Cosplay Masks -Be The Envy Of Comic Con
Alien Vs Predator Hunter Movie Cosplay Mask With LED Lights

Cosplay Masks -Be The Envy Of Comic Con

5F1-HM022 - This AVP Mask comes with a Velcro strap to fit almost any head. Theirs also a wall hanging mechanism which you can proudly display anywhere in your home.

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- 15 inches overall length

- Detailed wall display

- Construction was made with resin
Cosplay masks are the apple in the cosplay worlds eye, you can't be the best cosplay enthusiast without owning and making use of this piece of perfection, many have at one point or the seeked to attain perfection but very few actually do. We are lucky to be alive during the period of time where this mask is being used, many won't get the opportunity to enjoy this beauty, so make the most of it while you still can
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