If you are looking for the best and most amazing swords for sale then you aren't the only one; there are thousands of people like you and me who are obsessed with these iconic big blades. 

The use of swords has been with us for a long time; in fact, from the historical point of view, the use of swords was at the peak during the era of ancient feudal Japan where the Samurais even took their lives with their own swords if they had to (due to societal pressure and the perseverance of their honor and dignity). 

Furthermore, swords played an important role in the Medieval Ages as well where the battles and wars were mainly dependent on the swordsmanship of the knights and soldiers. The Medieval Ages are replete with a variety of amazing and essentially iconic swords.

Despite the fact that we have come so far as humans with the help of the scientific and technological advancements; yet, the majority of us is obsessed with the gigantic razor-sharp blades. This is also one of the basic reasons that wonderful swords of world are displayed in the numerous anime series which keep fascinating our minds. Swords are amazing weapons to own and collect. 

The below-given list includes the most iconic and mesmerizing swords from real life which will definitely blow your mind. After reading the list, you will no more look at the swords the same way. Have fun reading and exploring the legendary facts!

1. The Excalibur of King Arthur

As per the iconic legends of Arthurian, the iconic sword of Excalibur is the one which was drawn out of the stone by the legendary King Arthur. Consequently, King Arthur turned into the most legendary King of all times. 

According to myths, the sword was well-known to have supernatural powers; the King probably didn't want anyone to get acquainted with the superpowers of the Excalibur; therefore, he ordered one of his knights to throw his mighty sword into the lake at the time he (King Arthur) was lying on his deathbed. Rumors have that at the time the sword was being thrown into the lake; the hand of the Lake Lady appeared and got hold of the Excalibur. According to Legends, King Arthur will return one day after waking up from his peaceful sleep and reclaim his sword.

2. The Swords of Tizona and Colada

El Cid Campeador was the rightful owner of both of these swords; in case you don't know, he was the leader of the military as well as a nobleman of Medieval Spain. He "won" both of these swords; the sword of Tizona was won from "King Yucef"; whereas, the sword of Colada was won from a Barcelona Count after combat. 

El Cid gifted both if these swords to his sons-in-law; however, according to a legendary poem, the Spanish nobleman asked for the return of his iconic present after both of his sons-in-law beat their wives and abandoned them on the street. One of these mighty swords, the Colada was subsequently bestowed on one of the nobleman's knights. Allegedly, the sword of Colada can still be found on display in the grand palace of Madrid.

3. The Sword of Zulfiqar

This legendary sword holds a great place in the Islamic world; according to Islamic history, the "Zulfiqar" was presented to "Ali" by the Prophet Muhammad. Ali was not only the cousin but also the son-in-law of the Prophet. This sword holds a particular space in the descriptions of the "Shiite community" of Ali who is also known as the followers of Ali. 

The double-bladed sword is unique in its own way; it is common to be found on the flags of Muslims. Some also wear the miniature of this sword in the form of a talisman or a piece of jewelry. In order to pay respect and tribute to the legendary sword of ‘Zulfiqar', some Islamic swords-manufacturers make swords that have scissor-like double blade tips.

4. The Sword of Legbiter

The Vikings carried some of the strongest blades ever; you might be surprised to know that despite the fact that the Vikings lacked the essential technology for the crafting of the best and strongest swords; they were advanced with respect to their swords with respect to design, material, and reliability of the swords. 

The "legbeiter" belongs to the simpler versions of the Viking swords; in fact, a look at it indicates that the hilt if the sword was made with ivory (elephant tooth), and the grip of the sword included threads of gold. Originally, this sword belonged to the king of the Vikings, King Magnus III. Legends say that the sword was lost during a battle in which the king was killed; however, later on, this strong sword was retrieved and sent back to the kinship of the King.

5. The Japanese Sword of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi

As mentioned earlier, the Japanese had one of the best and strongest swords in stock; therefore, there are numerous legends associated with the swords, including the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. Originally, the name of this sword translates as "gatherer of the clouds of heaven"' whereas, later on, due to the change of the name of this sword, the meaning referred to the "grass-cutting" blade/sword. 

According to the Japanese legend, this sword belonged to Susanoo who happens to be a God as per the myth. One day, God came across a grieving family who had lost their seven daughters to a might serpent with eight venomous heads. Now, the family was scared that he would come after the eighth daughter as well. The God Susanoo agreed to help the family and put them out of their misery on the condition of marrying them off to the last daughter to which they happily agreed.

God ordered eight tubs of Japanese wine to be positioned on different platforms behind fences with eight gates on them. The mighty serpent fell into the trap and stuck his eight heads through the eight gates respectively. Finally, God used one of his own swords and chopped off each of the heads of the serpent continuing to chop off the whole snake including the tail. Meanwhile, he found the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi in the tail of the snake which happened to be the fourth tail.

6. The Sword of Wallace (Wallace's Sword)

It would be wrong not to mention the sword of the mighty Wallace in the list of the most iconic swords. William Wallace was a famous Scottish knight hailing from the Medieval Ages (13th century). He used his mighty sword to fight off the British during the Scottish Independence. Referring to the importance of this sword, Wallace's sword was put to effective use during two wars (Stirling and Falkirk) in 1297 and 1298 respectively). 

This mighty sword is iconic due to its massive size; historian and experts hold the viewpoint that the knight (Wallace) must have been at least 7-feet long in order to maneuver and kill with this sword effectively. Last but not least, Wallace's sword was double-edged which enabled the knight to kill as many soldiers/ knights and horsemen as possible. Rumors have that the strength of this sword was such that Wallace could slice through knights and horsemen alike with a single slash of his mighty sword.