Women have been victimized for a long time, but lately, we hear such instances on daily basis. Every time you log on to your social media account, you will see posts about women being assaulted. Is that women can’t defend themselves? Probably, most of the women rely on their men to save them. But, the men are not around you all the time. Sometimes you are driving home alone after work, or you are walking to get to a nearby store for shopping, or a salesperson comes to your home with evil intentions while your husband is not at home. Do you have any self-defense weapons to survive during such instances?

Most of the women these days don’t carry weapons for their protection, which is understandable in a sense that they are reluctant to use knives or daggers, as they are fearful of using such frightening weapons. In addition, they regard them difficult to carry and use. However, the truth is that they are unaware of modern self-defense tools that are exactly made for women. You can now find small sized tools that can fit into your pocket easily, hence making them easy to carry. There are weapons available in the market that are tiny, but highly effective, and can damage someone badly.

There are around millions of self-defense weapons with each offering different features, advantages, and drawbacks. But there are a few weapons that fulfill the most significant need of the women. Whether you are brave or timid, if you are to carry a weapon for self-defense, you will prefer something that can be kept secretly or can be hidden in your purse, bag, or pockets of your pants. We bring you 5 easy-to-carry self-defense weapons for women that are ideal in surviving harsh attacks.

1. Pepper Sprays

Among the most popular self-defense weapons for women, pepper spray tops the list. It is used as a tool for disorientating, blinding, and taking rapid actions against the attackers. It has the capability to inflict a long-lasting burning effect. So, you will have maximum time to run away from the attacker. Pepper spray is best for the ladies who often have late night commutes from work. It can inflame the membranes of the eyes, throat, lungs, and nose of the attacker. This makes the attacker close his eyes as a sudden onslaught blinds him temporarily.

With extreme pungent nature of the pepper spray, the attacker would suffer from breathing problems. The impact of this spray normally lasts for more than half an hour based on its potency. However, the first few second would be the toughest for the attacker, thus you can escape to safety utilizing this effect. It is one of the coolest self-defense weapons that can immediately incapacitate the attacker so that you can run for cover. These sprays are inexpensive, but worthwhile and effective. Plus, they are the simplest self-defense tools to operate. So, you can easily save yourself from what could be the worst mishap with you.

The most encouraging feature in the pepper sprays is their small size. Modern pepper sprays come in the shape of lipsticks and key-chains enabling you to carry them comfortably. There is an immense variety in these sprays, usually differ in terms of potency and sizes. For the girls who fear carrying big self-defense weapons, these key chain and lipstick style sprays are ideal. You can keep a spray in your car all the time if you are a frequent traveler. Enjoy safer commutes, morning walks, and nightly jogging and deal with violent acts and emergencies with determination, courage and confidence.

2. Stun Guns

If you ask me the most effective self-defense weapon to subdue an attacker, it is the Stun Gun. If you are a brave girl, stun gun is what you should carry. A relatively affordable tool, but can scare and hurt your attacker with its sound and electric shock. Touching the attacker with its prongs would immobilize him straight away. It does not cause a permanent injury as it uses low amperage, but it enables you to escape from the dangerous environment. It is designed in a way that it can key into the attacker’s nervous system.

Stun gun can dump its energy into the attacker’s muscles at a frequency of high pulse. It depletes the blood sugar and in just a few seconds, converts it into the lactic acid. This cause energy loss and makes it quite harder to function and move. If you are wondering that it sounds like a gun, don’t worry, this isn’t a common gun. It is a small sized device that can be carried easily. Similar to pepper spray, this small self-defense weapon is something you can keep in your car, pocket, bag, or purse.

If you fear electricity, don’t fear this device, rather make others fear it. If this self-defense weapon does not inflict a permanent damage to it’s victim, how can it hurt you? It can serve as your greatest personal protector by creating a fear among those who have bad intentions for you. So, make your next decision of owning this amazing tool. There is a great variety in the stun guns including size, voltage, color, and style differences. Don’t be concerned about the difference of voltages because a stun gun of any voltage can put your attacker down if used rightly. Hence, with the ease of use and carry, stun guns are perfect self-defense weapons for women.

