Market is full of precious and lovely items for decoration of your houses and offices, cosplay and Halloween costumes. With Halloween coming nearer and nearer, people are searching for such items that would complete their costumes. 

For example, a ninja does not just need to dress up as a ninja, he also needs to have a katana sword in his hands to complete his ninja costume. Cosplayers are looking for cosplay weapons that they can use at their cosplay events to fulfill their cosplay needs. 

What people search for throughout the year is the items that would be used for décor. We bring 16 best cosplay weapons that can accomplish all these purposes.  Following are a few items that can be kept at your house and office as a piece of decoration, can be used for cosplay and can serve as your costume at Halloween:
This pair of gauntlets is inspired from 14th century gauntlets usually worn by the warriors of medieval times. Made of gauge steel, they have a fantastic appeal. They are made for all purposes. If you place them at your home and office, you are guaranteed to beautify your home and office. 

They would determine your love for the medieval warriors. If you want a solid cosplay weapon, you can use these functional gauntlets. 

You often need to become a medieval warrior and display your skills on the stage. To complete your costume, you can wear these massive gauntlets. If you wear them on this Halloween, we promise, you would have the best costume appearance among your friends. 
The ancient warriors did their best to avoid the sword. The only weapon used by the warriors for fighting their enemies was the swords. So, a warrior was armed with a sword and he also had to prevent the sword attack by his opponents. 

Most of the times, warriors targeted the shoulder and body of the opponent. Hence, they used to wear shoulder armors to prevent the sword. The armor was made of steel and guaranteed avoidance of sword. 

This combat gothic shoulder armor is for those who want to tribute those warriors on this Halloween. Also, you can pay tribute to them by placing this shoulder armor in your display at home or office. 

In addition, you can wear it on your shoulder to express yourself as a real medieval knight at cosplay events. 
Since we are talking about how ancient warriors used to hurt their enemies using swords during battles, it is worth mentioning how they protected their bodies against swords. They used to wear shoulder armor for protecting their shoulders and neck plate for protecting the area around their neck. 

Thi gorget neck plate is worn around the neck. If your aim is to become a real warrior on this Halloween, you should wear this neck plate. 

If you are a cosplayer playing the role of a warrior on stage, this is your cosplay weapon. Also, if placed at your office or home, it would express your respect for the medieval knights who devoted their lives for the safety of their respective nations. 
Here is the thing that almost covered the whole body of a warrior. It was worn by every warrior to prevent sword attacks. Specifically, medieval warriors worn this to deal with their enemies. It protected the bodies of the warriors and provided them confidence to fight with courage. 

Because of this they avoided severe injuries during battles. Those people lacked technology but they had the minds to prepare things that assisted them in wars. So, it is good to remember those efficient people on this Halloween by wearing their costumes. 

You can also hang them in your homes and offices to pay them a tribute they deserve.  
For cosplay and reenactment, this is the best item you can use. This is not necessarily a cosplay weapon, but it is a historical item. There are plenty of stories associated with this particular thing. You can replicate those stories by using this item. It is actually a horn, but it can serve as a drinking mug. 

You can place this mug in your living room or drawing room as a showpiece. Also, you can impress and entertain your guests by offering them drink in this fantastic mug. It is easy to hold and has an appropriate size. Also, it can be a perfect gift for your loved one on this Halloween. 
Another brilliant gift idea for Halloween. This is the best present you could ever give to your better half. This medieval budge horn is inspired from the horns used by the medieval warriors. It is basically a massive horn. 

During the medieval era, animal horns served the people in a variety of ways. They were used for fighting the enemies, self defense and for utility uses. 

Also, the horns served as whistles that were blown to determine any danger to the community. This medieval budge horn whistle can be a nice thing to have as a decor. You can hang it along a wall or place it in your wooden showcase to display the beauty of ancient times. 
Many people are shocked to see a walking cane on this list. But, this is actually a cosplay weapon that many cosplayers use at different LARP events. There are many characters that are portrayed using these canes. Gandalf and Riddler are two very popular characters that use walking canes. 

This Birds of Flight walking cane is the most stylish cane you would ever hold in your hands. It has a beautiful design and has a comfortable handle which makes the user easy to walk with this stick. 

There are many benefits of having this cane. It can serve as a part of your costume on Halloween. 

If you are playing the roles of Riddler or Gandalf on a LARP event, you must have this walking cane for gaining perfection in your role play. Also, it is a great thing to have as your decor at home or office. Beside all this, you have a walking partner as well. 

You can walk comfortably and easily with this cane. It is a perfect gift as well for your disabled friend. 
This native American mask is the hottest and trending thing to wear on this Halloween. There is the alphabet “A” written on this mask which determines that you are a proud American. People are keen to show respect and love for the country by wearing this mask. 

If you want to offer a magnificent gift to an American, it should be this mask. Cosplayers can also wear this mask if they are portraying a character of native American. 

