Halloween is one of the most special days of the year. It is an event the people await year-round. It is celebrated on 31st October every year. Not long ago, people were not that interested in this event. 

However, as of late, the craze for Halloween among the people has risen to a great extent. The driving factor is the Halloween costumes. On this special occasion, people usually dress up as different characters and wear their costumes. 

The enthusiasm for wearing costumes on this day is equally great in men, women, adults, kids, girls and families. It seems as if it is an obligation to wear a costume or dress up as a specific character. 

In 2019, since the enthusiasm and craze are on a high, people are searching for cosplay costumes that give them a different appearance. Therefore, we have come up with certain Halloween costume ideas that are unique and fascinating to wear in 2019. Following are our suggestions for everyone:

Halloween Costumes for Men

  • Medieval Knight Breastplate Cuirass

Men would often dress up like a warrior. In fact, a real warrior. What is meant by a real warrior here? Well, a real warrior has to be someone like medieval knight. A medieval knight used to wear a body armor and hold a sword to fight his enemies during battles.

Hence, a man should become a real warrior on this Halloween. This breastplate cuirass is the best Halloween costume for a man to wear this Halloween. Apart from shoulders, it covers everything. Although, it is made of steel, but it is comfortable. You can adjust it on your body using leather straps. 

  • Medieval Long Gambeson

The earliest protection that medieval warriors worn was a gambeson. It was used to guard against the swords. What about this gambeson as your Halloween costume? Indeed, a perfect idea. 

Since you are attempting to get a unique appearance, you should try wearing this. This is a relatively longer body armor that would take you to the earliest medieval period. Wearing this costume would allow you to give a tribute to ancient medieval warriors who devoted their lives to protect their communities. 

  • Medieval Renaissance Detachable Visor Barbute

Would you like to be a gladiator or medieval knight this Halloween? This barbute or helmet is made of real steel. It resembles the helmets gladiators used to wear. So, wearing this would allow you to pay tribute to those warriors. 

Men are often conscious about the size of their heads. But, don’t worry this helmet would fit any size. It has leather straps that can be used for adjusting the size. The best thing about this is that it is comfortable to wear due to its low weight. There are more than 20 breathing holes that make it even more comfortable for long term wear. 

  • Brass Crusader Great Helmet

Another helmet, but an ideal costume for this Halloween. Made of brass, it looks fantastic. It is a replica of the Great Crusader Helmet used during the 13th century. If you want to dress up as a crusader, you can wear this helmet to look exactly like them. 

Men always prefer things that don’t just look beautiful, but also look solid. This crusader helmet is made of brass and offers everything that men are looking for. This is also comfortable to wear due to excessive number of breathing holes.

  • Medieval Robin Hood Locksley Foam Sword

Most of the men grew up liking Robin Hood. He was a heroic character and every man loves to replicate him. Specifically on Halloween, men would love to dress up like him and pay him tribute. The best way to do is by carrying this Robin Hood Locksley sword. 

This sword looks very realistic even though it is made of foam. But, foam is the softest material which would keep you in your comfort zone. We know many of you won’t prefer using a steel sword that may lead to an accidental injury. After all, Halloween is all about fun! 

Halloween Costumes for Women

  • Majestic Golden Eagle Walking Cane

Costume is not always something that you would wear. The idea is to get a completely different appearance that resembles someone. But sometimes on Halloween, you like to try different things. 

Women are always curious to find new ways to impress their fellows. Hence, they think out of the box and bring something pretty unique. If you are an out of the box thinker, let us suggest you something unique. What about a walking cane?

Yes, it may seem odd, but this is something everyone would appreciate. After all, your aim is to look different from others. This golden eagle walking cane has a magnificent design and style. Walking with this cane would introduce the badass woman inside you to the world. 

  • Functional Articulated Gauntlet of Dark Lord

Women are never that keen to dress up as warriors, but they do like to replicate some fictional characters. These articulated gauntlets are for such women. In “The Lord of the Rings”, there is a character called Sauron, better known as the Dar Lord. 

