WarFoam 42.5" Fantasy Chinese Anime Latex Foam Padded Cosplay Costume Sword

WarFoam 42.5" Fantasy Chinese Anime Latex Foam Padded Cosplay Costume Sword

42.5" Fantasy Chinese Anime Latex Foam Padded Cosplay Costume Sword

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Beautifully hand painted with fine attention to detail, this Chinese Anime Sword is 42.5 inches long sword and constructed from durable polyurethane foam with a strong inner core so it is perfectly suitable for costume use.

  • Overall Length: 42.5 Inches
  • Material: Polyurethane Foam
  • Multicolored 
  • Hand Painted

Every hero or heroine for that matter, needs a magical weapon to accomplish their impossible quest. This fantasy chinese themed cosplay sword is perfect for when you want a convincing cosplay costume. Modeled after the Jian, an ancient double edged straight sword used during the last 2500 years in China. Even the length is identical to traditional Jian swords. It is beautifully hand painted with attention to detail. You can hold it in your hands and look at it for hours and still not be bored with it. The pommel is silver with gold inlay running down the middle. A flower in bloom is in place of the crossguard, representing life and rebirth. A faux blue sapphire stone is embedded on the crossguard & the tip of the blade, allowing it to flow as smoothly as water. This supernatural sword is intricately detailed with magic runes placed on it and a red fuller running down the length of the blade.

In nature, brightly colored animals are usually the most dangerous ones. Same is the case with this sword. When you swing this blade you can almost see it leave a colorful trail behind thus mesmerising it’s wielder with every swing. Constructed from durable polyurethane with a strong inner core, so that it does not easily bend, you can be sure it will survive many a cosplay conventions. But you already knew that due to it being made by WarFoam. The overall length of the sword is a massive 42.5 inches, that’s more than 3.5 feet! In chinese folklore, the jian, also referred to as “t’ai chi swords”, are known as “The Gentleman of weapons” and is considered as one of the four major weapons.

Buy the Chinese WarFoam sword and become the ultimate Jianke, chinese word for “swordsmen”.You can be sure all eyes will be on you while you carry this sword during the next cosplay convention or comic con.
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