5 Anime Swords in My Arsenal That I Love the Most

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/24/2019 to Cosplay Weapons 0 Comments

I’m a huge fan of anime characters, are you? I guess many of you love these characters because they are too entertaining and at times, very inspiring. They are often portrayed as superheroes that belong to an imaginary world. I absolutely love them. You would be surprised to know that I have watched more animated movies than other movies in my life....

The Legendary Story of Ancient Trojan Helmet

Posted by Knives Deal on 9/27/2018 to Cosplay Weapons 0 Comments

A Trojan helmet has its roots and origins from the famous city of Troy. The word “Trojan” actually became famous from the renowned Trojan war between the people of Troy and the Greeks in late Bronze Age and took place in the city of Anatolia....

Foam Cosplay Weapons

Posted by Ruby on 2/5/2018 to Cosplay Weapons 0 Comments
Foam Cosplay Weapons. Let's admit it - there's a lot of fun to be had with foam! Foam swords, shields, axes, nunchucks! Masks, hammers and more!

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