How Hidden Blade is The Best Defensive Weapon?

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hidden blades

The term defensive weapon mostly gives an idea of guns, knives, or swords. As time has passed, different unique weapons have been made for your defense and security....

The Ultimate Cool Knives For Gifts In A Beautiful Package

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Ultimate Cool Knives For Gifts

Giving someone a present related to their interests and use will make them feel good. It has been always surprising for people to receive a gift that is useful in their daily lives....

How Can You Use A Push Dagger as Self Defense?

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push dagger

If you are looking forward to buying a push dagger for self defense, you should first learn how to use it. The need for self defense weapons is growing at a rapid pace and.....

Everything You Need To Know About Butterfly Knives

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butterfly Knives

If you are here today, it is obvious that you are thinking about buying a butterfly knife. But, before you do that, you want some guidance about this knife and how it can be used.....

Don’t Miss Out On the Popular Types of Daggers

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The dagger was a weapon that is commonly used during medieval times. It is a short knife with a pointed blade. It is generally used for piercing, thrusting, or stabbing.....

The Best Pocket Knife of 2020

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pocket knife

The knife is among the most antique tools in mankind's development. Whether used to hunt, fight, make or create shelter, knives have always been chief and essential throughout human history......

Exploring the Common and Technical Types of Blades Available

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Knives are classified into several distinct types and categories. In a similar way, their blades are also available in a number of distinct types. These types are either based on their shape or size....

The Reliable USA Made Knives for Your Ease

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usa made knives

There are so many things you need to observe before buying a knife for yourself. This way, if you don’t completely overview your selected knife, you might miss many of its features. So, try to be alert when selecting your ideal knife......

Great Badass Knives Every Knife Fanatic Should Own

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Nowadays, the online market is your absolute destination for the highest quality and largest selection of badass knives at the lowest prices possible. From pocket knives and survival knives to bayonets and Bowie knives.....

The Best Bone Handle Knife of All Time

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best bone handle knife

A classy knife embellished with a bone handle looks as good as a vintage centerpiece resting in your lounge. The pleasing effect of such an awesome creation intensely satisfies your anesthetic thirst....

How to Close a Pocket Knife?

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pocket knife

People might ask you how you close your pocket knife. Well, the answer to this question depends on the type of knife you have......

How to Use A Butterfly Knife?

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butterfly knife

A butterfly knife, also known as a balisong, is a multipurpose tool just like a fixed blade, or a pocket knife functioning with a spring mechanism......

The Best Everyday Carry Knife

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An everyday carry knife is among the most used tools the world over. In view of its multiple uses, this knife enjoys a distinctive reputation......

Enlist the Quality Butterfly Knives for 2020

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butterfly knives

If you roam around a weapon market, you will find a huge variety of folding pocket knives everywhere. However, not all of them are as popular as butterfly knives......

Analyzing Every Knife as a Survival Knife

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When it comes to survival, we are taking many things under consideration. It’s not just about survival against the attackers, it’s also about surviving during emergency situations, such as accidents, harsh conditions....

The Essential Guide to the Best Balisong Trainers

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If you are looking for the best balisong trainers in order to learn the flipping of these amazing Balisongs, then you are here at the right page. Anyone can go and get the best balisong trainers; however, if they do it rashly, they might even cause unnecessary injuries....

What is the Use of a Karambit Knife?

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It is safe to state that a karambit knife is a multi-functioning tool; the typical karambit knife comprises a hooked or curved blade; a safety ring; and, a comfortable handle for a smooth and sturdy grip.

The Essential Guide of the Neck Knife

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neck knife

Before we analyze whether one should or shouldn't have a neck knife, let's start with the very basics: what is actually a neck knife? Well, for those who don't know; a neck knife is small- or medium-sized blade attached to a blade-handle that a person can wear around his/her neck with the help of a string or chain....

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