Knives are an integral part of our lives. Whether you are an outdoor person or an indoor one, a businessman or a villager, a fisherman or a cowboy - you will find the need of knives in your everyday life. Knives have endless uses and one can find the need of them almost anywhere and anytime. 

Knives are used extensively in kitchen, are used in outdoor situations i.e. during hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing etc. They even prove to be very useful in a survival or a tactical situation. And apart from these uses, a knife always proves to be our best companion in the execution of our everyday little tasks i.e. cutting of ropes, opening boxes, cutting fruits, opening letters, opening packages etc.

Are you thinking that all of these tasks can be performed by a single ordinary knife which you see daily in your kitchen and why should you look for more knives? 

Well, No! This is not the case. There are different types of knives for different types of tasks. Each one of them is designed to efficiently perform its designated task. A comprehensive knowledge of knives is very necessary as one should know the types of knives and their specific purposes to avoid getting stuck with all types and not knowing the purpose of even one of them. 

Let us have a look at some of the cool knives so that we are well equipped with the basic knowledge about all of them before buying them.

Different Types of Knives

1- Karambit Knife

A Karambit knife finds its name at the top of the list of cool knives. A Karambit has its origins from Indonesia and was used initially for farming. The blade of this knife is its most distinguishing feature and it resembles to a tiger’s claw. 

A karambit actually has a C-shaped razor sharp blade with a pointed tip. This curved blade makes it best for slashing and piercing.

It features a double edged blade which allows you to slash from inside the blade and outside the blade too. This particular design helps in controlling and hooking the victim. A karambit now finds its use in close quarter combats and street fights as it is capable of piercing through even the toughest of materials and has one of the most deadliest blades among all knives. However, a karambit knife is not only restricted to tactical use, it is also used for fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, climbing etc.

2- Stiletto Knife

Stiletto knife is another name from the list of cool knives. Why? Its slender and sleek design makes it so. Stiletto knife is known as an Italian blade and was originated in the 15th century. It was quite famous back then among the bad guys as this little knife could be used as a weapon due to its small yet sharp, pointed blade. 

Many variations and updations were made on the design of a stiletto knife over the years. However, its basic design remained the same and that is the true essence of a stiletto knife - its slender build.

Also, this is what differentiates a stiletto knife from all other types of knives. A stiletto knife is considered as an updated form of a dagger because of its slender, sleek and straight blade which ends on a pointed tip. This particular design of having a narrow blade makes it very effective for thrusting, cutting, slicing, slashing and stabbing.

3- Throwing Knives

When it comes to cool knives, throwing knives give a tough time to its competitors for staying at the top of the list. Throwing knives are quite popular nowadays. You must have experienced your heart beat getting fast and goosebumps rising on your skin when you see artists playing around with some sort of knives and throwing them at certain targets at local fairs and circuses. Right? Those knives are known as throwing knives.

These knives are designed and constructed in a particular way to make them suitable for throwing and that is why they are more balanced, pointy, strong and durable. 

There are so many people who polish their throwing skills on these knives and then take part in competitions at recreational events and fairs. These deadly knives require great focus and skill to handle them and should be handled with great care too.

4- Hidden Blade Knives

Hidden blade knives never fail to fascinate us when it comes it to their design and mechanism. These smarties are usually designed as items of regular use i.e. pen, combs, necklaces and are mostly used for self defense because of their stealthy nature. Hidden blade as its name says is a blade that is concealed from naked eye, it can be extracted and used whenever the holder wants. 

These cool knives disguised as everyday items prove to be very useful in a dangerous or critical situation and definitely give you an edge of concealed weapon over your assailant. One popular example of hidden blade knife is the Neck knife.

A Neck knife is simply a knife that can be hanged around a neck with the help of a string, a cord or a lanyard. Neck knives bring style and safety alike to the wearer. These cool knives are a good way to keep small or big knives with you at all times and are easily accessible if you even find the need to deploy them in an emergency or critical situation. 

Another example of cool knives is a penknife in which the blade of the knife is concealed inside a fully functional pen and comes out when the pen is pulled apart. Same is the mechanism of a comb knife, only here the blade of the knife is concealed inside a comb. These knives are getting very popular nowadays and people prefer them over regular knives for self defense.

5- Pocket Knives

Cool Pocket Knives are small and simple and are the perfect Everyday care (EDC) tools. You must have seen these small folding knives carried by your father or big brother. Mostly these cool knives are seen in the possession of fishermen, cowboys and mechanics. Why do they carry these small knives with them all the time? The reason is because these knives are fold able, easy to carry and have endless uses. 

You can use them to cut fruits, ropes, vegetables, open packages, open boxes and letters etc. They either come as spring assisted opening knives or as automatic switchblades.

The spring assisted ones feature spring mechanism and open when you exert slight pressure on the thumb stud. However, the automatic ones come with a button and the blade comes out when the button is pressed. So, it’s up to you which ones you choose to carry with you, however, do remember that automatic switchblades are illegal in most of the states and are dangerous too. So, confirm the laws of your state before buying one for yourself.

The above mentioned cool knives are the most popular and widely known among all. They are very useful and whether you are a knife enthusiast or not, you should still have at least one of them in your collection. So, which one are you planning to get for yourself?