Highlander Sword Replicas

Spanning decades, well actually centuries, the Highland Franchise has become a cult classic. The first Highland film that came out in 1986 didn't leave much of an impact at the time, but the Connor Macleod and his highlander sword became epic and gave birth to four more movies, books and Tv series adaptation by the same name.

So when people rave about the highlander swords held by Connor Macleod or later by Duncan Macleod in the Highlander TV series, it is because the Scottish highlander sword has become a character in its own right.

It is difficult to sum up the entire Highlander franchise with its multiple storylines, countless battles and endless characters. But we will talk about the main protagonists of the Highlander movies and Highlander TV series along with the highlander swords wielded by Connor Macleod and Duncan Macleod.

Highlander Movies

The very first Highlander movie came out in 1986 and was the first in the line of a trilogy with second and third highlander films coming out in 1991 and 1994. These films were titled Highland (Part-1)), Highlander-The Quickening and Highland-The Sorcerer. Each movie featured highland swords that became an integral part of the characters.

As mentioned earlier, the original highland movies bombed in the box office and got largely negative reviews but the highlanders and their highlander movie swords continued to remain popular underground and the cult around the highlander sword grew.

This popularity caused the resurgence of the highland movie franchise with Highlander-Endgame (2000) and Highlander- The Source (2007) coming out to universal panning by the critics but to the much delight of the highlander sword enthusiasts.

Highlander TV Series 

The world of The Highlander movies with multitude of characters and swords was too much to be contained into three movies. This gave rise to the highlander tv series in 1992. Although many highlander sword lovers consider the original three films to be the pinnacle of highlander franchise, the highlander tv series is nonetheless an important part of the highlander universe 

The series ran from 1992 until 1998 and was six seasons long. The original highlander- Conrad Macleod-was not the protagonist of the highlander tv series and only appeared briefly as a mentor to his kinsman- Duncan Macleod, who wielded his own unique highlander sword and had a separate storyline.

Conrad Macloed doesn appear as a lead character in the Highlander animated series though. The popularity of this original immortal warrior, Conrad Macleod is so great that he and his highlander sword are considered the only characters pivoting the entire highlander universe and the franchise.

Connor Macleod and The Highlander Swords 

We can't talk about the highlander swords without the enigmatic original protagonist of the highlander movies- Connor Macleod. The Scottish warrior was born in 1518 in Glenfinnan, Scotland. In the first three highlander movies, the Scottish highlander is played by Christopher Lambert.

The first movie ends with this mighty highlander warrior defeating the evil Mongol immortal Kurgan in 1985 at the ceremony known as the Gathering. Connor became truly immortal then by winning the Prize. He used his highlander katana sword to defeat Kurgan.

Connor Macleod used two highlander swords throughout the highlander trilogy. First was his Scottish longsword, a claymore sword that he used in the first battle with Kurgan in 1536. But he left his highlander longsword as a headstone in his wife's grave in 1590.

The second highlander sword of Connor Macleod was actually given to him by his mentor-Ramirez, played by Sean Connery in the highlander films. The highlander katana sword was gifted to Ramirez by the great Japanese swordsmith Masamune, when he married Masamune's daughter.

Ramirez not only trained Connor in the art of Japanese sword fighting, he also fought alongside him against Kurgan until he was killed by Kurgan in 1597, leaving his highlander katana sword to Connor. The highlander sword was eventually taken from Connor by another Immortal rival, Kane.

Duncan Macleod And His Highlander Sword

Duncan Macleod Is the protagonist of the highlander TV series. The scottish highlander was born in 1592 in the highlands and although raised as an orphan, belongs to the immortals. He is played by actor Adrain Paul in all six seasons of the tv series.

Being and Immortal and living for centuries meant these warriors spent a lot of time training under various swordsmen to master their battle skills. The Dragon Head katana sword, a highlander sword owned by Duncan Macleod in the series was given to him in 1778 by Hideo Koto.

Duncan Macleod trained under the Japanese sword master after saving him from an armed samurai attack when he was travelling across the East to learn new sword fighting tactics. His mentor gifted him the highlander sword which Duncan Conner used in the fight against Jacob Kell-the fight in which his ancestor and mentor Connor Macleod helped him.

The Dragon head katana sword wielded by Duncan was a thing of beauty. That is why these highlander swords have such a massive fan following. Just like the highlander sword of Connor Macleod, this katana sword had an ivory handle with a golden hilt.

Now you know why highlander swords have bewitched the modern minds of many sword collectors. The noble owners of these highlander swords represented valiance, family duty, respect to their mentors and embodied all elements of strong but humble warriors.

So, where are the highlander swords now? The answer is-one click away. So many highlander sword replicas are available in the market representing the values that the Macleod clan along with their friends and mentors inhabited. Take a look at the 5 highlander swords below and pick one! 

1 - Connor Macleod Highlander Longsword

Highlands Clansman Great Claymore Sword

There are many highlander sword replicas, but none matches the perfection of this highlander sword. The longsword was one of the two swords owned by Connor Macleod in the first of the three original highlander films.

