40" ABS Plastic Blade Tokito Muichiro Mist Hashira Nichirin Katana Sword Demon Anime

This replica katana is made to look just like the sword owned by Muichiro Tokito, who is a very powerful member of the nine Hashira in the series. Blade Constructed of ABS plastic, it is very durable, and can take a lot of punishment
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Mist Hashira Sword belongs to Muichiro Tokito who is the Mist Hashira. It is a main supporting character in the anime series called Demon Slayer from 2016. He is one of the nine Hashira in a group, and these are the nine greatest Denon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. Muichiro is the Mist Hashira who uses Mist Breathing sword style. He dyed his Mist Hashira Sword during his battle with Upper Rank One, with bright red color in order to grip it with all his might. That enabled him to hamper the reconstruction of Kokushibo that played a key role in his defeat. 

Looking for the best replica Mist Hashira Sword? Here is the masterpiece you should buy. Move like the flowing clouds of the misty dawn, when you wield this elegant and beautifully simple katana. Authentic to the hit anime, the sword’s simple scabbard is offset by the classy black-on-green hilt and the square guard; making for a unique katana, and perfect for any avid fan or collector. Just remember to keep your head out of the clouds. Buy this Mist Hashira Sword now at the lowest price at Knives Deal. With an order over $99, you will get free shipping!


  • Overall Length: 40.5”
  • Blade Length: 27.5”
  • Hilt Length: 10”
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Blade Constructed of ABS plastic, it is very durable, and can take a lot of punishment
  • Hilt is Simply decorated with a square guard and black wrappings on blue imitation ray skin
  • The ideal convention-day prop for your Muichiro cosplay

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