Brass Knuckle Keychain

People call it stupid when you tell them you have been walking down a street at night alone. Well, they have a point. Since the world we are living in has given us plenty of evidence to believe in street crimes, violent intruders and everyday harassment. But a brass knuckle keychain is here to put all that to rest for you.

Don't fret over the details when it comes to getting something for your protection. All you need to think about is the end goal. 

Even though carrying a brass knuckle keychain is probably the easiest amongst most other self defense weapons, you may be wary of it as being too advanced a weapon for your skills.

We don't know what YouTube tutorials tell you, but don't need to be a Muhammad Ali to wear a brass knuckle keychain and throwing punches with it. All you need is a knuckle ring on your finger and presence of mind to throw all your energy into fighting off an attacker.

Convinced yet? Well if not, then take a tour along with us and enlighten yourself about the many wholesome and among benefits in arming yourself with a knuckle ring.  So how does this seemingly harmless brass knuckle create havoc? Let's find out.

What Does A Knuckle Ring Look Like?

A knuckle ring is actually a single or double knuckled keychain that you can insert around your knuckle like a normal finger ring. These are made of solid metal-which may not always be brass. Titanium or metal alloys are commonly used to make brass knuckle keychains.

A knuckle duster usually has four finger rings and comes with a solid palm brace as well. 

That is why you can use these as a brass knuckle paperweight or as a self defense weapon. These are proper weapons if you find yourself with just a fist to pack a punch with in a hostile situation.

A brass knuckle keychain on the other hand, is hardly an accessory. It is a compact and tiniest self defense weapon that you would be thankful to have on you when push comes to shove. All you need to do is put it on your finger or two fingers if you are using a double knuckle ring.

How To Carry A Brass Knuckle Keychain?

Now your knuckles are ready to throw a good wallop to anyone who thought you were unarmed and therefore a perfect target for their criminal actions. 

A brass knuckle keychain looks like an ordinary ring that might not do much damage or any damage at first glance. But it is a thousand times better than a bare knuckle. Trust us on that.

In many cases, a brass knuckle keyring will come with a keychain. You don't always need to wear this self defense weapon on your fingers. You can easily put the brass knuckle with your car or house keys since it has a hole. 

Then you can carry it along or even flaunt it without anyone raising caution to the winds that you are carrying a potentially lethal weapon with your car keys.

How To Use It For Self Defense?

When you feel like someone following you or get a creeping suspicious feeling of danger looming, all you have to do is snap your brass knuckle out of the keychain and put it onto your middle finger. 

Since the middle finger has the knuckle that is going to take the most pressure when you smack the troublemaker, it is best to have the single knuckle ring on that finger.

At the receiving end of your punch will be a target traumatized and clearly stunned on having found you prepared for the situation with your brass knuckle keychain. With agonizing pain of a broken jaw (hopefully) he will be running in the opposite direction for the fear of a follow up smack.

We don't recommend throwing a straight punch with your brass knuckle ring. We want you to make a clenched fist and rotate your arm at an angle. Then punch using small jabs like you are pinning. A nail against a wall using a hammer. 

The hammer jabs with consistently increasing force are much more effective than a single long shot at 180 degree angle.

How Not To Wear A Knuckle Keychain?

The mistake most people make when putting on a knuckle ring, is that they wear it inside out. This may look more benign in public since the inside bit is gaudy and square and doesn't look like a brass knuckle keychain, attacking with that square part is pointless and more painful for you.

The opposite and non-threatening part of the brass knuckle ring actually has zero potential to concentrate power from your body and arm all the way to your tiny knuckle. It will dissipate that power and actually end up causing your knuckle to break by transferring all the force back onto your knuckles and wrist.

Another word of caution is not to punch with your arms straight and body facing completely towards the attacker. Your body needs to be tilted a little like a boxer about the kick. Tus way align all your body parts and create a much better force for the punch. 

The brass knuckle keychain then will concentrate and magnify that force into a single point from where the force will transmit to the attacker.

Best Way To Wear The Knuckle Ring

The best way to smash bones with a brass knuckle keychain is to wear it with a pointed knuckle ring bit protruding outwards. 

This is, you can be sure that all the energy created by your arm to your fist will be aligned and accumulate in the single pointer of the brass knuckle. Instead of reverberating back to your delicate knuckles, the force will disseminate onto the contact at the receiving end of the knuckle ring.

If you are carrying a knuckle ring in a keychain with a bunch of other keys, no need to panic when you suddenly get attacked from behind. All you need to do is act as if you have a kubaton. 

