Zombie Survival Gear PART 2

Posted by Ruby on 2/14/2018 to News

We left off with Crossbows, now moving onto more cool tools and gear.

Have you ever used a Prop Gun or Blank Gun? These are the guns that are used in movies, TV shows and live theatrics to replicate the look and sound of a  real gun, but minus the bullets. 

Actors on The Walking Dead actually train for scenes using both these blank guns and real weapons. The directors prefer the actors to have the experience of using both in order to replicate the realest reactions to firing the guns on set.

You can find a revolver like the one Rick Grimes carries here: Blank Firing Revolvers It's a classic style and a great value. The action works like the original and fires .380 blanks or 9mmPAK. It's ideal for reenactment - just don't point these directly at anyone! 

You'll also find Automatic and a wide selection of Front Firing Blank Guns. They will produce the sound, flame and the smoke of the original. You can use these for firearms training just like TWD actors did.

Swords! Looks awesome to carry, can be difficult to use but still boss. Try the Foam Swords for play with the kids, Wooden Practice Swords for your own training, and handmade, katana and samurai swords to complete your collection. 

Try these out and see what you think. Theres a lot of options to reenact TWD if you're in to LARP or cosplay.

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