How Effective is a Baton for Self Defense?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/20/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

If you search for self defense weapons, there are plenty of choices. There are stun guns, knives, pepper sprays and more. But, a better choice must be an impact weapon, like a self defense baton. You may not know this weapon, so, lets dig it deep....

The Must-Have Outdoor Gear to Engage in Some Breathtaking Outdoor Activities

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/13/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

After a long, hectic week at work, it is necessary to get involved in an outdoor activity that releases some stress and rebuilds your determination and focus. Yes, you can travel to other places, see some natural wonders, go to zoo, theme park, get involved in skiing, camping, snowboarding or hiking with your friends, but how frequently can you travel?  Travelers know pretty well that they need a lot of spare time to travel to areas they want....

How to Perform Tricks with the Karambit Knife?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/12/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

There are a lot of martial arts still practiced and studied that involve the use of knives. Most of these arts include the karambit knives. However, learning different karambit knife tricks is certainly hazardous because of the sharp blade possessed by this knife....

The Latest and Highly Effective Stun Guns of 2019

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/5/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Stun gun or tasers; whatever you are looking for; these are simply one of the best and safest choices when it comes to carrying the perfect contingency plan for self defense. Stun guns are not only effective but require no ammunition as in case of real guns; additionally, many versions of stun gun have inbuilt flashlights and are rechargeable....

Top Ten Types of Lethal Ninja Weapons: Here is All You Need to Know

Posted by Knives Deal on 2/25/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Here is the list of 10 deadly and worldwide popular ninja weapons including the shuriken, the tanto, and the kunai. Get your favorite ninja weapons today! It is no lie that the majority of us have experienced a ninja phase along with a fascination of the different types of ninja weapons while growing up. I still believe that many of us still have a ninja warrior within them which simply waits to lash out accompanied by the different types of ninja weapons....

The Essential Guide of the Neck Knife

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/24/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Before we analyze whether one should or shouldn't have a neck knife, let's start with the very basics: what is actually a neck knife? Well, for those who don't know; a neck knife is small- or medium-sized blade attached to a blade-handle that a person can wear around his/her neck with the help of a string or chain....

Legalities Around Brass Knuckles

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/16/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Are brass knuckles dangerous? And the most important of all - Are Brass Knuckles illegal? These questions need to be addressed and correct answers to them shall be acquired in order to protect oneself from unnecessary trouble....

Can A Stun Gun Flashlight Really Keep You Safe?

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/8/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Want to read some amazing and entertaining facts about the stun gun flashlight? Let's jump straight into it:

i)       Until and unless you are a witch or wizard and can transform into a cat-like Professor McGonagall or you have been bitten by a vampire and are able to transform into a bat at night.....

Top Hidden Blades Disguised as Everyday Objects

Posted by Knives Deal on 9/26/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments

A hidden blade, as we all know is something, that has a concealed blade which one can retract and extend when one desire. That’s the main concept behind a hidden blade. However, today hidden blades are considered very cool and also bring a new meaning to our objects of everyday use....

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