5 Anime Swords in My Arsenal That I Love the Most

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/24/2019

My Love for Anime Characters!

I’m a huge fan of anime characters, are you? I guess many of you love these characters because they are too entertaining and at times, very inspiring. They are often portrayed as superheroes that belong to an imaginary world. I absolutely love them. You would be surprised to know that I have watched more animated movies than other movies in my life. I enjoy every split of a second while watching these anime movies because I feel like being a part of that world. I always wish to somehow get into that imaginary or fictional world. Alas! I can’t. What most inspiring is when a superhero holds an anime sword and gets on his journey like a warrior to defeat the animes. And, I love how these movies end; we see that warrior standing tall against the odds and saving his land and people from a worst disaster.

Not just that I watch a lot of animated movies, I also play games that feature my favorite anime characters. Specifically, the games that include fighting with the swords. Since I am a huge fan of these movies and games, I love to use the weapons carried by these anime characters. One of the most desired items for me are the anime swords. I love collecting these swords, and to me it isn’t a surprise that I have managed to gather twenty swords of my favorite anime characters. You might be wondering how silly I am to purchase these swords for no reason. Believe me, I have a craze of carrying such weapons. I have a passion that encourages me to collect the anime swords and keep them in my arsenal

How I Collected Different Anime Swords?

Trust me, it was a highly challenging task. Gathering different swords, and especially the ones of your favorite anime characters was never easy. Most of the swords were quite rare in the market. However, I successfully managed to get all of them in my collection. However, there is a significant struggle and effort that I had to put in. My first ever sword was the Claymore inspired from a famous TV Series, The Claymore. I spend days searching for this sword, but could not find. This is now a very common swords available in the market, but when I was searching for it, it was quite rare. However, after a hard-fought battle, I managed to get my most favorite sword from an online store.

I found most of my anime swords from the online stores. You know how many online stores are now being operated in the US. I believe people have now stopped rushing to the stores physically to purchase items. Specifically, for items like swords, I don’t think anyone would now bother to visit retail stores. Rather, he would google the item and find hundreds of online stores offering his desired item. So, searching for your favorite thing is now easy and even easier is buying them and getting shipped to your home. However, it wasn’t in my case.

I spent days searching for my desired anime swords. If you search for some common swords, such as a Legend of Zelda sword, it is easier to find it. There are hundreds of stores providing this sword, but all the anime characters are not that popular. So, finding swords of some unrenowned anime characters is hardest of the tasks. Though I found all the swords online and eventually bought all of them online. However, it took a lot of time and effort. I am basically residing in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, but I found just a couple of swords from my home state. Most of the swords were shipped to me address from the other states.

Just googling the name of the sword is not enough to find your required anime sword. There were many things that I had to consider before making a purchase. I used to calculate the overall cost by calculating the product price and the shipping cost. In addition, I could never ignore the quality of the sword and the name of manufacturing brand. I purchased all of my swords from a renowned brand. I would even like to suggest you not to waste your money by just seeking for a cheap sword that is shipped to you in a quick succession. Rather, consider all the things including quality and price.

This is how I continued purchasing my favorite anime swords and now I have come to a point where I have around twenty of them. Being an enthusiast, I do not stop here! I would continue adding more and more swords in my arsenal.

Most Loveable Anime Swords in My Collection

1. Claymore

Claymore was my earliest anime sword. Claymore is a nice anime character that became famous in 2007 after a TV series, the Claymore. This type of sword is also called claymore. From the design of the handle to the blade, this sword is a masterpiece. What emphasized me to get this sword was its fantastic shape. There is a sharpened hilt and a double edged blade that makes it look a lethal weapon. A weapon that Claymore deserves to have. It is one of the swords that give me a badass feel, though I look like a real warrior when hold this sword in my hand. So, this makes me love this gorgeous sword.

2. Kirito Blue Rose Sword

Kirito from Sword Art Online is a lovely character, and I hope all of you are familiar with this anime character. One of his swords was known as Blue Rose Sword that I fell in love with. It looks like a real anime thing. I have a real badass version of this sword made of carbon steel. It has a very attractive blue colors that, in fact, attracted me. I would give credit to the manufacturer as this sword is a result of some great craftsmanship.

3. Dragon Ball Z Trunk’s Sword

Dragon Ball Z is another famous fictional series and Trunks is the most popular character from the series. Trunks has a special sword and I have the luxury to have this lovely sword in my arsenal. What makes me love this sword is its fabulous design. The blade is made of steel with two edges. It came with a sheath of red and blue color. So, I can protect the blade and sword from any damage. There is a back strap as well that is adjustable. So, this makes me carry it around my waist and walk like a real warrior.

4. Sword of Omens from Thundercats

Omens from Thundercats is another one of my favorite anime characters. In fact, it is his sword that made him more popular. Surprisingly, I don’t have the real steel version of this sword, but I still love this. It is made of foam, but it is a rare thing in my collection. I can think of performing the role of Omens by using this sword. I am even planning to take part in the coming LARP event so that I can dress up as Omens with this foam sword in my hand. I’m too excited though!

5. Zanpakuto from Bleach TV Series

Zanpakuto is a lovely anime sword I have in my collection. It is displayed in the famous Bleach TV series. A reason to love this sword is huge size and a unique design. It looks such an astounding sword due to its appearance like a massive axe. We have seen the capabilities of this sword and its cutting abilities. It is a sword that every warrior would dream of. I feel lucky to find this sword. Though it took a lot of time searching and finding this sword, but I successfully managed to keep it in my arsenal.

The Final Word!

So, this was my collection of Anime swords. You must have realized how crazy and passionate I am for these swords. They are as lovely as these imaginary characters are. As I hold one of these swords in my hands, I feel I have stepped into a dreamland. Though collecting these swords was a challenge I overcame, and now I have one of the finest collections. I take pride in this and suggest you to get some of these swords to have a feel of getting involved in the fictional world.

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