and statistics suggest that they have been attacked more by attackers compared to men. Therefore, it is more important for women to carry a survival tool or weapon. 

Self Defense Weapons for Women are among the most purchased form of weapons the world over. After all, a woman's safety is a hundred times more important than a man's well-being.

It becomes even more important when a woman is functioning as a single unit in a male-dominant society. Therefore, these weapons come to rescue under such critical circumstances.

So, if you are a teenage girl or a single working mother, these weapons are going to guard you in times of difficulty. But, how will you choose one out of a huge collection of these weapons? Who is going to tell you which one is an ideal weapon for you?

This article is thoughtfully compiled to let you know about the 10 most reliable self defense weapons for women. Let us have a look at them first.

Women are known for their love for their hair. They are always conscious about carrying a hairstyle that rightly complements their personality and outfit. This consciousness, in turn, compels them to carry a comb or a brush with them all the time.

Have you ever thought of having a protective weapon in a comb? Yes, you have read it right. It is possible. This comb knife rightly saves you of the fear of carrying a weapon.

pink comb with hidden knife

And yes, you can even use it as a comb to brush your hair anytime, anywhere. The best part is that this knife doesn't even weigh too heavy on your pocket.

If you are looking for self defense weapons for women, you will never dare to ignore this one. This weapon looks like an attractive lipstick. The bright red packaging further captures a woman's eye and she instantly falls in love with this tool.

Yes, we are very well-aware of your eternal love for lipsticks, but, unfortunately, this one is never going to tint your lips. It will rather save you out of a challenging situation. Open it up and roll it, you will be surprised to find a concealed blade inside.

Lipstick Hidden Knife red

Are you someone who is obsessed with anything and everything that exhibits an attractive purple color? If yes, this is an ideal self defense weapons for women like you. It will not only satisfy your love for this enchanting color but will also help you stay safe in an emergency situation.

Purple Lipstick Stun Gun with LED Light

Thus, if in case someone tries to harass, you simply press the button of this Stun Gun and surprise him with an electric shock. He will not be able to attack any further.

Pepper spray has secured a distinct place among all self defense weapons for women. This tool has been serving its purpose effectively over the years and is thus, trusted by most of the women out there.

Pepper Spray Keychain with belt clip

It is an ideal weapon to carry for those who are afraid of using knives and guns. At the same time, it is quite easy to conceal and offers affordability without making you compromise on your convenience. What else do you want in such a useful weapon?

Pink is a girl's first love. This color has been used as a symbol of feminism and cuteness for years. It becomes even more attractive when we talk off of a pink necklace. It is surely one of the girl's biggest attractions.

Keeping this in view, we have designed this weapon with the appearance of a necklace. It is basically a hidden knife that is intended to serve as self defense weapons for women.

Pink Crystal Necklace Knife

Have you ever thought of finding such a girly weapon? Go grab yours before it gets out of stock.

Even if Marijuana is a notorious drug that itself is not legal at all, its flower looks really attractive to most women. It features really attractive colors and the shape of its petals is slightly different than most of the flowers.

If you also think the same, opt for this Marijuana necklace. This accessory will not only complement your dress but will also serve as a knife in time of need.

Marijuana Necklace Knife Hidden Blade

Isn't it amazing? Quickly get this one, I am sure you do not want to miss out on such a useful product.

If you are a working woman who feels more comfortable in western attires, this weapon right here is exclusively designed for you. It is surely going to look well with almost all your outfits and will also quench your thirst for looking cool all the time.

Copper Brass Knuckle

Basically, it is a brass knuckle that will incredibly enhance your punching power. Those who are familiar with this tool will not dare to harass you ever. Those who are not will be surprised after receiving an intense punch.

Whether you are a working lady or a student or just an ordinary housewife, you must have had a habit of keeping a poem with you all the time. If that's true, this pen is among the best self defense weapons for women?

Elegant Executive Pen Knife

Yes, this pen can actually save you out of a challenging situation. Do you want to know how? Simply use it once, you will be surprised to find a knife inside. You are already very well aware of the extraordinary utilities of a knife on your life.

Have you ever thought of possessing the best self defense weapons for women? If yes, this will put an end to your search. It is incredibly capable of making the attacker unable to attack anymore.

This is mainly a compact-sized Stun Gun that strikes the attacker with a powerful electric shock. The impact of this tool is so strong and it works so instantly that the attacker finds it impossible to comprehend what has just happened.

Mini Stun Gun double Shock

You don’t even need any skills to use it effectively. Simply turn it on and carefully bring it in contact with the attacker. It will do the rest itself.

Knuckles are often used as an accessory to make yourself stand out of the crowd. These are highly popular among young girls and boys these days. Nevertheless, these can also effectively serve as great self defense weapons for women.

Wear it on your knuckles and enjoy the confidence of being able to defend yourself in an unexpected situation. Using these beautiful silver screen Knuckles will make you realize the worth of being an independent working woman.

Feline Silver Screen Knuckle

This weapon will surely relieve you of the stress of falling prey to an attacker's sudden attack.

Why Should You Buy These Self Defense Weapons?

If you have gone through this article, you must now be excited to buy one for you. However, the question must be constantly disturbing you. What makes these weapons the best self defense weapons for women? Or why should you buy them? We have got an answer to that as well.

1. Compact Size:

It is always difficult to carry a weapon with you all the time. We can understand how tiresome it may get. Keeping this in view, we have designed all these useful weapons in a compact size. You can easily carry these with you on a daily basis.

2. Reliability:

All self defense weapons must provide reliability effortlessly. Without this factor, it is useless to invest in these. Therefore, we have recommended all these weapons because three are highly trusted by our valued customers.

3. Affordability:

Security is equally important for those who can afford or who can’t afford it. We truly understand the worth of a woman's respect and dignity. So, these weapons are never going to disappoint you with their price.

4. Ease of Use

Women are generally reluctant to use weapons. They are unable to gather the courage of striking a dangerous weapon. That is why these weapons are equipped with an easy-to-use mechanism that doesn't haunt the women in any dangerous situation. Buy one and give it a try.

Your Ultimate Self Defense Weapon?

Since you have explored the entire list of weapons and self defense tools, which is your preferred one? The facts is that all these weapons are quite effective against the attackers. Also, they are best to use for women since they are easy to use, non lethal and quite easy to carry! 

It certainly goes without saying that these weapons will never betray you in times of need. Simply browse through our huge collection of self defense weapons for women and make a choice wisely. Stay safe!