T4E HDP P2P .50 Cal Self Defense Pepper Pistol Paintball Gun Marker Weapon

It has been re-engineered for optimal performance. Powered by compressed air (CO2), the T4E HDP P2P Self Defense Pepper Pistol shoots .50 caliber round kinetic and/or chemical irritant projectiles that can disable a threat from up to 60-feet away. It is an incredibly powerful and non-lethal self-defense weapon. Be Prepared to Protectâ„¢ your family, your property, and your life with this .50 caliber pepper pistol.
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The P2P HDP 50 pepper round pistol helps you in being Prepared to Protectâ„¢. The T4E P2P HDP 50 was developed by UMAREX. Its easy-to-use quick response charge and multiple .50 caliber pepper rounds provide confidence during intense situations. Comes with 10 rubber rounds for practice and training and 10 pepper rounds for self-defense. Be Prepared to Protect. Ready the Owner's Manual before use including all warnings, cautions, and notes within the owner's manual. 12-gram CO2 cartridges not included.

Shoots .50 caliber rubber balls, pepper balls, dust balls, chalk balls, and paintballs. Easy to load with the integrated magazine; Just pull the follower back, insert six .50 caliber P2P powder balls or rubber balls and then slowly release the magazine follower back. Trigger safety is disengaged when trigger is pulled. CO2 activation system houses your sealed 12g CO2 capsule so with a split-second tap you can activate and be ready to fire (CO2 NOT included). Powder Balls give you a more realistic training experience; Rubber Balls are great for training and practice

  • Picatinny Accessory Rail
  • Quick Piercing CO2 System
  • Integrated Magazine Holds 6 Rounds
  • .50 caliber Cleaning Squeegee Included
  • 10 Rounds of Pepper Ball Ammo Included
  • 10 Rounds of Rubber Ball Ammo Included
  • Trigger Safety
  • Ability to engage threats at a further distance - up to 60 ft
  • Safe, less-than-lethal self-defense
  • A practical solution for personal and family protection
  • Multi-shot, long-range and legal to carry in most states
  • Easy loading with integrated magazine

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