How to walk with a cane

A walking cane, walking stick or simply a cane is a tool, either made of wood or steel. It helps substitute for a decrease in range of motion, strength, coordination, endurance and joint stability. It can significantly lessen stress on a limb or joint in pain. Using a walking stick, you can stay more independent and safe in your routine life!

Almost everyone tries or does use a walking cane as an aid at a point of time. Sometimes, you just use it for playing purposes. Therefore, many people wrongly believe that they know how to use a cane and how to walk with a cane. However, this equipment is not a joke, rather quite a difficult tool to master. There are a few principles that make walking with a cane safer and easier. 

If you’re having problems with functional mobility and walking, you can get a lot of benefits from using walking canes. Your physical therapist can assist you with appropriate advice and can also teach you how to use a walking stick. If you use a cane, you can maintain efficiency and safety when moving and walking about. Canes can be used in assisting with the balance, lessen weight-bearing pressure on the hip, leg or knee, and widening your base of support. 

So, it is important to know how to walk with a cane in the right manner. Let’s begin with the detailed guide! 

Choose the Right Walking Cane

If you are suffering from serious mobility issues, it is advised to meet with a physical therapist or an orthopedist to determine the right device or tool for your condition. In a few cases, a single-point or a single-footed cane would be enough for you. For people suffering from more severe mobility are at a greater risk of falling down and getting injured. For such people, a quad cane or a four-footed cane is what is needed. 

There are different types of canes available in the market. First of all, there are the walking canes that are used by the crappled or disabled individuals due to mobility issues. Then, there are some stylish and fashionable walking sticks that are designed in a beautiful manner. There are many people who just walk with a stick to look more fashionable and bring some style. Then, there is a type of cane called a sword cane. 

sword cane

A sword cane is a special type of cane that is a combination of a cane and a sword. Also called cane sword, it includes a sword concealed inside the cane. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used in several ways. It can help you walk perfectly in case of mobility, and can serve as a walking and hiking stick. However, it is mainly used as a self defense weapon. 

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If a walking cane is deemed appropriate, you must need to have it adjusted to the right height so that your body comes in a neutral position when grasping the handle of the cane. In case it is too low or too high, your body would be placed in a rather tilted position. Hence, it will cause discomfort and serious fatigue, and enhance the risk of a fall. 

To make sure your cane is at the perfect height, keep your elbow straight while hanging your arm down. The crease of your wrist must fall at the top level of the cane. In case it doesn’t, adjust your stick or cane up or down to the point it does. 

Using a Walking Cane -  In Case of Mobility

Using a walking cane is more tricky than you think. Unlike walking with a cane for trekking purposes, walking a cane due to mobility requires serious coordination to take as much pressure off the limb that is affected and ensure that you recover well in case you suddenly or unsteadily start losing your balance. Here is what you need to do in case of serious mobility:

  • Hold the walking cane in the hand which is opposite to the side which requires support
  • Position your cane about 2 inches forward slightly to the side
  • Move the cane forward as you step forward with the leg that is affected. Make sure both happen at the same time. 
  • As you walk forward with the leg that is affected, hold the cane steady in place
  • Get someone who can stabilize, support and supervise you while walking with the cane. It is important to be comfortable when using a walking cane. Before you begin walking, make sure you feel confident. 

If you are in need of any assistance while walking with a cane, make sure you ask for it. Also, make sure you come up with a good plan when walking along with a walking cane. That’s how to walk with a cane if you are suffering from mobility!

How to Safely Use a Cane?

In case you are using a cane because one leg is painful or weak, make sure to hold the cane on the opposite side from the painful or weak leg. For instance, if your left hip is sore, make sure you hold the cane in your right hand. In case you are using a walking cane for a little assistance with stability and balance, make sure to hold the cane in the hand you don’t use very often. Similarly, in case you are right-handed, you will have to hold the cane in your left hand so that your right hand is free for other tasks. 

Keep the cane closer to your body when holding it so that you can push straight down on the cane. In case you feel you require putting a lot of weight on the cane due to lack of balance or you feel significant weakness or pain, visit your doctor regarding trying a walker or crutches. Make sure your walking cane feels good to you! When you stand up in a normal position while having the tip of the cane on the ground, the cane’s handle must be next to the top of your leg. However, the elbow must be bent slightly! 

A walking cane can assist a lot in case you are having minor issues with steadiness on your feet or balance of your body. It can assist in taking some weight off one of your legs by shifting more weight to the cane. Your physician can recommend a cane in case you just need some assistance in walking safely and comfortably! 

Walking canes

How to Walk With a Cane in the Perfect Manner?

The perfect way of thinking about walking with a cane is that you take normal steps and just keep moving the cane when you swing your arm forward normally. You have to move the cane at the same time as you move the opposite leg, just like you swing your arm. For instance, if you are holding the cane in your right hand, move the walking cane forward when you step with your left foot. If you are walking with a cane because of a weak or painful leg, you have to be moving that leg at the same time as you move the cane. 

  • Set the walking cane ahead of you in a comfortable manner, therefore, it is even with the foot you are stepping with. In order to reach farther, never lean forward
  • Step past the cane with your other foot
  • Repeat. 

Concluding - Learning & Practicing Too Often!

Learning how to walk with a cane safely is just a little adjustment, while walking perfectly is more important. Make sure to use a cane that fits you perfectly. Create a secure environment in your house for practice and train yourself on a routine basis. Practice will make you perfect. You can go to your doctor for any special advice. There is a great collection of walking canes to choose from. Though you need to get the most appropriate one for walking if you are suffering from any mobility. However, if you want a cane just for decor, costume or fashion purposes, you can choose a sword cane or a fashionable walking stick!