Automatic Push Button Folding Beard Comb Switchblade Knife White Acrylic Handle

Comb with 9 inch open length and 4 inch steel comb. Includes pocket clip.
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This is an automatic push button knife and a best everyday carry tool. It is a knife, blade and a comb, and hence it serves several purposes. This knife is the best tool you would carry in your pocket on a routine basis. It is beautifully designed, making it a masterpiece for the users. 

This push button knife is an automatic pocket knife. There is a push button to quickly deploy the blade. You just need to press that button to open the blade and then fold it manually. There is a comb to comb your hair as well. 

This push button folding knife is the best tool to have in your collection. The length of the knife is 9 inches with a deployed blade. There is a steel comb of 4 inches. Also, there is a nice handle, and a pocket clip is included in the knife. All in all, it is a fantastic too. 

Comb features:
  • 9 inch overall open length
  • 4 inch 3cr13 steel comb
  • 5 inch acrylic handle with polished bolster
  • Includes pocket clip

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