1911 Full Size Spring Powered Heavyweight Airsoft Pistol w/ Railed Frame

1911 Full Size Spring Powered Heavyweight Airsoft Pistol with Railed Frame
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The build quality on this pistol is superb, and the biggest advantage to this gun has got to be its weight and sheer realism. Quality constructed with metallic internal components and a heavyweight polymer frame, the Ultra-Grade M1911-A1 is built to perform as well as it feels.

This pistol is powerful, shooting at up to 285 FPS (feet per second) using 0.12g seamless BBs with an effective range of over 75 feet! This gun has functional safety.

The pistol also features a railed frame, allowing it to be compatible with all standard weaver/20mm mounts. With the railed frame, the M1911A1 from WellFire eagerly accepts attachments such as lasers, tactical flashlights, and more, with a quick and easy attachment onto the rail.

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