Zombie Survival Gear PART 1

Posted by Ruby on 2/12/2018 to News

Okay, so we talked about The Walking Dead and what folks on tv would do during a zombie apocalypse. Today I'm going to list some gear that takes inspiration from the characters and how these things would be useful in the real world - apocalypse or not!

So I mentioned that Carol is really great with knives. A good knife is an essential tool. Carol almost always had one strapped to her belt buckle or in her boot.

Heres a few knives to check out for zombie + non-zombie related use:

Boot Knives -

Small, easy to grab, comes with a sturdy sheath to clip in your boot, clothes or anything for that matter. These knives come optimized for slicing, slashing and tearing.

Hunting Knives -

Comes with a sheath, various overall + blade sizes, belt loops to keep easily accessible. Great for outdoors and hunting.

Pocket Knives -

Fits in your pocket and comes with a belt loop. Can be folded easily and barely takes up any storage space.

Next on the list: Daryl and his Crossbow. A popular choice indeed. We've got a lot of crossbows in different strengths, plus extra arrows, targets and replacement parts. I've tried a few of these crossbows and they're actually very fun to target shoot and practice in the backyard. You'll definitely develop a good aim which will  always come in handy.

Stay tuned for Part II of this list to check out more zombie gear. What's your favorite weapon that you want to see more of?!

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