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Posted by Ruby on 2/20/2018 to Self Defense
Hidden Concealed Knives

A concealed knife is a knife that doesn't look like a knife - until you uncover it and reveal the weapon that is being carried within. The knife itself can be concealed inside of different objects that would normally go unnoticed - say a Comb or a Lipstick. If ever under attack, stabbing at a close range can be more damaging than scrambling for a larger weapon last minute.

Tactical Pen Knives

Tactical Pens, also known as pen knives, go alongside the same concept as tactical knives, with a knife hidden inside of a pen. Pen knives are good to keep in your pocket for writing and opening letters, and they come in use if facing an attacker. They are the right size to conceal inside your hand and defend yourself if the need be.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is the main self defense weapon that usually comes to mind when it comes to women's self defense. They're small, easy to use, inexpensive, and long lasting. The shelf life is about three to five years and the chemical only gets stronger with age. Fires up to 12 feet and comes in a small leather case to clip to your keys or pocket. Some came with Laser Sight Pointers for greater accuracy. Also, really cute Bejeweled Pepper Spray Cases are available.

This is the ultimate gift for the women in your life who prefer small self defense items. It's a Lipstick Stun Gun + Pepper Spray Gift Set. It comes packed with a strong punch and is ideal to gift year round. The company Guard Dog offers a lifetime guarantee and a great Protected 4 Life Program - meaning in the event of usage, you will receive a free pepper spray.

For the runners and those with more active lifestyles, or really anyone wanting quick protection, this is really nice: Pepper Spray with Active Wear Hand Sleeve. Newer to the market, it features a light weight non abrasive sleeve that glides right into your hand. The active wear material stretches comfortably to fit any size hand, and the spray positioned inside and ready to go.

What do you think of these products? Stay tuned for more on small self defense items. 

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