In other words, if you need to dress up as an American, rather than wearing a t-shirt with a US flag drawn on it, you can wear this mask to express yourself as a native American. 
War Foam, a renowned manufacturer of cosplay weapons, has established certain animal masks. These masks are excellent to wear on this Halloween. There is a great variety, including different designs and different colors. You have a vast selection to choose from. 

So, you can wear the mask of an animal that you like. Impress your mates on this Halloween with these unorthodox masks. Also, give your cosplayer friends these wonderful gifts. 

These masks should also be hung along the walls of your office and home. This would provide a luxurious look to your houses and offices. 
This Call Ghost mask is actually inspired from video games. Wearing this would make you look like a real ghost. This is actually what Halloween is all about. The real story behind the Halloween takes us to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. 

On that special festival, people used to wear ghost costumes and light bonfires to ward off ghosts. They believed that if they leave their home they would have an encounter with a ghost. 

Hence, the actual purpose of Halloween is to dress up as a ghost and ward off real ghosts. Therefore, to fulfill the real purpose of Halloween, you should wear a ghost costume. So, this call ghost mask is what you can choose to wear on this Halloween. 

Also, to accomplish the purpose of this day, offer this mask to your fellows as well. You can also place it as your indoor decor to get a frightening look inside your house, and most importantly, to avoid ghosts breaking into your house. 
No cosplay weapon is better than a foam sword and no foam sword is better than this God Killer foam sword. This sword actually gives a look of a real sword. Though it is made of foam, it appears like a real steel bladed sword. However, it is mainly used for cosplay purposes. 

So, it can be a great gift for a cosplayer. Those who express themselves as warriors on stage should use this realistic sword. 

Since it is made of foam, you can have it as a decor in your house as well as office. It has the right length that you are looking for. The overall length is around 40 inches which means that is a massive sword. So, you can actually use it for Halloween as well where it would fulfill your costume needs. 
Another fantastic cosplay weapon! If you prefer a real sword, here is a medieval sword with a steel blade. Though foam swords look real but once can identify the material once he gets closer to it. 

If you have a real sword placed at your home or office, then you are likely to impress your guests who visit and see an Excalibur medieval sword. It comes with a wall plaque which allows you to display it on a wall. 

In addition, you won’t want to be victimized by your mates as they are likely to criticize a foam sword in your hand. Your aim is to look a real warrior and a real warriors should have a real sword. 

This solid sword has a steel blade. Hence, on this Halloween, you can actually frighten your opponents with this real sword. 
The fantasy key sword is not something new on this Halloween. It was a popular choice earlier, but unsurprisingly the trend hasn’t changed. The craze of this metal sword is not over, rather renewed. 

There are a few things that never become old-fashioned, and this is one of those things. You can still use it on Halloween to have a memorable event. 

We all know cosplayers use this sword for LARP when they are replicating a fantasy character. Since fantasy world is a unique and unorthodox world, the cosplay weapons used by fantasy cosplayers are also unique and out of the box. 

Placing it as a decoration piece in your living room is a great idea. Also, a lovely gift for your girl! 
A cosplayer should always have a foam shield in his arsenal because it is one of the essential cosplay weapons. In the ancient days, warriors were equipped with two things while battling their enemies. One is the sword and the other is the shield. 

The shield was used for protection against the swords. However, they were made of steel but today we have foam shields that are used as a decor at homes and offices. 

You can display this shield in your living room or drawing room to enhance the beauty of your house. Cosplayers often use this shield to complete their warrior costume. So, at Halloween, you can have this shield as a part of your warrior costume. 
This medieval chainmail bracelet can be a wonderful gift for both men and women. It is actually made to be worn by both men and women. During the medieval era, people used to wear such chains and bracelets around their wrists. 

At Halloween, you can wear a different and unique thing to impress the people with your out of the box thinking. 

This solid chainmail can be placed on different display plaques. It can also be used for cosplay just to replicate the medieval era people. So, get this chainmail as a wearable on this Halloween. 
Another fabulous gift idea for both men and women. This is a necklace that features a sword as the pendant. A Christian would love this necklace because it looks a little like a cross necklace. It can be used for cosplay, costume and decor. 

The good thing about this cosplay weapon is that it is wearable. Also, it is not just for Halloween, it would be something you can wear anywhere and anytime. 

The necklace contains a beautiful Hyrule Warrior Master Sword as the pendant. Whether you are a male or female, this necklace would look appropriate around your neck. Also, it can be used as a decoration piece. Displaying it around a wall plaque would beautify your house.  

What’s Your Pick!

It would be great to know which of these cosplay weapons are you curious for. If you are a cosplayer, you can choose swords, armor and shield to complete your warrior costume at your next LARP event. 

If you are looking for a costume this Halloween, you can choose any of these weapons to complete your costume and adopt a different look to inspire your mates on this special day. 

Finally, if you are looking for some lovely weapons to decorate your house, this whole list is for you. Choose any of these items to beautify your house! But, which of these cosplay weapons did you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below!