Self Defense Weapons for Women

Self defense is one of the most important things that anyone can do. Not only is it important for self-preservation, but it's also beneficial for anyone who is being harassed or stalked. But have you ever wondered just what are some of the self defense products that you can use to protect yourself?

There are a wide variety of self defense items and techniques that you can use in order to defend yourself. The key here is to go with something that it's easy for you to learn. What works best is what you're willing and able to do.

When you're carrying around self defense weapons with you at all times, such as in your purse or on your person, it can give you a sense of security. And when you feel confident about where you are and who is around you, it's going to make a big difference.

1. Pepper Spray

The lachrymatory agent in pepper spray causes the eyes to close, blinding the person and causing them to have breathing difficulties and a coughing fit, rendering them incapacitated. Consequently, police have used this self defense spray to suppress riots and protests. 
A chemically formulated irritant is incorporated into the spray so that it can mix with water and create a fine mist. Until recently, its heat was thought to be a defense against bears, as it usually contains the chemical capsaicin.
In some countries, law enforcement has also used these types of self defense products as they respond to unarmed individuals who have not responded to other forms of non-deadly force. Spray or liquid form can be used for dispensing. 

Pepper spray

2. Lipstick Taser

Women love lipstick, and their passion for it is boundless. Women always carry it in their purses. For women, lipstick is an essential. 

Having the choice to protect themselves is a good thing, isn't it? You can't expect other people to do that for you. Try opening your lipstick taser as a perfect self defense weapon and giving an electric shock to anyone who follows you and tries to attack you!

You can use this product very easily. An outstanding feasibility of this tool is that it looks like an ordinary lipstick, but it has a taser which is concealed in it. As a result, you can easily conceal it from other people. In order to keep your life from being taken, you can give your current to an attacker.

3. Comb Knife

With such a name, you can assume that it is a comb-shaped self defense product. This can also be used as a form of self-defense by women.  As you know, women usually carry a comb in their purse, as it is a popular beauty product.

You can easily use this type of product since it is small and handy. This comb knife resembles the comb you use for brushing your hair. Its head side is concealed with a knife. It has a sharp blade that can be seen when the head cap is removed.

Comb knife lipstick knife

4. Lipstick Knife

Due to their advantages, these types of self defense weapons are recommended. Lipstick knives are knives constructed in the shape of lipsticks. Upon opening it, you find a small blade inside it. It appears to be a simple and pretty lipstick. This blade will be helpful in defensive purposes. 

A lipstick knife, for example, is a very simple to use weapon and very easy to carry. You can easily conceal your product in your pockets and bags thanks to its size. A small, sharp and stainless blade makes this a highly effective tool for small cuts.

5. Self Defense Keychains

  • Zombie Face Keychain

Self defense products such as keychains are also very popular. In an emergency or dangerous situation, this type of Keychain will come in handy. Some of them are designed to look like a zombie face and it has a bell shape. The plastic is very strong and has a special type of material. Moreover, it serves many purposes. 

The side of this product is equipped with a cutter that is meant to cut belts and ropes in dangerous situations. The knuckle is also used to punch, using great force against an attacker. When someone tries to trap you, the whistle inside its mouth can be used to gather people. It can be easily concealed because its size is small.
Self defense keychain

  • Cat Face Keychain

It may look like a cat's face, but many of the features and uses of these keychains are hidden. For instance, they can be used to defend themselves. These self defense keychains can also function as knuckles. A knuckle can be an extremely useful weapon for punching someone extremely hard. 

You can put your fingers along the rings that look like eyes so that you can hold it better. You can punch hard with it because it has sharp edges. When you run away for your life, you can cover a great distance.

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6. Flashlight Taser

Tasers that look like flashlights are an example of self-defense products. The flashlight design is very attractive and well thought out.

Additionally, it can be used in defense against enemies. The torch appears to be a normal torch, but inside it is a taser disguised as an ordinary torch. I highly recommend it. It can be used both as a torch and a self defense weapon.

In addition to being a flashlight, this product can also be used for other purposes. Flashlights can damage the eyes and even cause blindness if the light is too bright. Rubber material is used to make the handle, which ensures a very secure and good grip. An attacker's body receives a powerful electric shock that makes him faint.

7. Necklace Knife

This type of self defense product serves as a secret weapon to protect yourself. The necklace-like blade can serve as a weapon to protect yourself. Necklaces accompanied by blades are usually like this. On the outside, however, they appear to be like necklaces. The necklaces can be worn by anyone.  

If your attacker doesn't see the blade on your neck, he will think that you are dead. You won't have to worry about extra weight in your suitcase, so carrying it won't be a problem. The necklace as a product remains attached to you at all times.

8. Pen Knife

Pen knives serve as self defense weapons that look like ordinary pens. The pen appears as usual, but inside is a blade that is sharp and harming. You will find a small sharp blade inside a pen's cap that will become extremely useful if you are in a dangerous situation. A small cut or damage can be performed with it.
There are a lot of benefits to using pen knife self defense; it can be used in different ways and has different features. Because these tools don't require any rocket science to operate, anyone can learn how to use them. 

Pen knife

9. Belt Buckle Knife

Knives with belt buckle sheaths fold their blades into sheaths that serve as belt buckles. In this way, security staff are less likely to discover your knife.  Belt buckle knives are sometimes used as self-defense products, whereas they may also be beneficial for everyday use. 

These self defense products are about an inch long, and when folded in half, they fit comfortably inside your pocket or waistband. The blade closes uniformly when open and closed or making it difficult to guess when the blade is open or closed. It is possible to customize the sheath and to make it in different styles.

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10. Pocket Knife

Knives in the form of pocket knives are self-defense products that feature blades inside a handle. It is very easy to fold and put into your pocket. 

The convenient pocket design allows you to carry it wherever you go. Keeping it where you need it won't be a problem. You can conceal it more easily and keep it safer. You can use this self defense weapon anywhere, anytime.

Knife blades have two sides, one side being quite sharp. One side is used for cutting, while the other is used for other purposes. It is important that the blade points away from your body in order to prevent slipping from your hand and falling. So, better carry some cool pocket knives to ensure your survival against the attackers. 

Grasp the handle tightly with your palm and hold it in place. Wood, rubber, or other materials cover the handle. On the blade of this knife, there is a thumb stud that allows immediate opening. The stud can be opened by simply placing your thumb on it. 

11. Push Dagger

Push daggers are so named because they are folded by pushing the blade into the handle. The blade and handle of this self defense dagger fold into the handle, making it easy to carry around. Nowadays, it is occasionally seen as an offensive weapon in close combat, but it is usually used for survival or utility purposes. 

Push dagger
Steel, iron, brass, copper and bronze have been used in the making of push daggers. Bone and wood have also been used. It is common for dagger blades to not be sharpened in a way that allows them to be lethal in close combat. 
However, it would be more like a bludgeon if it were used in such a fight. Due to the knife's simple design and size, it is primarily used as a weapon or tool that can be thrown.

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Choose Your Favorite Self Defense Product:

Self defense weapons can be a difficult choice. But it's important, as with every decision, that you know all the facts and don't fall for marketing nonsense. There are a variety of products available everywhere to use for defensive reasons. 

You are free to choose a self-defense product of your choosing. Select the tool that best fits your needs. One that you understand and can use without difficulty. In addition to being amazing in themselves, these tools are worth mentioning when it comes to self-defense.