Ninja VS Samurai: Comparing the Warriors

Ninja VS Samurai

The history of Japan is rich with ninjas and samurais. A ninja was a professional assassin who was trained in secret arts, which were often used in the service of feudal lords or the military....
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Top 5 Famous Legendary Swords in the World

Top 5 Famous Legendary Swords

Swords are weapons that come with a long history of use. It is easy to assume that swords have existed since the beginning of time, but in fact, their origin is difficult to trace....
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Top 10 Coolest Swords in Modern Era

Top 10 Coolest Swords

"Of all the weapons of warfare, there is none that has had more influence than the sword." Sometime in the late third millennium BC, a flint blade from quartzite was found in a tomb....
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Interesting Facts About William Wallace Sword

Interesting Facts About William Wallace Sword

One of the most prominent features of the film Braveheart is the sword wielded by William Wallace. It is one of the fantasy swords, and is almost similar to Scottish claymore....
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5 Popular Types of Medieval Swords

5 Types of medieval swords

A common misconception of the medieval era is that it was a time of darkness and ignorance. In reality, the Middle Ages saw a flourishing in creativity and learning unlike any other....
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Real Swords - Types and Forging Process

Real Swords Types and Forging Process

There is much more to the history of real swords. In the ancient world, many types of swords were used; not all blades had a hilt and some did not use a cross, but many of them had....
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Historical Background of the Blue Rose Sword

Historical background of Blue Rose Sword

Anime sword is popular in Japan, but it's not just a Japanese thing. To understand anime, you have to know the history behind it. Anime dates back to WWII and was used as a method....
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7 Secrets about Highlander Sword that Have Never Been Revealed

Secrets About Highlander Sword

Connor Macleod and the Highlander provided the basis for four more Highland films, two books and a television series by the same name after the debut of the first Highland film in 1986....
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What to Look for In Battle Ready Swords?

battle ready sword

Battle ready swords are a class apart. There's something phenomenal about these swords that instantly capture the buyer's attention. These swords are currently ruling.....
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The Most Popular Types of Samurai Swords for Sale

samurai sword for sale

Before the arrival of firearms and technology, some blades ruled the world, especially on the battlefield. From the cavemen ages.....
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Accustom Yourself with the Medieval Swords and Weapons

medieval Swords

Medieval swords were the most valued weapon of a knight of that age. A medieval had major importance in knighthood and symbolized pride and honor to the knights......
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Rarely Known Things About A Thundercats Sword

thundercats swords

The unbelievable popularity of the Thundercats series made it irresistible for people to fall in love with Lion-O’s powerful weapon – the Thundercats sword....
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