Brass Knuckles A Self Defense Weapon

Posted by Ruby on 2/27/2018 to Self Defense
Knuckles, Knucks, Brass knucks, Knuckle Dusters, Knuckle Busters, Classic English punch. Whatever the hell you want to call them - they're awesome.

are a Self Defense Weapon that are made of four fingered metal rings welded together and molded to fit around your knuckles. And they literally pack a heavy punch.

They've been used for centuries and have ancient roots in weaponry and defense. From Sikh warriors in the 18th century to the American Civil War, different variations have been used throughout time and worldwide. Knuckles were incorporated in Apache revolvers - a knuckles, pistol, dagger hybrid used by mostly criminals in France, and they were also used in both World Wars by the British and American armies. Some US soldiers altered the Apache revolver later on to include a double blade and knuckles, minus the pistol.

How to use:

1. As with everything, learn your technique! Knuckles can break bones and damage soft tissues significantly. However they won't be any use to you if you can't use them properly. You can also hurt trying to defend yourself if you're not prepared.

2. First practice punching and throwing swings without the knuckles in hand. If you want to land an effective punch, learn the basics and practice yourself.  It's recommended that punches thrown should be more curved while maintaining a straight wrist to minimize and damage to your own body from the knuckles.

3. Wear your knuckles. It's recommended to practice on a punching bag wearing your knucks to get a good feel for them. To wear, simply place your fingers into the holes and press your thumb close to the forefinger. When punching, try focusing your strength on the two knuckles that are closest to your thumb as those bones are the stronger ones in your hand.

4. Be responsible! Remember this weapon can be very dangerous and only use when absolutely necessary for self defense! Keep yourself secure and safe, and be smart when using and carrying any self defense item!

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