The 9 oz. Black Leather Billy Club for Self Defense - A Review

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Billy Club, also known as a slapper, is actually a weapon used by the law enforcement that worked pretty well for them. Though it was not the only weapon they used. We have seen police officers using batons and pepper sprays for crow control as well. However, billy club was a pretty effective weapon that assisted the officers during such instances. Today, it has been used by the general public for defense against the attackers....

8 Best Self-defense Knives That Dominate the Market in 2019

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While exploring the current market, we are amazed to see such an enormous variety of knives, specifically, the self defense knives. Every now and then, we have to get to the market, either physically or explore the online market to buy some knives. At times, we find ourselves searching for best utility knives. But, in 2019, the scenario has been different....

Stun Gun - The Most Implicit Weapon of 21st Century

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With the enhancement in the number of random attacks on people, more and more weapons have been established for self defense to make sure people survive these attacks. Since numerous self defense weapons have been developed, one thing is for sure; you can’t do anything to lessen these number of attacks....

Brass Knuckles - A Weapon, Accessory and Much More!

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History suggests that men are quite keen to ease their tasks by creating something that can be used for multiple tasks. One such example is a knife which was first used just as a utility tool, but later transformed into a fighting weapon. But, nowadays, there are a few versions of knives that serve as self defense weapons....

Analyzing Every Knife as a Survival Knife

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When it comes to survival, we are taking many things under consideration. It’s not just about survival against the attackers, it’s also about surviving during emergency situations, such as accidents, harsh conditions, and saving your life against the wild animals....

The 7 Most Fascinating Top Hidden Blade Knives

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All video game and fantasy fanatics know about Assassin’s Creed. This game is liked by teenagers and is being played from years. From its release until now, millions of people have played it. It is a fighting combat game. This game’s main weapons, the weapons on which whole game is totally revolving around are hidden blades....

The Most Menacing Knuckles Duster for Everyone

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World has become a house of crime. The world, which we are residing in, is nothing less than a circus in which one has to save oneself and has to fight for his own self for his own well being. One can take measures from a diverse range of self defense gears to one’s own physical strength and power to knock somebody down, in terms of self defense....

Stun Gun - A Small, But Perfect Defender

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America is no more the safest part of the world. Almost every other day news breaks, disclosing a number of people victimized by the attackers. The attackers are finding it easy to approach and attack the people, especially in dark. What even more dangerous is the sudden increase in the number of violent crimes in the recent times....

5 Self Defense Weapons I Would Prefer Using in 2019

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Since I have been attacked twice by unknown attackers, I always leave my house equipped with some self defense weapons. I was never that keen to take any weapon with me before I was attacked. Since then, I have been encouraging my loved ones to not ignore the fact that random attacks are on a rise these days....

What are 6 of the Best Ninja Weapons of All Times?

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The Ninja stars are among the most famous and most widely used real ninja weapons of all times. Another name for the ninja star is the "Shuriken"; all Ninja-lovers must have heard about this one before....

How Effective is a Baton for Self Defense?

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If you search for self defense weapons, there are plenty of choices. There are stun guns, knives, pepper sprays and more. But, a better choice must be an impact weapon, like a self defense baton. You may not know this weapon, so, lets dig it deep....

The Must-Have Outdoor Gear to Engage in Some Breathtaking Outdoor Activities

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After a long, hectic week at work, it is necessary to get involved in an outdoor activity that releases some stress and rebuilds your determination and focus. Yes, you can travel to other places, see some natural wonders, go to zoo, theme park, get involved in skiing, camping, snowboarding or hiking with your friends, but how frequently can you travel?  Travelers know pretty well that they need a lot of spare time to travel to areas they want....

How to Perform Tricks with the Karambit Knife?

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There are a lot of martial arts still practiced and studied that involve the use of knives. Most of these arts include the karambit knives. However, learning different karambit knife tricks is certainly hazardous because of the sharp blade possessed by this knife....

The Latest and Highly Effective Stun Guns of 2019

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Stun gun or tasers; whatever you are looking for; these are simply one of the best and safest choices when it comes to carrying the perfect contingency plan for self defense. Stun guns are not only effective but require no ammunition as in case of real guns; additionally, many versions of stun gun have inbuilt flashlights and are rechargeable....

