How to Forge Damascus Steel?

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/16/2019 to News 0 Comments

Damascus steel is a very mysterious and interesting type of steel. The patterns etched on it makes one fall into their depth trying to solve their unsolved mystery. This steel was actually imported from Sri Lanka and India and was smithed in the East from Wootz steel....

What are the Different Types of Pocket Knives Available in the Online Market

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A pocket knife is a man's primary utility tool; pocket knives have been around us for a long time. There is a huge variety of pocket knives available in the markets and online stores. And there is a greater majority of people around the globe who use the different types of pocket knives for a number of tasks and purposes....

A Detailed Comparison of Spring Assisted Knives with Automatic Knives

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As a knife enthusiast, I tend to collect knives of all types. I have more than hundred different types of knives in my arsenal. The most I have are the spring assisted knives, that many of you may know as assisted opening knives. However, there are many more in my collection, including the automatic knives....

High Quality Crossbows To Buy On Low Budget

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Are you on a hunt to find cheap crossbows? Well, the good news is you will find the best crossbows within your budget before you finish reading this article. If you think crossbows are beyond your budget, you are wrong. We have come up with some quality crossbows that you can purchase without breaking the bank....

Zombie Survival Gear PART 1

Posted by Ruby on 2/12/2018 to News 0 Comments
Okay, so we talked about The Walking Dead and what folks on tv would do during a zombie apocalypse. Today I'm going to list some gear..

AMC The Walking Dead Show Weapons

Posted by Ruby on 2/8/2018 to News 0 Comments
AMC The Walking Dead Show Weapons. Sword, Machetes, Axes, Katanas, Crossbow. A really fun show to watch if you want to imagine what you do living in the Zombie

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