Grab The Best Airsoft Guns in Your Arsenal

For those looking for affordable competitive sports, training, and recreational shooting options, airsoft guns have become a popular choice for enthusiasts, companies, and organizations....
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Airsoft Guns Explained to Beginners

A key point to note is that airsoft guns are not the same as live ammunition, since there are no BBs being shot off (although some models do come with a "reloadable" magazine)....
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The Ultimate Guide to Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are essentially a replica of real firearms. They are small plastic or metal guns that shoot 6mm, .20g, or .26g airsoft BBs and can be powered by an external energy source....
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What are Airsoft Guns Made Out of?

What are Airsoft Guns Made Out Of?

Ever since the introduction of modern airsoft guns in 1979, they have become a popular pastime for people of all ages and pursuits. You may be wondering why these replica guns....
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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Airsoft Glock

Beginner's Guide to Airsoft Glock

Airsoft Glock is a type of air rifle that uses pellets and a spring-powered mechanism to give it the appearance of a handgun. It is designed for sports play and recreation, not for any....
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Everything You Need to Know About Airsoft Uzi Guns

Everything to Know About Airsoft Uzi Guns

Airsoft is a competitive sport that originated in Japan in the 1970s. It is a shooting sport similar to paintball, but with several key differences. Airsoft guns are typically replica firearms....
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The Gas Powered Gun is the Best Airsoft Gun

Gas Powered Gun is the Best Airsoft Gun

The Airsoft game is a hugely popular choice for those who want to play a game that allows them to get more physical and exercise. However, this concept has been around for decades....
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Important Facts to Know About Airsoft Rifles

Important facts about airsoft rifles

An airsoft gun is a type of non-lethal weapon, often used in military simulations and training. These guns use compressed air or a spring mechanism to launch foam balls at the target....
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Electric Airsoft Guns: The Battery-Powered Guns

Electric airsoft guns the battery powered guns

Airsoft guns are a type of toy gun that use compressed air (or other gasses) to fire plastic pellets. They are typically constructed of plastic and metal parts. These guns have been built....
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9 Reasons Why Airsoft Guns Are Common in the USA

Americans always strive to find ways to amuse themselves. Sports, hunting, and cosplay are among the activities that they love engaging into....
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What Is A Movie Prop Gun And How Does It Work?

movie prop gun

Have you ever wondered what the movie prop guns (blank guns) are? What are they made up of? And do they even fire like real guns?.....
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Kids Playing with Airsoft Guns - Things You Need to Know as a Parent

Kids Playing with Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns have been dominating the entire world. A few years ago, these replica guns were only popular in the US and Europe....
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