3. Lipstick Knives

What as a woman are you more afraid of carrying, a gun or a knife? Let’s spin this question. What do you think the attackers are more afraid of? A research determines that people are more afraid of knives and blades than any other weapons. So, why not have a lipstick knife as your self-defense weapon. A knife in your hand would frighten the attacker more than anything else. But let’s get to our real concern, which is carrying the weapon. Your weapon must be the one that you can carry comfortably, so a knife with a huge blade is not an option.

Lipstick knives have become the most preferred choice for the women for protecting against violent attacks. They are perfect for tucking into your pocket or bag and can be carried without informing others. A small sized blade, but has the potential to take you out of seriously threatening circumstances. They include a 1-inch stainless steel blade and look like an authentic lipstick tube. Agile and lightweight, these lipstick knives are must-have self-defense weapons for women as they can easily fit into the hands.

In addition, these knives are simple to use, and women are familiar with the way they work i-e exactly like a lipstick. Twist the bottom to make the knife emerge from the other hand. This hidden blade can serve slashing, jabbing and making your way to the safety. They are economical, but as effective as other long blade knives. Available in different colors, they appear similar to lipsticks, and no one can spot any difference between these two tubular items. Hence, you would not find any difficulty carrying them with you. Is there any excuse of not keeping this extraordinary self-defense weapon?

4. Neck Knives

Like Lipstick knives, the neck knives are perfectly designed self-defense weapons for women. As it sounds, a neck knife can be worn from the neck. Typically, it is a small fixed blade knife that is carried through a chain or a cord. The sheath of the knife usually hangs down forming a necklace. So, it can serve as a jewelry for the ladies. The knife may also be hung from a loop of synthetic and natural cord, a thong typically made of leather, a para cord, or a breakaway or ball chain.

While you carry them upside down, the knife would stay in place because of a synthetic form-fitting sheath. This sheath holds the knife safely in place until you exert powerful force to displace it. They can be either double edged or single edged with the blade length under 4 inches, and most probably under three inches. This has made such knives a popular choice as self-defense weapons for women because they can carry them comfortably and draw the knife easily and quickly when an attacker approaches them. They can be worn inside or even outside the shirt because they appear as necklaces.

If you don’t like walking with a knife in your pocket, or you hate carrying a knife in your bag, the neck knife can be more comfortable for you. Carrying it will be a similar experience as wearing a necklace. Thus, there is no additional burden of a knife. These knives are also more accessible self-defense weapons because you can take the blade out immediately. In case of other pocket knives, you need to either extract it from your bag or your pocket. This extra minute spent by you to take your knife out will allow the attacker to accomplish his task. A neck knife can prevent you from taking extra time to access your knife. Therefore, you have more chances to survive the attacks if you are equipped with a neck knife.

5. Pen Knives

Pen Knives are little nifty self-defense weapons. Like a regular pen, they can be used to write, but a sharp small blade is additionally incorporated in the pen. They have been in use since 10th century when people used to cut quills for writing by this pen knife. There is nothing complicated regarding the operation or functioning of this knife. You can use it either as a pen or a knife. Just pull off the top, and the blade is revealed. If you talk about safest to carry self-defense tools without hurting yourself accidentally, pen knives are the ultimate choice. They have a sturdy design which ensures that the blade is not broken easily.

These hidden self-defense weapons come in variety of blades and styles, with edges either straight, partially serrated or completely serrated. The working women can keep these knives at their offices to prevent from workplace harassment. The housewives can have these penknives at home to stay safe from any stranger breaking into the house.

Choose any of these self-defense weapons, but wisely

You can choose any of these weapons, as they are all effective self-defense weapons for women, but make sure it is the one you are most convenient and comfortable with. By protecting yourself through these weapons, you can walk down the street in dark without any fear. However, use these special tools wisely, learn the techniques to use them in the right manner. Don’t be an easy victim of the criminals and attackers. Carry these advantageous self-defense tools always with you, and stay safe and secure.