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Blue Japanese Tachi Ceremonial Katana Samurai Sword Hand Forged Sharp Blade. Hardened Samurai Sword Functional. Overall Length With Scabbard: 40.75"
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Japanese Tachi Ceremonial Katana Hardened Samurai Sword Functional. Overall Length With Scabbard: 40.75" Featuring a through hardened 1045 carbon steel blade that is through hardened with an aesthetic hamon.
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A black sword w/faded burgundy markings. 440 stainless steel blade. Has a wooden sacbbard-overall approx 40?
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Real Deluxe Samurai Katana Sword. 41" overall in length with 28" blade. Full tang Katana for extreme strength and durability. 440 Stainless steel blade.
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Hattori Hanzo Shirasaya Samurai Sword. 38 " overall, 26 1/2" blade, and 9 1/2" handle.
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Real Deluxe Full Tang Bloody Zombie Samurai Katana Sword. 38.5 Overall in length
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Deluxe Edition The Walking Dead Michonne Sword Katana With Wall Mount and Poster. Officially licensed replica of Michonne's katana sword from "The Walking Dead" 1045 high carbon steel blade. 40-1/2-inch overall length.
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Hachisuka Kotetsu Replica Game Sword. 40.75 Overall in length.
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Anime Fantasy Samurai Sword Blue Warrior Katana Holy Spiritus.
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Touken Ranbu Sword Tsurumaru Kuninaga Tachi Real Steel Blade Game Replica
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Touken Ranbu Online The Sword Dance Kogitsunemaru Games Sword
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Real Samurai Swords - The Sword of the Protector in the Palm of Your Hand

Our Samurai swords for sale are for a very specific lover of sword and culture: The Bushi of Japan - the feared and storied military nobility. The protectors of the noble, the military geniuses, the warriors and the vigilantes - THE SAMURAI. With their distinct dresses, code of honor and tactical combat skills, the Samurai drew the inspiration throughout multiple generations, not just in their native Japan but across the world. For one to obtain a higher learning on what it means to be a Samurai, one can only achieve maximum knowledge by putting one’s self into the Samurai’s body. That means a knowledge of the clothes, a knowledge of the code and oh yes, a knowledge of the swords.

Best Samurai Swords

You always get to hear about the Samurais when a discussion of the best swords, high quality blades, nobility or an outstanding swordplay is going on. These people belonging to ancient Japan still live in the hearts of people because of their unmatched bravery, courage and impressive weapons especially the swords. A Samurai sword was considered to be the heart and soul of the Samurai warrior. It was made with the finest materials and its make was an intense process. Why? Because The Samurais only strived for the best and their swords exhibited that quality of theirs. Although they had excellent fighting skills yet the strength of their sword was their best power.

If you are in need of the real Samurai swords then you have directed yourself to the appropriate page. We at Knives Deal provide you a fine collection of the legendary Samurai swords. Our swords exhibit the true essence of the Samurai swords. We have a bountiful selection of samurai swords for sale for you to choose from. If you are looking for a katana, a full tang, a real steel blade or all of the above; we have all of these best samurai swords for sale. Grab one today and ready yourself for your progression into the next vigilant Samurai.

Samurai Swords for Sale - Fast Action Swords with Fast Shipping

Interested in obtaining one of our samurai swords for sale? Wise choice! We import and ship our products directly. In fact, our shipping is the fastest as we deliver in one business day only. It’s time to become the Samurai that you have grown up idolizing and delving your interest towards. Check out these incredible Samurai swords and be a Samurai yourself!

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