These gauntlets are inspired from the Dark Lord. Wearing these would make you appear as the Dark Lord. Don’t be bothered about your small hands, these gauntlets have leather straps to adjust them on your hands. 

  • Renaissance Armor Gorget Neck Plate

We understand that women would never be interested in a body armor. Instead, they would appreciate something smaller. This gorget neck plate is a specifically made armor for women. It only covers your shoulders. 

You can wear these sorts of Halloween costumes to remember the services of women medieval warriors, such as Joan of Arc. Don’t worry about the steel used for making it. It is extremely comfortable to wear for the whole day long. 

Halloween Costumes for Girls

  • Hyrule Master Sword Necklace

We’re talking about the young girls now. We know how important this day is for the girls who want to have fun throughout the day. To amplify their fun and excitement, we bring some interesting Halloween costumes for them. 

This Hyrule Master Sword necklace can be worn around the neck. It is basically a necklace, but the pendant is actually the Hyrule Master Sword. This sword is inspired from Hyrule Warriors video game which is quite popular among the young girls. 

  • Medieval Renaissance Chainmail Bracelet Cuff

This chainmail bracelet is a fantastic piece to wear this Halloween. It is better than many Halloween costumes.

  • Chainmail Necklace Large Chain Medieval Jewelry

Another medieval jewelry to wear as a costume for girls. Try something different this Halloween, such as this chainmail necklace. This will take you to the medieval periods when people used to wear heavy jewelry and massive necklaces like this. ‘

This chainmail necklace is actually for boys and girls, but it is more recommended to girls as boys are reluctant to wear necklaces, and are more interested in other costumes and masks. 

Halloween Costumes for Kids

  • Gaming Upgrade Links Master Foam Sword

Ah, Halloween is an event for kids. Children are far more excited than elders on this event. Every Halloween, you would see kids dressed up as their favorite fantasy characters. We’re talking about the characters portrayed in the animated movies and video games. 

This Link’s Master foam sword can be an excellent part of Halloween costume for kids. This is a video game inspired that kids would love. It is made of foam, and hence, it is absolutely safe for them. 

Link is a popular character from Legend of Zelda and is often a superhero for the kids. So, let the kids have their favorite sword on Halloween. 

  • God Killer Costume Replica Foam Shield

Kids always prefer interesting things. An interesting suggestion as a costume for kids is this God Killer replica foam shield. A shield is something that swordsmen used to survive or counter the swords. 

However, this is a foam made shield that looks realistic. If your kid likes to dress up as a warrior, make sure to hand him this shield as well. This is not a complete costume, but can be a great part of the costume. 

  • Medieval Bugle Horn Whistle

As it sounds, this is a whistle, but not an ordinary one. Brace yourself to acknowledge that this is a real horn, but it's mouthpiece is made of metal. Kids like having fun, so they can use this whistle on Halloween to increase fun and excitement on the day. 

Horns were pretty commonly used during medieval times. But for whistle blowing? We’re not too sure. Anyways, this is a piece that children would love. After Halloween, just keep it as a décor at home. 

Family Halloween Costumes Ideas

  • 3 Pcs Rubber Training Naruto Shuriken

Now we come to the Halloween costume ideas for family. Since family members are often great in numbers, there must be an excessive number of items for them. So, these three pieces of rubber shuriken are perfect for a family. 

You can easily dress up as a ninja family on Halloween by using these rubber shuriken. Since there are three pieces, three of your family members would be equipped with them. 

  • Animal Masks

Animal masks are the best Halloween costume idea for couples. Whether you have kids or not, these masks would work for you on this event. A couple as well as a family can enjoy the Halloween by wearing these animals masks. 

These masks are quite colorful and gorgeous. There is a massive choice for you. So, gran the ones you love. 

Have Fun!

We hope that you have finally found your desired Halloween costumes. Get your favorite costumes from the above list and have a lot of fun. Halloween is all about doing fun and exciting things. Happy Halloween!