12 Pcs Aluminum Bolts Arrows For Crossbow 6.25" Overall

Zing for your crossbows. Load up with 12 topnotch Crossbow Bolts with a 6.25" overall length. Aluminum Bolt Body is strong and amazingly lightweight, Metal Point Head also offers true flight.
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This is a 12 pieces Aluminum Crossbow Arrows. They are designed for 50 lb and 80 lb crossbows. The body of the arrows is made from Aluminum while the back part is ABS plastic. The tips are also metal and can be screwed off. They feature a durable construction made of metal. Overall length 6.25 inch.

  • 12 Pc Aluminum Crossbow Bolts
  • 6.25" Overall
  • Aluminum Bolt Body With Metal Point Head

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