Polished Pointed Gold Kubaton Self Defense Keychain

The golden pointed Kubaton is effective, convenient, stylish, and easy-to-use. But most importantly it's affordable and won't break the bank like other self-defense products. Buying a Kubaton is an investment in your personal safety that is worth a lifetime of peace of mind.
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Grip the pointed Kubaton around its smooth finger grooves to feel the power of this effective self defense tool. While not in use, the pointed Kubaton looks like any other fashion accessory with its vibrant colors and compact size. But if you are ever in a dangerous situation, simply retrieve the pointed Kubaton from your keychain or bag loop, and use it to fight off an attacker.

The pointed Kubaton is molded from steel making it lightweight for everyday carry and durable to withstand your regular wear and tear. It's equipped with a sharp pointed tip making it excellent at deterring an aggressor or collecting DNA.

The Kubaton is an easy weapon for anyone to use. If you've ever held a knife, a baton, or even a stick, you are already familiar with how to hold it. Using it to fight off an attacker is no different. Simply aim for vulnerable fleshy areas of the body - like the eyes, face, and throat - and use your natural protective moves to defend yourself.

  • Sharp pointed tip can inflict damage and collect the DNA of a predator
  • Compact frame and lightweight body allows for easy everyday carry
  • Tough steel metal to withstand your everyday
  • Perfect for college students, young adults, professionals, and mothers
  • Pointed Kubaton Keychain Width: 1 Inches
  • Pointed Kubaton Keychain Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Pointed Kubaton Keychain Weight: 13 grams
How To Use

Attach the pointed Kubaton self defense keychain to your house keys or bag loop. Retrieve the pointed Kubaton and grip around the indented finger grooves if in an emergency. Use the pointed Kubaton to deter and fight off an aggressor.

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