21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton

5H2-NS21 - This baton is a perfect defender for anyone to carry around. It measure 21 inch in length. Made in Taiwan
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Enrich your arsenal with real and solid safety equipment. This 21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton is just the right survival tool for you to carry and deal with the attackers. It is brilliantly designed and is collapsible. It is basically a 21 inch baton but you can reduce the length or size as per your requirement. There is an easy mechanism to alter the length of the self defense baton. It is made of quality steel and is quite solid and durable. Made in Taiwan, it has a nice black finish! 

This 21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton is the perfect weapon for police personnel and the public. It can be used for crowd control and self defense. You can swing it hard and a couple of strikes are enough to get rid of the attackers. It is easy to carry, thanks to the nylon pouch that can cover it and makes it attachable to your belt. 

This 21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton is black and has non-glare coated steel shaft. The handle is of rubber and has diamond grip, making it easy to hold and use. There is a durable nylon sheath included in the package. The closed length of the baton is 8 inches compared to full length i-e 21 inches! 


  • Black Baton non-glare coated steel shaft    
  • Rubber handle with diamond grip
  • Free Sturdy Nylon Pouch
  • Overall Length Open: 21 Inch
  • Overall Length Close: 8 Inch

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