Medieval Swords

Medieval Era is known and remembered for a lot of things and among those things, the most famous ones are the Medieval swords

Medieval swords are one of the most visually appealing and breathtaking swords of all times. The time between 5th to 15th century is known as Medieval era which started from the fall of the Roman Empire and ended when the Renaissance period started. 

Many renowned kings and knights belonged to the Medieval era and their swords are still kept by people as a historical artifact or simply because of their elegance and grace. 

These swords were considered to be a symbol of courage, honor, bravery and grace of a Medieval men and these people believed in the following saying.

“Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

So, if in spite of being a part of the modern era, you consider yourself to be a swordsman rather than a gunman, then we have something to pique your interest. 

We all know that swords have a long history. Too many types of swords were designed and constructed, each of them differing in design and structure, strength, durability, quality and finesse. 

So, let us have a look at some of the most famous and impressive Medieval swords for sale.

Medieval Sword King Solomon Templar Blue With Wall Plaque

The beautiful sword of King Solomon is a true masterpiece and is an epitome of grace and elegance. This one is an exact replica of the original King Solomon’s sword. 

The sword stands at 48.5 inches, however its blade is 38 inches long. The blade is made up of stainless steel which is factory sharpened and makes it razor sharp. This sword is a true classic and is beautifully crafted. 

Medieval Sword king solomon templar

The details are very fine which gives the sword a realistic and genuine look. The guard of the sword looks antique because it is gold plated and exhibits different kinds of symbols on it i.e. Star of David, Ark of the Covenant and Menorah making it a perfect historical artifact. 

The blade of the sword has detailed laser etchings on it, capable of seeing anything that comes its way because of its sharp edge. This Medieval sword for sale is available in market at very reasonable rates and is a must have for all lovers of history.

Scandinavian Norsemen Raiding Viking Lobed Sword

This historical replica of the Viking sword is the member of the sword family known as “Spatha”. This simple yet classical sword looks so graceful in its black and silver beauty. 

The overall length of the sword is 38.75 inches whereas its blade is 29.75 inches long. The blade of this sword is double sided and has a fuller that runs down the centre of it with a safety edge. 

It is made up of carbon steel and is oiled and polished to perfection. The hilt of the sword is leather wrapped and features pure metal construction. 

Scandinavian Norsemen Raiding Viking Lobed Sword

The wooden scabbard that comes with it is also leather wrapped and features a leather belt hoop and steel shape which makes it quite easy and safe to carry the sword around. 

The beauty of the Viking sword lies it its simplicity and this Medieval sword for sale is available in very affordable prices in the market.

Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Medieval Gladius

Anyone who has seen the movie “The Gladiator” or anyone who is obsessed with history will know for sure what a Gladiator sword is and why is it so famous. 

This impressively designed sword was carried by one of the most intimidating Roman soldiers. This replica is one of the most finest one and is intricately designed to make it just like the original one. The blade of the sword is made up of UN-sharpened stainless steel.

Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Medieval Gladius

It has a simulated ivory handle and the guard features grained wood construction and brass toned varnish. It also has roman brass figurines and ornaments designed on it, this gold on brown etchings look very stunning and give a very elegant look to the sword. 

The Gladiator sword also comes with a brown scabbard made up of hard leather and has a belt as well. This Medieval sword for sale is widely available in stores and having it for yourself will make you the Gladiator you always wanted to be.

42 inch Sir William Wallace Long Two Handed Medieval Claymore Sword

Claymore represents class and history. The sword of Sir William Wallace makes its wielder feel like a Scottish warrior of 13th century. 

Claymore stands at an impressive length of 42 inches and provides a stunning sight to the beholder because of its glorious look and elegant manner. The blade of Claymore is constructed of high carbon steel and has a razor sharp edge. 

42 inch sir william wallace long two handed medieval Sword 

Whereas, its guard is chrome polished, giving it a classical look. The sword is meant to be put on a plaque and praised for all of its glory and beauty. That is why it also comes with a wooden plaque to be displayed on walls. 

Beautiful variety of this Medieval sword for sale is available in stores for you to get your hands on at very low rates.

Knights Classic Medieval War Broadsword

The Knights Classic Medieval Broadsword is a classical and iconic sword of the Medieval era. The sword has a blade made up of stainless steel and features a short fuller as well. It also has a rounded tip and a gradual profile taper. 

The hilt of the sword is made up of wood and is accented with brass hilt furnishings. However, the guard possesses downward curved quillons with small round knobs on the end of them to catch the attacking blades.

The grip of the sword is made up of wood and wrapped with black leather giving it a graceful look and is topped with a rounded pommel having a carved cross and circular icons etched on it. The guard and pommel, both are constructed of brass metal. 

Knights Classic Medieval War Broadsword 

This iconic Medieval sword for sale is available in stores at very reasonable rates and is to be wielded by a true knight. Swords have bloody history revolving around them but they also speak of grace, valor and elegance. 

Having this piece of history for yourself is easier more than ever as impressive variety of Medieval swords for sale are available in stores which you can buy and add to your collection.