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Posted by Ruby on 2/8/2018 to News
The Walking Dead - a really fun show to watch if you want to imagine what you do living in the Zombie Apocalypse! The episodes showcase a bunch of different characters and how they all adapt to the ongoing changes they experience while trying to survive this new world.  Here’s a list of what some of the characters use to defend themselves from not only brain eating zombies but blood thirsty humans as well!

Rick - can’t go wrong with Rick’s revolver - classic! He’s had it since the beginning of the apocalypse and it has served him well thus far.

Michonne - Michonne kicks butt constantly with her katana wielding skills. A katana is not an easy weapon of choice, but she rocks it effortlessly against both zombies and humans! Not to mention how intimidating it looks strapped on her back at all times!

Carol - Carol’s got great skill using knives! But to be fair, she can be deadly with any weapon that comes her way.

Daryl  - Daryl’s crossbow is one of the iconic weapons used in The Walking Dead. He’s got a great shot and never seems to run out of arrows LOL His hunting skills really came to use in the apocalypse and his crossbow remains one of the top featured TWD weapons.

Negan - this guy turned the whole series around with what would be considered a low key weapon, but one that carries a lot of power - Lucille! Lucille is just a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, but has seen many smashed skulls and zombie guts in it’s day.

Some weapons that were also featured in the show and would be great to keep during a zombie apocalypse are Machetes, Axes, Katanas and wooden ones for practice, and  a ton of Zombie Gear. Check out the Crossbows to practice your aim at home! For the truest TWD fans, check out Michonne's Katana!

What do you guys think of TWD? What's your favorite weapon and what would you would keep with you if a zombie apocalypse does arise!?

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