Cosplay is a hobby where people dress up as characters from Japanese animation films, comic books, and video games. The word 'cosplay' was first coined in 1984 and is a combination of the words 'costume' and 'play'. In cosplaying, participants often spend hours making their costumes or props. Cosplayers then take their final product to conventions where they have their photo taken by other photographers who specialize in cosplay photography. 

You can find these photographers on any social media site such as Tumblr. Aside from that, cosplayers also meet one another at events to trade tips and tricks for different sews. There are many types of conventions including manga conventions, anime conventions, video game conventions, and comic book conventions. Each convention is more specialized on who the attendees are and what the cosplayers would be wearing.

In 2010 there was only one group at a particular convention called AnimeNEXT in Columbus, Ohio (USA). In 2015 there were over 10500 people from around the world that went to the convention. One of the biggest challenges for cosplayers in today's society is breaking down barriers between them and people they meet. People often doubt those who choose to dress up as their favorite character because it may ruin their image or how they feel about themselves.

The Best Cosplay Weapons

They say that the clothes make the person. This is true when it comes to cosplay, in which the level of detail a costume has and what weapons a cosplayer deems appropriate for their character speaks volumes about them as an individual. 

Cosplayers will often delegate a special significance to their weapon, including passing on it through generations of relatives or making them from scratch themselves. In honor of all the hard work and heart that goes into the crafting of these weapons, here is a list of seven famous cosplay weapons.

1. Cosplay Masks

These masks are one of the most recognizable aspects of cosplay. Whether they be Halloween masks or military/police-themed ones, cosplayers can be seen wearing them at conventions, trade shows, and local events. They serve as a kind of "cosplay mask" for their character that they wear around town in place of their own face.

2. Cosplay Guns

Sometimes cosplayers get pretty creative with their weapons. Their offerings vary from a simple and easy-to-use airsoft gun to full-scale replica guns or other props that look like they could kill you. Some of these have even been used in life-or-death situations. The lengths these cosplayers will go to are enough to impress even the avid gun enthusiast.

3. Cosplay Swords

A great many people know what it is like to use a sword on the battlefield, but not everyone can appreciate its beauty. With that in mind, it is no surprise that cosplayers consider real swords an excellent choice for their characters' weapons of choice. There are many different kinds of cosplay swords by cosplayers, including those that imitate the famous katanas from Japanese anime.

4. Cosplay Shields

Medieval Shields have been used as weapons in folk tales and legends for centuries. Unfortunately, this choice is not always appropriate for everyday life. Cosplayers who choose to create a shield for their costumes instead of using an airsoft gun or other weapon will often follow suit with the trope associated with shields: they are usually large and heavy, and can be used defensively as well as offensively against your enemies.

5. Cosplay Daggers

Just like shields, different types of daggers have been used throughout history for both hunting and armed combat. Cosplayers love them because they can make up just about any type of dagger imaginable, from the standard single-edged dagger to ones with two edges (harboring a blade on each side).

6. Cosplay Bow & Arrow

Once a weapon of war, the bow and arrow is now most often used as sport. Crossbows and arrows can be seen in many games and shows, including "The Hobbit," "Lord of the Rings" and "Sonic the Hedgehog." However, cosplayers often make their own versions that can be used for combat (albeit in a harmless way). There are even bows with special features attached such as scopes or laser sights.

7. Cosplay Staff

In anime, staffs are not just used by mages; they are also wielded by priests and ninja alike. The staff's iconic shape and unique design make them a very popular choice for cosplayers, although some people may opt for different weapons entirely.

Why Get Involved in Cosplay?

The world of cosplay is one of imagination and creativity, big smiles and even bigger laughs. It's a magical place where you can create your own costume and become the character you've always dreamed of being. Taking on the persona of another being for a few hours can be an exhilarating experience that brings with it many benefits beyond fun. Cosplay weapons are a big part in getting into character!

  • It helps you get into character, creating an emotional attachment to your appearance and identity.
  • It makes you feel at home, since the best weapons are those that reflect your lifestyle and personality.
  • It makes you feel more powerful. The most dangerous opponent is one who feels invincible, and a weapon is a strong symbol of power.
  • It helps you put others at unease because people will fear what they don't understand or know about. You can use this to your advantage when playing the villain or a person that inspires fear in others.
  • You can stand out from the crowd and attract attention. It's like wearing an attention-getting accessory.
  • You can find meaning and purpose. Just like a real weapon, a cosplay weapon can give you the motivational push you need to face your biggest challenges.
  • It confers a sense of belonging. This is especially true for characters that possess physical weapons such as swords or magic wands.

For cosplayers looking to add more realism to their costumes, there is nothing better than owning your own authentic-looking replica of the legendary weapons and arms from your favorite game or anime series. There are very many benefits associated with using cosplay weapons, wherever you choose to purchase them.

Get Your Next Cosplay Costume!

Cosplay is an interesting hobby where people dress up as their favorite character and entertain the masses. One of the more popular cosplaying events is Comic-Con, which has been compared to a pop culture experience that would rival a music festival or sporting event. However, these days most of us can’t afford to go all out on our costumes and use real weapons or props in order to make a memorable appearance. 

So, if you want to join the cosplay craze but don’t want to shell out the extra cash, there’s a number of alternatives that are not only affordable but pretty easy to make. There are a number of ways to get into costumes that don’t include buying expensive costumes and weapons, but bear the following in mind: Costumes are usually made from a number of layers. 

If you want your costume to be complete, you may be forced to buy the whole costume. However, depending on the type of cosplay you want to do you can use some or all of these props: homemade license plates / lights / glasses / etc., store bought items and simple DIY projects. Store bought items will not only save space but give this cosplay more realistic appearance. 

If you decide to make your own prop or costume you will need to buy paint & supplies. So, before you start thinking of making costumes and props it is better to estimate how much time and money you will need for the whole project. If you want to do a quick and simple cosplay, you can use store-bought items, such as: hockey mask, plastic snack bowls, an empty bag with a hole cut out or any other object that can be used as a weapon. 

In fact these simple measures will make your cosplay more realistic. Not everyone can be proficient in making props or costumes from scratch so by using store bought items you can save a lot of time and money. Moreover, there are also some simple DIY projects that can be considered as cosplay weapons because they are very easy to make and affordable.