You need to insert the buckle ring onto your finger and throw the fist jab quickly. As your attacked backtracks a little you have time to detach the knuckle ring from the rest of the keys and use it again.

Ideal Self Defense Weapon For Women

Perhaps the ideal gift for all your lady friends out there, the brass knuckle keychain is an ideal little self defense weapon for women. Most women wouldn't want to be seen or found carrying a bulky knife or a gun they hardly know how to use. With this simple yet power packing weapon, all women will feel like their ring just got an heavenly power.

Let's be honest here. Women are at the receiving end of most street crimes out there. Whether they are out jogging in broad daylight or just heading towards their car in an empty car park, they can be thought of as an easy target for robbery or assault- not anymore. With a women friendly and easy to conceal brass knuckle keychain, no woman shall be unarmed.

Why wouldn't women want to wear a solid looking piece of metal that does more than beautify their fingers? Think of a brass knuckle keychain as an everyday ring come self defense weapon. This EDC quality of the knuckle rings make it extremely popular amongst women who want to avoid the hassle of it all.

Cheap Self Defense Weapon 

A typical single ring brass knuckle keychain costs less than $5. Compared to other self defense weapons, this is next to nothing. No other weapon can guarantee foolproof results at this price like this cheap weapon can.

Even a pepper spray needs to be replaced once it gets expired. A knife needs sharpening. A gun needs service and cleaning. A stun gun needs to be charged again and again. A brass knuckle keychain? Well. Here is the self defense weapon that is truly a one time buy.

Not only it doesn't need to be replaced very often (hardly at all) it won't need any maintenance or upkeep on your part. All you have to do is put it on, rather have it on at all times. Now that is what we call a worthy investment.

A Hidden Necklace

We have been raving about the qualities of the brass knuckle keychain and how to wear it best. But there is one way to turn this cheap weapon into a cleverly concealed self defense weapon. All you need to do is pass a cheap cord around the ring and carry it around your neck and preferably under your clothes.

A convenient and ingenuous way to have a self defense weapon on you at all times, this necklace/weapon shall be quickly retrievable at the moment of sudden attack. All you need is to tug at the cord to cut it loose from around your neck and put the brass knuckle keychain on with a detached cord. 

Honestly, most people would argue that carrying a neck knife is a much better option if you are into carrying a weapon around your neck. 

Well, a neck knife requires you to either carry the sharp blade within a sheath ( which is dangerous since a sheath can easily slip off exposing your skin to the knife and leading to accidental cuts) or these tiny knives can draw suspicious looks when accidently exposed. 

Having a brass knuckle keychain around the knuckle is a much safer and stable option.

Self Defense Keychain With Utility

When you savor across the market looking for self defense keychains, you will find plenty of options. Kitty knuckle keyrings are fairly popular amongst women. These plastic rings look cute but aren't all that effective against  a big beefy attacker.

Even if these kitty knuckle keychains have pointed 'ear' ridges that look deadly, they don't have the ability to pierce skin as effectively as brass knuckle keychains. True, these ones don't look as pretty but who cares about beauty when life is at stake.

What is the use of a self defense tool if you can't extract some utility out of it on those safe indoor days. Yes, there is a way to use your brass knuckle keychain for everyday tasks. Such as a knuckle bottle opener. 

There are designs of a brass knuckle keychain that has a functional bottle opener at the other end for you to pop open the bottle caps at a party or night out.

Another utility you can squeeze out of your brass knuckle keychain is to use it as an accessory for the keychain or for your curtains for clothes. A shiny piece of metal polished in gold or silver will never fail to catch a twinkle and be pleasing to the eye. 

Beautify your handbags with this stud of a ring that can double up as a bone cracking weapon when need be.

The Destruction By Knuckle Rings

Although small in size and possessing no sharp blade, a brass knuckle keychain is capable of serious but non fatal damage when hit correctly. The blow can cause the skin to piece and damage tissues. When hit on the head, there are chances of concussion.

When you strike someone with a brass knuckle keychain on a bony area like collarbone or sternum, this small dynamite if a weapon has potential to break bones. Yes. Your pinch sized single knuckle ring has the power to smash bones. If this doesn't convince you to use it as a self defense weapon, we don't know what will.


So these were the ten things you needed to know about buying, carrying, wearing and using brass knuckle keychains. Have we convinced you yet to get your personal knuckle ring for a lifelong peace of mind? 

If yes, what's the wait. Head over and buy yourself and your loved ones this ingenious self defense weapon.