brass knuckles 2021

Exploring the tools and accessories in 2021, you won’t find anything better than brass knuckles. These are just incredible tools made of brass, and wearable around the knuckles. Are you eager to know more about these tools? 

Since these are magnificent accessories and tools, you must be eyeing to learn more, and get a few in your collection. So, here is a brief guide to brass knuckles. Let’s explore the types and uses of knuckles, and find some of the best to buy in 2021. 

Types of Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckle Knife

A brass knuckle knife is the most popular type of knuckles. Everything is the same except the fact that there is a blade attached to it. It looks like a trench knife used during the First World War. A knife is attached to the knuckles to make it a deadly fighting weapon like a trench knife. 

Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle

Another cool type of knuckles! This one has a buckle pin or knob attached to it. The idea is to make it wearable as a belt. You can use this buckle pin to attach it to your belt. This will make a unique and gorgeous belt as the buckle is the knuckle. 

Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

Another cool and very useful type of knuckles. A brass knuckle bottle opener has a special device attached to it known as the bottle opener. It can help open bottles and cans with ease. You can easily remove the lid of the bottles and open canned objects. 

Metal & Aluminium Knuckles

There are real brass knuckles made of brass, and then there are metal knuckles and aluminium knuckles. Real ones are stronger and powerful since they are made of brass, and we all know how strong brass is. Metal knuckles and aluminium knuckles are not that strong but are frequently used. 

Uses of Brass Knuckles in 2021


The most frequent use of brass knuckles is paperweight. A knuckle is a heavier item and can be placed on the papers to keep them at the right paper. In fact, knuckles are mostly used as paperweights. These are not just weighty, they are gorgeous and look perfect as paperweights. 

Self Defense

Brass knuckles are among the best self defense weapons to use against the attackers. These are lethal and powerful tools that can beat the hell out of the attackers. Just wear them and deliver a couple of punches in the face of the attacker; enough to injure him and escape to survive. 

Street Fighting

These are also great street fighting tools. If there are a few bullies trying to brutalize you, get rid of them using knuckles. A few punches in their faces can teach them a lesson. Whenever you encounter them, your knuckles are there to protect you from them! 

Belt Buckle

A knuckle is the most beautiful belt buckle too. Imagine wearing a unique knuckle like this to get good compliments from your mates! There is a knob or a buckle pin there to just attach it to your belts. At times, you can get a complete belt with a knuckle style buckle. 

Opening Bottles & Cans

This is one amazing use of brass knuckles. A brass knuckle bottle opener is needed in this regard by the way. That special feature called bottle opener can be used to open bottles and cans with ease. If you often need to open them, this type of knuckle is a must-have. 

Breaking Glass

At times, you need to break glass. Yes, if you are in an emergency situation and need to get out of a building that has caught fire. 

Also, you may need to smash and break the glass of your car’s window to get out of it in case of an accident. So, for this purpose, you can give a punch with the knuckles and break the glass.

Breaking & Smashing Ice

Apart from glass, you can smash and break ice into small pieces using your knuckles. During summer, you may need to do so very often, so your knuckles can help! 

A Fashion Wear

A great fashion accessory is a brass knuckle. It can be a unique and an interesting tool or accessory to wear. You can make a fashion statement wearing it often. No matter if you have put on jeans or you are dressed in a formal way, you are welcome to wear knuckles. 

A Cosplay Weapon

If you are a cosplayer, you know you need to have a cosplay weapon to complete your costume. If you are dressed up as a badass character, all you need to do to complete your costume is wear a pair of brass knuckles. These badass tools can meet your costume needs. 

A Décor Item at Your House or Office

Having said that brass knuckles are gorgeous tools, why not use them as pieces of décor at your houses and offices? Many people have them placed in their display cabinets. Also, a few people have them hung along a wall as the display items! 

Top 10 Brass Knuckles to Buy in 2021

1 - Purple Heavy Duty Buckle Knuckles Paperweight Accessory

Purple Heavy Duty Buckle Knuckles

Purple is the most attractive color, isn’t it? It is not just attractive, it is unique when it comes to brass knuckles. This lovely piece of knuckles can work as a paperweight as well as a tool to battle the attackers. Also, there is a bucket pin to use it as a belt buckle. 

2 - Bone Four Finger Defense Belt Buckle Brass Knuckle Paperweight

Bone Four Finger Defense Belt Buckle Brass Knuckle

A unique and interesting design! It looks like a bone skull and gives a badass appearance you want from your knuckles. Made of brass, it is extremely gorgeous and promises durability. There are four finger holes, each having a hole size of 1 inch. It is almost 10 mm thick. 

3 - 100 % Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

This is a special brass knuckle you should have in your collection. The most prominent feature of this knuckle is the bottle opener. You can use it to open bottles and canned objects. It is also made of brass, and hence it is powerful enough to be used for self defense against the attackers! 

4 - Knuckle Down Range Bullet Knife

Knuckle Down Range Bullet Knife

This is a special piece of knuckles having a hidden knife. There is a bullet attached to it and upon removing the cover, the blade is revealed. There is a powerful stainless steel blade you can use for cutting work. So, this can be a perfect EDC tool and a perfect self defense weapon. 

5 - Life or Death Blood Splatter Knuckle Buckle Paperweight

Death Blood Splatter Knuckle Buckle

Beautiful paperweight in red and green! This brass knuckle can be called a masterpiece. There is a very cool and gorgeous design, and is made of solid steel. There is a triple skull design, and four finger holes to wear it. 

6 - Heavy Duty Champaign Buckle & Paperweight

Heavy Duty Champaign Buckle & Paperweight

This is an aluminum knuckle basically and is perfect for self defense as well. You can use it as your paperweight or simply wear it to make a fashion statement. There is a knob or a buckle pin as well to make it a belt buckle. 

7 - Heavy Duty Silver Buckle & Paperweight

Heavy Duty Silver Buckle & Paperweight

This is a different knuckle in silver since most are found in gold. It is a lovely knuckle and can be included in a few masterpieces. It also features a buckle pin to attach it to your belt. It can make a magnificent belt buckle. It is made of metal though but is durable and strong. 

8 - Gold Color Heavy Duty Belt Buckle

Gold Color Heavy Duty Belt Buckle

Another gold, heavy duty brass knuckle to be used as a belt buckle. It features a knob to make it a lovely buckle. Also, it is heavy enough to be used as a paperweight. Also made of metal, it is durable and promises strength needed to be used as a self defense weapon. 

9 - Rainbow Titanium Heavy Duty Buckle Paperweight

Rainbow Titanium Heavy Duty Buckle

What makes it the loveliest knuckle is the rainbow design it features. We all know how cool and beautiful a rainbow is. There are a few colors that add to the magnificence and beauty! It can be used for decor as well as paperweight. 

10 - Heavy Duty Copper Buckle & Paperweight

Heavy Duty Copper Buckle & Paperweight

Basically a metal knuckle, it has a copper finish. The color scheme is just amazing and gives a spectacular appearance. The buckle pin enables you to wear it as a belt. Copper and black colors enhance the overall appearance of the knuckle. The overall size is measured as 4.5 inches. 


So, brass knuckles are the most incredible tools to have in your collection. Get some of the above in your arsenal and use them for different purposes. Not just these are gorgeous accessories to wear, you can use them for dealing with the attackers and bullies!