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Are you here searching for your favorite anime swords? Well, you will find your desired swords here as we have enlisted a few masterpiece swords. The craze and love for animated movies, series and video games is immense. 

They have inspired many and so have they inspired the enthusiasts and collectors. There are people like me who love to gather some swords of their favorite anime characters. 

I am here to tell you how crazy I am to collect my desired anime swords. And yes, I have collected a few and I have brought them for you. I have disclosed the five best anime swords I have in my arsenal. Also, I would like you to learn more about those swords and see if any of these swords was your favorite!

My Love for Anime Characters!

I’m a huge fan of anime characters, are you? I guess many of you love these characters because they are too entertaining and at times, very inspiring. They are often portrayed as superheroes that belong to an imaginary world. 

I absolutely love them. You would be surprised to know that I have watched more animated movies than other movies in my life. I enjoy every split of a second while watching these anime movies because I feel like being a part of that world. I always wish to somehow get into that imaginary or fictional world. 

Alas! I can’t. What is most inspiring is when a superhero holds an anime sword and gets on his journey like a warrior to defeat the animes. And, I love how these movies end; we see that warrior standing tall against the odds and saving his land and people from a worst disaster.

Not just that I watch a lot of animated movies, I also play games that feature my favorite anime characters. Specifically, the games that include fighting with the swords. Since I am a huge fan of these movies and games, I love to use the weapons carried by these anime characters. 

One of the most desired items for me are the anime swords. I love collecting these swords, and to me it isn’t a surprise that I have managed to gather twenty swords of my favorite anime characters. 

You might be wondering how silly I am to purchase these swords for no reason. Believe me, I have a craze of carrying such weapons. I have a passion that encourages me to collect the anime swords and keep them in my arsenal

My Anime Swords Collection! 

Trust me, it was a highly challenging task. Gathering different swords, and especially the ones of your favorite anime characters was never easy. Most of the swords were quite rare in the market. However, I successfully managed to get all of them in my collection. 

However, there is a significant struggle and effort that I had to put in! 

However, this is no longer a struggle anymore. These days, you can find your favorite swords online quite easily. There are hundreds of brands and stores always willing to provide you with your desired items. 

I managed to get every sword I was a fan of. However, it took me a lot of time and effort. Thanks to some famous online stores and brands, it is now easy to find your desired fantasy swords online. 

When it comes to my arsenal, well, I have some masterpiece swords in my collection. Some of them are simply incredible. There is no denying the fact that my love for anime characters and anime swords has inspired me to get to the collection of swords that I have today. So, let’s explore my collection of anime swords and find some of the masterpieces! 

The Most Spectacular Anime Swords in My Collection

1. Icingdeath Twinkle Drizzt Do'Urden Sword Set of 2

Twinkle Drizzt Do'Urden Sword Set of 2

What a beauty that is! A sword everyone would love to have in his collection. This is the set of swords that is ideal for cosplayers as well as enthusiasts like me. There is a stainless steel blade but that blade is unsharpened, making it safe and sound or LARP purposes. In addition, the sword is ideal for decor purposes. 

It is gorgeous and has a unique appearance. When it comes to features of this anime sword, the length of the sword is 36 inches with a blade of 29 inches. There is a steel pommel and a guard, giving it a complete appearance of a sword.  

2. Musashi Ichigo Tensa Handmade Functional Sword

Ichigo Tensa Handmade Functional Sword

Well, this is a fully functional sword and the most realistic you will find ever. It has a real stainless steel blade. The blade is razor sharp and you can say that it is battle ready. 

Therefore, you are welcome to use it for training, martial arts and simply for collection purposes. A perfectly unmatchable sword on the list. 

3. Brave Saizo Anime Ten Carbon Steel Replica Collectible Sword

Brave Saizo Anime Ten Carbon Steel Replica

This anime sword has a very unique appearance as well. It is a replica sword but what a collectible. With a carbon steel blade, it looks perfect. It is an ideal sword for cosplay and decor purposes. Also, the sword is a massive one with a length of 37.75 inches. 

4. Black Swordsman Dark Repulser SAO Foam Costume Sword

Dark Repulser SAO Foam Costume Sword

We all love Sword Art Online which is a fantastic anime series. This is the dark repulser sword inspired from that series and I love this. It is a sword made of foam but it looks real. Since it is safe, it is excellent for decor and LARP. 

5. Anime Cutter of Creation Extase Sheele Sword

Anime Cutter of Creation Extase Sheele Sword

This cutter of creation anime sword is another fantastic collectible for collectors. It has a real stainless steel blade and black finish. There is a beautiful scabbard that comes with the package to cover the blade and allow the user to carry it easily. 

Pick Your Anime Sword - Enrich Your Anime Collection! 

So, here we are! The best collection of anime swords awaits your exploration. I hope you have read everything about each of the swords discussed above! Yes, these are my favorite ones but you will find them as the best ones too. 

These are the most desirable anime swords these days, and people are eager to get those in 2021. So, time to pick some swords from the list above!

Choose your swords and let us know which of these are your favorites. We will be keen to hear from you. Let us know about your favorite anime swords in the comment section below!