40" Polypropylene Material Practice Training Samurai Boken Daito Sword

40" Practice Daito Sword. Made up of Polypropylene Material.
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These Practice Training Boken Daito Swords are Made up of Polypropylene Material. New Kind/Material. They are Remarkably stiff, but not quite as rigid as wood. They do have a bit of play to them. The Biggest advantage of these compared to wood swords's are these are Virtually unbreakable and cut resistant.
All Black. Beautifully crafted to resemble a real Daito sword Black Poly Hand guard. Cord Wrapped Handle is Twisted to form a diamond pattern on each side of the handle. Overall Length, list is 40" but actual length is approx 39 1/4". Handle length 9 3/4" Blade length 29 1/2".
  • Polypropylene
  • Virtually Unbreakable
Polypropylene is a plastic polymer, of the chemical designation C3H6. It is used in many different settings, both in industry and in consumer goods for items which need to be rugged and durable.

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