4 Best Hidden Blade Knives for Self Defense

The hidden blade is one of the oldest weapons in world history, with evidence of its use dating as far back as Ancient Greece, although it was not popular until sixteenth century Europe. Its original purpose was to stab enemies under their armor and so its popularity remained high during wartime, but once armor usage declined, so did the use of this weapon. 

These Blades got its name because most European versions were concealed inside a sheath attached to clothes with a strap or attached to clothes by a thin wire which would then retract into an iron tube worn on a garter around their thigh when not in use.

It is said that a single instance of use can cause such a deep trauma within the human body that the victim invariably dies from blood loss, rendering it practically impossible to defeat a defending opponent in hand-to-hand combat (that being said I've heard of people defeating people to death with these blades).

The Hidden Blade is usually utilized as part of a weapon set. It was originally used alongside another weapon, usually a sword or ax, but by the time of the Crusades it was frequently used alongside other weapons like daggers and rapiers. This could be used either as an offensive weapon or defensive (shields are generally too large for even the largest human hand to reach). 

Variety of Hidden Blade

This blade is a type of blade that has been built into a device or item as it appears to not be anything more than an innocent, non-threatening tool. The most well-known example of this is the knives constructed into the wrist gauntlets worn by Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's Batman films, but they are not just limited to film or fiction.

  • The first type are "stabbing blades", often disguised as pens, rings, and even belt buckles. However, they are simply shortened blades, not particularly practical or effective as they are rather weak due to their small size.
  • The second type are "throwing knives", which can be anything from a traditional blade attached to a handle or a ring worn on the thumb. These range from flimsy and weak to strong enough to pierce through metal and cut through light clothing.
  • The third type is called "punch daggers". They typically consist of two blades hidden inside the fist, extending when the wearer punches so that the blades strike a target with more force than normal fists would have on their own.

These Major types are further divided into some modern categories with unique and advanced features having extraordinary self defense qualities. These amazing concealed cool knives are:

  • Lipstick Knife

A lipstick knife or lipstick blade is a concealable blade that is inserted into the top of a tube of lip gloss or lipstick in order to create a sharp point and also administer minor cosmetic treatments such as cuts, abrasions, scrapes, etc., which would not be possible with an ordinary makeup applicator.

Lipstick knife

There are two types of folding-blade lipsticks: the traditional type has a wooden handle on one side and features an easily replaceable metal blade near the end, while modern versions have molded plastic handles for comfort and use replaceable blades that are glued together.

The first mention of applying cosmetics with US presidential letterheads occurred during Abraham Lincoln's administration in the 1860s. At the time, it was considered necessary to have a strong and sharp weapon to protect one's self at all times. It was also believed that a woman who maintained her appearance would be more likely to attract a mate and be able to care for him.

During the Civil War, application of cosmetics by women in Union army camps became common, as the camp commanders were concerned about the appearance of their soldiers. The most popular of these cosmetic products were lipsticks and other makeup sold in small containers. These products attached themselves to small knives hidden inside compact cases for ease of concealment by women.

  • Pen Knife

A pen knife is a type of blade that fits on the end of a slender pen-like object, allowing it to be carried easily in a pocket. Pen knives are also called pocket knives, Jackknives, and slitters. They are largely used for cutting things such as loose threads, opening letters or packages, or peeling fruit. 

Pen knife

This hidden blade can be used as disposable razor blades depending on the hardness and thickness of their bladed edge. A common misconception is that they were invented by Benjamin Franklin around 1760. The invention of the first patent edged tool in 1872 by John Pannozzi brought steel into the picture which paved the way for future innovations such as pen knives with replaceable blades.

Pen knives are not commonly used today and are barely discussed but when they re-emerged as a major instrument of high technology they would have been one of the most talked about items in the world. 

These knives are so obscure that few people know much about them, and even fewer have ever seen one. The reason for this is because they were rare and very specialized tools used by some people at some point in time, usually during wartime.

  • Knife Necklace

A knife necklace is a long strip of metal, cloth, or cord that is worn around the neck. It's used to tuck sensitive documents under the wearer's shirt, out of sight and away from bad guys. According to James Bond's intelligence officer Major Boothroyd: "It could be made from a wine cork with a piece of rubber inside it for grip and some fishing line for strength. It's an extremely nasty weapon."

Knife necklace

A necklace knife is an elegant hidden blade with many uses. It can use it to:

  • Stab the target in the back while wrestling on the ground (or vice-versa)
  • Cut some critical component out of the car or other vehicle, causing it to stop functioning instantly/soon/slowly, depending on what makes sense in the situation.

  • Belt Buckle Knife

The best belt buckle knives are lightweight, compact folding knives. They most often have a clip point blade with a serrated edge. A belt buckle knife can be used with one hand, usually by simply pulling the handle out and away from the body to deploy it. 

Belt buckle knife

The belt buckle knife is easier to carry and conceal than other types of folding knives. It is designed specifically for users who do not want to carry around a larger fixed-blade knife that may interfere with everyday activities such as working in your kitchen.

Self Defense with Hidden Blades

Self defense with a hidden blade is actually a type of martial art. There are many types of martial arts that exist. These self defense knives are often referred to as Kunai Tridents. These Japanese shaped weapons were once used in ninja training and can still be seen on Japanese Anime shows today.

There are two types that were used. First the one with the ring at the end of its handle which was called a Kurikara. Second is the one that is pointed like a needle, it is called Tanto or Tanto Knife. The other type of hidden blade is also available. These are disguised as regular everyday objects such as walking sticks, handbags and umbrellas among other things.

They are all around us and should be familiar to everyone today, but many people don't know they exist or how they can use them as self defense weapons. They do have their uses in close quarter combat situations such as when you are being attacked, surprise attacked from behind or ambushed in an alleyway for example.

Safety Consents with Hidden Blade Knives

Like the daggers and dirks that came before them, concealed blades can be found on most fantasy TV shows and movies. But while they're a coveted weapon in both fiction and reality, there are good reasons why they should not be used as more than just a last resort—despite the glamor that Hollywood might associate with them.

Firstly, the use of a hidden blade is illegal in many countries around the world. In order to carry one or have one on you for self-defense purposes, you may need to have permits for either open or concealed carrying of weapons depending on which area you live in. 

Any situation in which you are facing an assailant or attacker and are planning to pull out a blade will usually mean that you already have a weapon or means to defend yourself. If not, it is highly unlikely that you will be carrying a concealed blade as your primary defense.

Secondly, the use of any type of concealed blade is extremely dangerous and should only be used if your life is in immediate danger. There are several laws around the world that state it may be illegal to draw a concealed weapon on someone even if you have good reason to do so.