Secrets About Highlander Sword

Connor Macleod and the Highlander provided the basis for four more Highland films, two books and a television series by the same name after the debut of the first Highland film in 1986.  So Scottish highlander swords play a major role in the Highlander TV show, as shown by the raves people have about Connor Macleod's and Duncan Macleod's swords. 

As a result of this popularity, the Highlander film franchise has been resurrected, with Highlander movies receiving universal acclaim from reviewers, but greatly delighting the dedicated fans of the highlands. Are you looking to add this fantastic sword in your arsenal? Well, there are some real swords for sale that you can find in the market. However, to get your hands on the right one, know some secrets about the highlander swords that have never been revealed before. So, here we are revealing those secrets! 

Highlander Swords- An Overview

Highlander swords are a type of sword created for the Highlander movie. They were also very popular in other movies such as Gladiator and Princess Bride. The blades are triangular, with the point of the blade on one side and sharp edges on the other two. This makes them ideal for fighting multiple opponents who may have their own weapons or use swords in a similar way to those made by Durandal.

The blades are typically about three feet long and 1 inch thick at its widest point, though some can be a bit longer or shorter than this depending on how they were portrayed in movies. The hilts usually have no cross-guard, though sometimes they could also be adorned with Scottish thistles.

Highlander sword

An Introduction to the Lead Character of the Highlander Movie

The main character in the Highlander movie, Connor MacLeod, wields such a sword as part of his signature outfit and this is also one of the main reasons why Highlander swords have become so popular. You may also find popular video games on this character. This is a superhero character, and many animated movies have been made on this character. So, you can find some anime swords associated with Connor MacLeod. No matter the real or anime, this sword is one of the badass ones for sure! 

Considerations Before Buying a Highlander Sword

One thing to note about buying these swords is that their three-sided design does not give much room for error when it comes to making an attack or defense. You need to be very sure of your opponent's location before you make your attack and this can be quite a challenge when you are fighting multiple opponents.

You also need to ensure that your sword's points are properly protected as the points can get easily broken if you let something hit it directly. Being careful with them will help ensure that you make the most out of your sword of the highlander.

Highlander Swords: Types and Unique Features

1. Connor Macleod Long Sword

There are a lot of replicas of highlander swords, but none matches this one for its perfection. In the first of the three original Highlander films, Connor Macleod owned two swords, including the longsword.

With a size of 44 and quarter inches, this claymore sword can be held in both hands. The blade of this 32.25" long Scottish highland sword is shaped like those used in the 16th century. There are over nine inches of polished crossguard that is more than 10 inches long, and the zinc aluminum handle is 10 inches long.

Scottish swords were often adorned with wing-shaped guards and intricate swirls, evoking the rugged wilderness of Scottish highlanders. This pommel features a bulb-like shape and silver polish worthy of Connor Macleod himself.

Cosplaying the characters from the adventure series is easy with this sword. If you want to keep the blade as a collectible, you can have it professionally sharpened. This gorgeous sword is one of the best cosplay swords, so go as Connor Macleod and use it as such. 

2. Full Tang Highlander Sword

There is a 27.5" long blade made of 1045 High Carbon Steel, and the hand painted dragon handle is made from polyresin and has two pegs. The highlander sword is made of full tang carbon steel at a low price point. With its intricate carvings, the metal crossguard of this sword has a circular golden plated finish.

This sword replica's handle is ivory with blue and red colored patterns splattered on the base until the distinctive pommel is reached. The original sword was given to Ramirez by Masamune with an ivory handle.

This cool sword would be a valuable addition to your collection. Designed to take you back into the Macleod clan's world, this replica is well crafted and incredibly realistic. 

Highlander sword

3. Two Handed Highlander

A replica of the sword Connor Macleod held a moment ago in the first two Highlander films, this 49" sword can be displayed in the most prestigious sword collections. In addition to being historically accurate and aesthetically an exact replica of the Connor Macleod sword, the sword has a 37.5" steel blade fashioned with its famous Scottish claymore design.

A cast metal handle with a leather grip measures 10.5 inches long. Featuring retractable blade spikes that open and close manually, the crossguard measures 10.5" long. The pommel is silver polished. Presented with a wooden wall plaque, this replica of a highlander sword highlights the extravagance of the sword.

Generally, you can find long swords whenever you search for the sword of the Highlander. However, you can also go for a short sword which is a beauty as well. It is a sword shorter in length and size. However, there is some crazy history behind these cool swords. 

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Secrets About the Highlander Sword

If you're interested in swords, know that there are a few different types. One of the most interesting types of sword is the highlander sword. Here's a quick breakdown on what makes this sword different from any other type in the world, and why they're so expensive!

  • Invisible Blades

Ever wonder how your favorite superhero can have an invisible blade despite being so close to people? Well, even if it doesn't have magical properties, this type of sword does have an invisible blade when it's not being used.

  • Unbreakable

This sword's blade isn't actually made from metal, instead it's made from a special kind of crystal. A diamond (unlike the one found in your average diamond ring) is more than three times harder than steel and more resistant to heat and shock.

Real Swords

  • A Family Heirloom

This sword has been passed down for generations, usually to the eldest male of the family. Most families who have a highlander sword never sell it because the sentimental value is far too great.

  • It's Not Just The Sword That's Special

This sword isn't like any other kind of sword you might have seen in medieval times because it has special properties that come from the crystal itself.

  • No Two are Alike

These swords aren't mass produced, each one is unique and hand crafted by a master craftsman. The materials used to make each blade are completely identical, and no two blades are ever alike.

  • They're Very Unique 

If you look closely at the blade, you can find tiny hints of red, blue and green colors shining through. That's because they're made from a special kind of crystal that contains impurities to give the sword its own individual color. The colors can be different depending on what type of impurities are in the crystal during production.

  • It's Not Something that Goes Out of Fashion

Highlanders have been around for hundreds of years, and they don't show any signs of going out of style any time soon. These are something that will stay trendy for years to come and are usually passed down through generations.

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Get a Highlander Sword in Your Collection! 

If you are looking to get one then they can be obtained from vendors who specialize in selling movie replica props. You can also get them from online stores that sell replica props. If you want to purchase them from a physical store then you will probably want to know where to find highlander swords for sale in your area.