With respect to model and design, there is a huge variety of the airsoft guns available in the market; however, basically, there are three types of airsoft guns with regards to their firing mechanism. We are talking about the electric airsoft guns, the spring-powered airsoft guns, and the gas-powered airsoft guns. The electric airsoft guns are also known as the AEGs.

Since you are here, I assume that you are new to the airsoft game and want to go through some online research before settling for your first airsoft gun. We know that the electric airsoft guns sound perfect with regards to the fully- and semi-automatic firing systems; however, it is important to know the fundamental differences between the various types of airsoft guns before one actively purchases one or a couple of them. Therefore, without much delay, let's get into the basics of airsoft and airsoft guns.

One thing about the airsoft game is that it is a fun activity which will pump your blood and cause an adrenaline rush; moving your limbs while playing a war game is undoubtedly a good way to get out of the house and off the television and phone screens. That said, once you have made up your mind about getting into the game, it is important to know your airsoft role i.e. what type of role you would want to play while you are on the field. Your respective airsoft role will determine the type of airsoft gun you will need to make your first airsoft game a memorable experience.

Apart from the role, there are other factors too which will determine the type of airsoft gun you will need throughout the airsoft game. For instance, the climate along with your level of accuracy and competition also play a crucial role in determining whether you want one of the electric airsoft guns, spring powered airsoft guns or the gas powered airsoft guns. In addition, if you are looking for a way to practice target shooting, then you will need a different type of airsoft gun in contrast to the gun you would require if it was to take part in a wild airsoft shooting game. The guide is for the beginners as well as advanced players which will assist them in making the best decision with respect to the kind of airsoft gun they ought to take with them to the airsoft game. Have fun reading!

The Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

These have the simplest firing mechanism; also, these are the most affordable ones. It is typical to get a good spring assisted airsoft guns for the price as low as $5. In addition, these are also easy to use and are considered perfect for beginner players who are also. If you want to teach your children about guns and gun safety, then the best thing to do would be with the help of the spring-assisted airsoft guns. The spring mechanism of these airsoft guns launch the plastic pellets, also known as BBs.

The Advantages of Using Spring-Assisted Airsoft Guns

  • These are the most affordable options with respect to airsoft guns.
  • As compared to the electric airsoft guns and gas-powered airsoft guns, these toy guns will not require additional items, such as batteries and gas containers.
  • Since you won't be running out of battery; therefore, you are more likely to have unlimited ammunition. In this regards, the spring-powered airsoft guns serve as the perfect secondary weapons on the airsoft battlefield.
  • The spring guns can be upgraded with ease and you can actually end up with a powerful airsoft gun without spending much of your money.
  • The spring airsoft guns are less likely to get affected by the weather conditions as compared to the gas-powered and electric airsoft guns; in other words, there will be no fear of wetting the batteries or the freezing of gas.
  • There is a huge variety of the spring-assisted airsoft guns available in the markets and online stores; you can also choose the airsoft guns which have a high rate of fire, such as 700 FPS.

The Disadvantages of Spring Assisted Airsoft Guns

  • In contrast to the electric airsoft guns and gas-powered airsoft guns, the spring-assisted airsoft guns need to be manually cocked; therefore they don't exist in the semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing mode.
  • Due to the plastic framework, the spring assisted airsoft guns aren't as reliable as the electric airsoft guns and the gas powered airsoft guns.

The Electric Airsoft Guns

The electric airsoft guns are the most commonly used airsoft guns in the market; for their firing mechanism, these require a batter; the majority of the batteries are rechargeable. Typically, the players keep one extra battery in case they ran out of it mid-game. Despite the fact that the firing mechanism of the electric airsoft guns includes a spring-mechanism, yet it differs from the spring assisted airsoft gun in the way that the gearbox includes three gears which upon collaborating with the piston exert a pressure against the spring and the plastic pellet gets launched.

The Advantages of Electric Airsoft Guns

  • The plastic pellets get fired with greater power as compared to the spring-assisted airsoft guns.
  • Typically, the electric airsoft guns are made of a metal framework; therefore, one can have the touch and feel of a real-life weapon.
  • You won't have to cock the electric airsoft guns manually for each shot fired.
  • These electric toy guns can be fired within both modes; the semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes.
  • If you are looking for a rather "quiet" airsoft gun, then this is for you.
  • The hot and cold weather climate doesn't have an impact on the gearbox and efficacy of the electric airsoft guns.

The Disadvantages of Electric Airsoft Guns

  • You might have to recharge the batteries multiple times during an airsoft game.
  • Since some of the batteries outlast others; therefore, you will have to pay extra attention while purchasing the batteries.
  • During the rainy weather condition, the electric airsoft guns are prone to malfunction.

The Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

These types of airsoft guns are utmost popular with the professional players; however, it is recommended to refrain from using "red gas".

The Advantages of Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

  • The blowback feature of the gas-powered airsoft guns is absolutely amazing; it generates the touch and feel of a real gun. Therefore, the gas-powered airsoft guns are also used by the military professional and other shooting departments to train their cadets and trainees in getting familiar with the guns.
  • If you are looking for the most realistic experience, then you ought to get one of the gas-powered airsoft guns.
  • The gas-powered airsoft guns are budget-friendly as compared to the electric airsoft guns; however, these are expensive than the spring-powered airsoft guns.
  • The shooting velocity of these airsoft guns can be adjusted with ease.

The Disadvantages of Gas-powered Airsoft Guns

  • These toy guns are prone to freeze in cold weathers, which can be quite annoying when one is engaged in the airsoft skirmishes.
  • Some of the gases utilized by these types of airsoft guns can adversely impact the environment.
  • You will need to reload the gas after regular intervals; therefore, it won't have unlimited shooting capacity as the spring-assisted airsoft guns.
  • In contrast to the electric airsoft guns, the gas-powered airsoft guns can give out your location during the game.