African Style 30 Inch Blowgun Black

African Style 30 Inch Blowgun Black
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This is a one of a kind blowgun. Our 30 inch blowgun is an exceptional weapon, especially in today's time. It is fun and challenging to use. Only 30 inch long makes these guns ideal for indoor shooting. Each is constructed from high quality aluminum. Each gun features a dart quiver, 12 sharp coned darts and an anti-inhale mouthpiece which prevents darts from being swallowed. Pick up a couple and have hours of fun target practicing. We have tried this and it packs one powerful blow into the wall. THIS IS NOT A TOY.


  • Aluminum Construction
  • Includes Quiver Dart Holder
  • Includes 12 Darts
  • 30 Inch Blowgun
  • Materials: high quality aluminum
  • Caliber: 0.40
  • Dart quiver
  • 12 sharp coned darts
  • Anti-inhale mouth piece

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