Top Ten Types of Lethal Ninja Weapons: Here is All You Need to Know

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Here is the list of 10 deadly and worldwide popular ninja weapons including the shuriken, the tanto, and the kunai. Get your favorite ninja weapons today! It is no lie that the majority of us have experienced a ninja phase along with a fascination of the different types of ninja weapons while growing up. I still believe that many of us still have a ninja warrior within them which simply waits to lash out accompanied by the different types of ninja weapons....

What are Nunchucks: Here is All You Need to Know

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A general understanding about the nunchucks is that these are "fighting sticks" which are perfectly used within certain kinds of martial arts; not to mention the fact that the nunchucks originated in the Japanese territory of Okinawa....

What are the Best Self Defense Weapons to Carry and Own?

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Carrying the best self defense weapons is as crucial as eating food and taking water; in other words, in order to live and stay safe, self defense weapons are a must have for all men in general, and women in particular....

5 Easy-to-carry Self-defense Weapons That are Ideal for Women

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Women have been victimized for a long time, but lately, we hear such instances on daily basis. Every time you log on to your social media account, you will see posts about women being assaulted. Is that women can’t defend themselves? Probably, most of the women rely on their men to save them...

The Essential Guide of the Neck Knife

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Before we analyze whether one should or shouldn't have a neck knife, let's start with the very basics: what is actually a neck knife? Well, for those who don't know; a neck knife is small- or medium-sized blade attached to a blade-handle that a person can wear around his/her neck with the help of a string or chain....

Realities of Training and Learning Tricks with Butterfly Knife Trainer

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A butterfly knife trainer is just another term for the famous balisong knife; in fact, the butterfly knife trainer is well-known as the stealthiest blades in terms of cool knives. Moreover, the butterfly knife trainer is also popular as one of the best-concealed knife blades....

How to use Nunchucks? 4 Most Useful Tips in Critical Situations

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Are you a huge fan of Bruce Lee and are inspired by him? Or are you just a martial arts lover who is obsessed with exceptional weapons and tools? Well, whoever you are, it doesn’t matter as you will enjoy playing with Nunchucks and having fun with them....

Some Amazing Butterfly Knife Tips

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Do you want to improve your flipping skills? But we all know that we cannot do that with a regular kitchen knife or even with a real butterfly knife. Why? Well, the answer is pretty simple and clear...

Legalities Around Brass Knuckles

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Are brass knuckles dangerous? And the most important of all - Are Brass Knuckles illegal? These questions need to be addressed and correct answers to them shall be acquired in order to protect oneself from unnecessary trouble....

Can A Stun Gun Flashlight Really Keep You Safe?

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Want to read some amazing and entertaining facts about the stun gun flashlight? Let's jump straight into it:

i)       Until and unless you are a witch or wizard and can transform into a cat-like Professor McGonagall or you have been bitten by a vampire and are able to transform into a bat at night.....

Top Hidden Blades Disguised as Everyday Objects

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A hidden blade, as we all know is something, that has a concealed blade which one can retract and extend when one desire. That’s the main concept behind a hidden blade. However, today hidden blades are considered very cool and also bring a new meaning to our objects of everyday use....

Why do you need a pocket knife?

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A pocket knife is a foldable knife with one or multiple blades. Typically, the length of its blade is from 5 to 15 centimeters. When I was 14, I was rummaging through the contents....

Top 10 Self Defense Weapons for 2018-19

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Top 10 Self Defense Weapons for 2018-19

The countless stories we hear and see in the newspaper and the news channels are about victimization, brutal attacks, mugging, burglary, and what not....

Brass Knuckles A Self Defense Weapon

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Knucks, Brass knucks, Knuckle Dusters, Knuckle Busters, Classic English punch. Whatever the hell you want to call them - they're awesome.

Best Expandable Batons for Self Defense

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Best Expandable Batons, Night Sticks for Self Defense, Choose from 16 Inch Baton, 21 Inch Baton, 21 Inch Baton, 32 inch Baton. They are non-lethal weapons, although if used hard enough can cause serious long lasting injury or even fatality.

Choosing Self Defense Products From Stungun, Baton, Pepper Spray

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Nowadays there are tons of options to choose from in every price range when considering what forms of self defense you may want to carry. From stun guns to batons to pepper spray, you’re sure to find something you feel most comfortable using in the time of need.

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