Swords might have become old fashioned, but they are still extremely popular. There are people who are crazy fans of these bladed weapons even today. Because some swords are gorgeous, people love to keep them in their collection. A highlander sword for example. 

A highlander is a modern sword, very popular among the enthusiasts. It is considered one of the most beautiful swords, and some crazy enthusiasts love to add it to their collection. 

You are not a modern sword enthusiast if your arsenal does not have this fabulous sword. Are you an enthusiast looking for a highlander sword? Well, if you do, we have come up with three magnificent pieces that you must have in your collection. 

We shall disclose the features and reasons to have these swords. But, we would also like to tell you why a highlander sword is so special.  So, what’s so special about this sword? Let’s discuss the specialties of this sword. 

What is a Highlander Sword?

A highlander sword refers to every sword used in the Highlander movies, including the Highlander and Highlander II. There are different types of modern swords used in these movies, including the katana and the Duncan swords. But all of them fall under the category of highlander swords. 

However, these are the replica swords, and very close replicas of the original swords used in the movies. These swords are available in the market in great numbers. They are made of different materials, including steel, carbon steel, foam and Damascus steel. You can choose the material you prefer. 

Because this sword belongs to Connor MacLeod, it is very special. There is a massive fanbase of these movies and they love to see the replica swords that remind them of their favorite movies. 

These swords come in a variety of shapes and designs, but among all those, one thing is common. These are all unique and exceptional.  These swords happen to be very popular. Let’s figure out the reasons behind this immense popularity. 

Why is a Highlander Sword that Popular?

In a one-word answer, it is due to the movies these swords have featured in. In fact, the term highlander is used for Connor MacLeod, the main character in these movies. Highlander sword has touched the skies of popularity, mainly because it is the sword of Connor MacLeod. 

It is worth sharing the story of this powerful character. Connor MacLeod was born in the highlands of Scotland in 1518. 

In 1536, he faced an evil and mysterious opponent. However, he survived a fatal stab wound. He was eventually banished from his village because the villagers thought that his survival was the work of the devil. 

After 5 years, he met Juan Sanchez Ramirez. He was a swordsman who taught an awful truth to MacLeod. He told MacLeod that he was immortal. He meant that he was from one race of a few who oldy die when the heat is eliminated from the body. 

Furthermore, he told that when heat is taken by one immortal from another, the power of the loser is absorbed into the winner. 

Ramirez taught MacLeod the ways of using swords. However, Ramirez was soon tragically murdered by the ultimate opponent of Connor, the evil Kurgan. Kurgan was an immortal brute who lusted for the power of other immortals. 

He was determined that the “Prize” was the maximum power he could have to rule the world forever. 

Connor MacLeod fought him for centuries and eventually led to the time of Gathering. At this time, a few immortals had survived the never-ending fights. After all those battles, only one had to remain. The remaining fighter had to receive the Prize. 

This is the inspiring story behind Connor MacLeod, the Highlander. He won the prize in the Gathering in 1985 in New York City.  So, this popular story is the reason behind the enormous popularity of the Highlander sword. 

Today, every enthusiast looks to become a highlander. In other words, he tries to resemble his hero. Many people believe this sword is a great collectible. By having this sword in their collection, they actually pay tribute to Connor MacLeod. 

The highlander sword is also extremely popular among cosplayers. Every now and then, cosplayers get on stage for LARP and play the role of Connor MacLeod. He is truly an inspiration for the youngsters. 

So, are you looking for the highlander sword? Yes, the sword of a superhero! Following are the three most fabulous swords you must choose from:

The 3 Highlander Swords for Enthusiasts:

This is a massive two-handed highlander sword. If you are struggling to find the best sword ever held by Connor McLeod, don’t bother searching for it, it’s right here. 

This is the replica of real highlander sword. This is a slightly straighter blade with a double handle. This is one of the swords that are easy and comfortable to handle. A two handed sword is always supposed to be controlled with ease. 

This looks like a real warrior sword from medieval era. The handle is made of cast metal while the blade is made of 420 stainless steel. A high quality sword. 

There are retracting spikes on the blade that can be controlled manually. A display plaque is there as well if you are a fan of displaying your sword to the guests visiting you.  This is a great collectible and that is why you need to showcase it or display it on the stand. 

This is also a sword for cosplayers who love replicating their hero Connor MacLeod on stage. Also, a costume for Halloween? Yes, a great idea. Why not dress up as Connor MacLeod by holding his sword?

This is one massive sword with a length of more than 49 inches. Normally, you don’t expect such a huge replica sword. But this replicates a real warrior sword, and is actually designed for real warriors like Connor! 

Having said that highlander sword is not just a single type, this is different from the one described above. This is a single handed sword, but is hand forged.  This is actually a katana sword. Yes, the great katana that is usually associated with the samurai warriors. 

Like a typical katana, this is a longer sword with a length around 43 inches. There is a thick blade with a slight curve at the bottom. This curved shape of the blade makes it recognizable. 

This is a had forged sword and this is why it is unique and special. You can expect ultra premium quality from the swords that are hand forged. 

If you see the design of the sword, it looks pretty antique. So, it is a great collectible. It must be placed at your home or office like a decor. There is a lovely pattern on the handle and sheath that comes with it. That black sheath is actually pretty awesome. 

This sword is hand sharpened and made of carbon steel. The blade also features blood grooves that add to the magnificence of the sword. 

This katana style highlander sword is also a great cosplay weapon. If you are a cosplayer playing the role of Connor MacLeod, you need to step on the stage equipped with this sword. 

This is our 3rd most gorgeous highlander sword. The first one was a two handed sword, the second was a katana while this is a Duncan sword. 

This is also called a dragon sword because of dragon design on the handle and the sheath. Different materials are used for manufacturing this exceptional sword. The handle is made of white poly resin, blade is made of carbon steel and is slightly sharpened. 

This sword has a powerful blade with a length of 28 inches. The overall length of the sword goes to 43. You see most of these highlander swords are huge. 

The dragon style handle and the lovely sheath are the highlights of the features of this sword. There is a closed mouth dragon design. See the top of the handle. 

This is another fantastic collectible for the enthusiasts. Also, it is a masterpiece for the cosplayers. If you want to wear a costume that makes you look like Connor Macleod, you need to have this masterpiece sword! 

The Final Word!

Any enthusiast must not be deprived of the thing he loves. Hence, we make sure to bring what you desire. The three highlander swords listed above are the most magnificent ones you will find in the market. 

If you are after this fabulous sword, you don’t have to wander around and search for it in the market. You can choose any of these three swords and add it to your arsenal. 

And yes, we have to agree that there is no sword more lovely and gorgeous than this highlander sword. So, get your favorite one and pay tribute to Connor MacLeod, the highlander!