6.7 Inches PP Material Practice Training Karambit Knife

6.7 Inch Overall Practice Black Karambit knife with round tip. Made up of Polypropylene Material. This knife is made up of polypropylene.
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Get the best training knife in your arsenal. Practice your tricks safey with this PP Material Practice Training Karambit Knife. Love karambit and are afraid of using it? Learn how to use it perfectly with this training or practice knife that will make you a great user of this knife without causing any discomfort. It is made in Taiwan and designed specifically for practice purposes. 

This PP Material Practice Training Karambit Knife is great for martial artists who want to practice fighting and defensive techniques with a karambit knife. It can save them from injuries they might encounter when using the real one. It has a curved handle as well as an ergonomic grip. There is a small ring on the knife too. 

This is a great replica PP Material Practice Training Karambit Knife. The blade is made of blalck polypropylene and has a round tip. The material is free of lead and phthalate. Made in Taiwan, it promises durability. The overall length of this practice knife is 6.7 inches. 


  • 6.7" overall
  • Black polypropylene blade with round tip
  • Curved handle with finger ring
  • Lead and phthalate free material
  • Made in taiwan

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