This claymore highlander sword is a massive 44 and quarter inch long making it a two hand sword. The 32.25" long stainless steel blade is shaped like classic scottish highland swords of the 16th century.

The zinc aluminium handle is 10" long and has been given a wood polish for grippy handling of this longsword. The crossguard is also more than 9" long and is polished as well in classic highlander fashion.

The guard of this highlander sword protrudes like a wing with each side ending in simple but rustic swirls indicating the wilderness of scottish highlanders. The pommel is shaped like a light bulb and polished silver with elegance of Connor Macleod himself.

This highlander sword is ideal for cosplaying the legendary adventure series. You can also have the blade sharpened professionally to keep it as a collectible. Although we would recommend channeling your inner Connar  Macleod with this one by using it  as a cosplay sword. Get it here

2 - Macleod Highlander Foam Cosplay Sword

Knight Errant Foam Latex Sword Cosplay Costume

This highlander replica sword is specifically designed for carrying into any highlander themed LARP battles. Fight the evil King Katana with your immortal army and defeat him with this foam highlander sword. 

This Connar Macleod highlander sword is 42" long with a claymore design blade which is 31"in length. Don't worry, the steel painted foam won't buckle as you fight with this highlander sword.

The foam sword has a fiberglass core and outer layer of latex to make it flexible yet unbendable during Connar vs Kurgan cosplay. Who knows when the next Highlander movie or TV series will drop on Netflix, so get ready for the convention by accessorizing your scottish warrior costume with this highlander sword.

The 11.5" long handle is black colored with golden colored crossguard and round pommel. A simple yet classic highlander sword that will take you back to the scottish highlands for sure! Get it here

3 - Full Tang Connor Macleod Highlander Sword

Highlander Connor MacLeod Sword

This highlander sword replica is in a league of its own. First, this replica sword is hand crafted, just like the 16th century scottish highland swords featured in Highlander movies.

Remember the Highlander katana sword given to Connor by his mentor and friend Ramirez? Well, this is it. The 41 ΒΌ" long slightly curved highlander sword replica is a testament to the loyalty of the legendary friendship of the original highlanders.

The  27.5" long blade is 1045 High Carbon Steel construction which is  pretty decent carbon steel given the low price of this highlander sword which is full tang. 

The 12" long hand painted dragon handle is made of polyresin with two pegs. The circular golden plated metal crossguard with its intricate carvings is a special ornate piece encrusting this highlander sword.

The original highlander sword-which was given to Ramirez by Masamune had an ivory handle and this highlander sword replica handle has an ivory base with blue and red color patterns splattered till the distinctive pommel is reached.

If you want to add any highlander sword to your collection, make it this one. It is a well crafted and realistic replica that will take you straight back into the world of the Macleod clan. Get it here

4 - Highlander Two Handed Movie Sword

Two Handed Movie Replica Sword

This 49" highlander longsword is crafted to be displayed in the most exquisite sword collections. A highly recognizable movie sword from the first two highlander films, this highlander sword replica feels like it was just held by the two strong hands Connor Macleod a second ago.

The 37.5" long 420 stainless steel blade is fashioned with distinct scottish claymore sword design in mind. This movie sword is historically accurate as well as aesthetically an exact copy of the Connor Macleod sword.

The 10.5 Inch handle is cast metal but has leather grip. The 10.5" long crossguard has the retracting blade spikes that can be opened and closed manually. A round silver polished pommel is ornate.

Display the extravagance of this highlander sword replica on a wooden wall plaque accompanying it,for all to see and admire. Get it here

5 - Duncan Macleod Dragon Head Katana Sword

Duncan Macleod Black Closed Mouth Dragon Sword

You might not be a fan of the Highlander TV series but you can't deny the charisma of its protagonist Duncan Macleod. The clansman alongside his highlander sword is a perfect image to continue the legacy of the original highlanders.

This highlander sword was given to Duncan when he travelled to Japan after training in the Middle East. On the boat, he saw an old man being attacked by samurai soldiers and saved him from their clutches. The man turned out to be a trained swordsman -Hideo Koto

Koto gave Duncan this dragon head katana sword and in turn took a promise from him that Macleod would protect his family. Koyo knew his time was near and the Shogunate of the time was forcing him to commit ritual suicide ( samurai way to die with honor) for harbouring a scottish barbaran spy in his house.

This 43" long highlander sword replica is laden with history and folklore encompassing centuries. Lieke the katana sword, this highlander short sword is 28" in blade length. The low grade carbon steel is not too sharp and significantly reduces the price of this highlander replica sword.

If you are looking for an affordable highlander sword, this is your best bet. The short handle is 5" long and made with polyresin that is painted to give an ivory dragon head handle design to this movie sword replica.

The handle ends with a closed mouth dragon head-just like the original highlander sword. The circular plate guard has a gold finish. The replica sword comes with a black scabbard. Get this highland sword here

With that, we end our foray into the wild world of Highlander swords. Hope you got enlightened with a deep highland folklore and realm of the Immortal Macleods and their adventures. We may never get a seventh season or another Highland movie, but we have highlander sword replicas to keep us entertained. Buy Now!