Sports activities have lessened since the smartphones and internet have started consuming people’s time. Gone are the days when kids were seen playing on the fields. Almost every person seems busy on the smartphone, exploring his social media profile. It appears as if the interest in sporting activities has reduced. Perhaps, the computer gaming has replaced the physical games. So, there are more people playing these games instead of football, basketball or baseball. But, this is indeed a worrying sign. Probably, this is the reason why the physical and mental strength of the youngsters have minimized. So, what can be done in this case?

Meanwhile, the airsoft sport has caught the attention of the people. It is an out-of-the-box sport that has established some interest among the youngsters as well as the elders. It is not like the other sporting activities, but has quite a few similarities. If you are not interested in the sports or computer games either, we have come up a perfect substitute. A sport that is more enjoyable than any field games or computer games. Learn about the thrilling airsoft sport!

What is Airsoft Sport?

Airsoft, like any other sport, is played on a field. However, this is not a regular field on which the other games can be played, for example, there is no stadium or ground, rather a specified area, called airsoft field. It can be a bounded area, probably walled, inside which the players have to stay and play. There are often two sides and the competition is held between them. The players are equipped with the airsoft guns and they fire BBs at each other. The side with the maximum players left wins at the end. There is plenty to learn about this sport, here are its essentials.

Essentials of Airsoft Game

  • Airsoft Guns

Sportsmen holding the guns! Yes, that’s rare, but this sport brings it to the table. The most significant thing you require for playing this sport is the airsoft guns. You need to have these guns for shooting your opponents. Relax, these are not the real guns, rather, they are the replica guns that fire plastic-made pellets, called BBs. So, the players need to be equipped with these guns so that they can fire them at their opponents in the game. You can choose either a rifle, a pistol or a sniper rifle, depending on the needs of your role. The most enjoyable thing would be the realistic firing experience that these guns offer. If you are looking to play this sport, make sure to get your airsoft gun first.

  • The Field

After you have your guns, the next essential for this game is the field. The game has to be played on a specific field that is away from the reach of general public. You can find some specified airsoft fields in the US, but you can also make your own. The field is the area in which the players need to stay while shooting their opponents. You can get to a forest where no outsider can interfere and specify the field. However, while specifying the airsoft field, make sure you are choosing a safe place.

  • The Player’s Role

In every sport, there are players who perform different roles. For instance, in soccer, there is a goalkeeper, a sweeper, a center forward, a striker, and a wing-back etc. All these players have different roles to play and have different positions on the field. Similarly, in airsoft sport, there are different roles for each player. There is a sniper, a leader, a rifleman, a support gunner, and a rusher etc. If you are engaging in this sport, you first need to choose which role you want to play. Choose the role that you can play most efficiently.

  • The Equipment & Gear

Airsoft is not the safest sport to play though. There are likely chances of getting injured on the field because there are flying BBs here and there. These BBs may be made of plastic, but can cause damage if struck on the eyes or other sensitive areas of your body. To prevent from such injuries, you need to have the safety equipment. You should put on your face and eye protection, long sleeved shirt and long pant. Also, you should war boots, gloves, and knee pads to avoid injuries. Also, make sure to carry water and extra BBs to prevent running out of ammos at the crucial time in the game.

  • Shooting Practice

Before you step on the airsoft field, you need to master the art of shooting. You should be well-trained and prepared for the game. Blind firing is not an option in airsoft, rather, you need to be smart and careful. For this purpose, you must train yourself by doing some shooting practice. Practice would enable you to develop some shooting skills and accuracy. Once you gain the essential shooting skills, get on the field and enjoy the game! But, wait, before playing the game, learn the rules and principles of this sport.

Rules & Regulations

Every sport has certain principles that the players need to follow. Airsoft Sport has some rules and regulations that you need to follow as an airsofter. Here are these rules:

  • Airsoft is a sport of honesty and honor, so, take your hits. Your entire body and equipment count when hit. Call your hit and leave the field. To prevent over-shooting, shout loudly that you are hit or raise your hand.
  • Make sure to wear the eye and face protection when on the field.
  • Avoid blind firing to ensure the safety of the players.
  • Keep the gun pointed in a safer direction and keep your fingers off the trigger.
  • Don’t engage in a physical or verbal fight, and respect the players and referee.
  • Avoid aiming the face, and head of your opponents, rather aim the other parts of the body.
  • Never shoot at the fog machines, props, speakers, lights, laser lights and any safety equipment on the field.
  • Never climb the walls, banister and windows on the field.
  • Don’t walk on the field if you are not playing or you are out.
  • When your opponents surrender, don’t shoot them.
  • Take the magazine out when not playing the game.

Why Prefer Airsoft Over the Other Sports?

Well, airsoft is different, we talking something out of the box. It is equally enjoyable for everyone, including the video gamers and physical sportsmen. To me, this is a combination sport, there is a touch of gaming as you run around and shoot your opponents, and a physically demanding activity. Here are some important reasons why airsoft is a perfect sport:

  • Social Relations

Airsoft is one of the sports that allows you to interact with maximum players from diverse backgrounds. So, the players develop social relations with the people from distinct backgrounds. The good thing about this sport is that everyone is treated in a similar manner. Also, you learn communicating with others and working as a team member. Your contribution to your side holds a great significance. Hence, your social skills are significantly enhanced.

  • Physical Fitness

Airsoft Sport is a wonderful exercise for the whole body. While running around on the field, you don’t just experience the thrill of the game, but also maintain the activeness of your body. In this sport, you need to climb, jump, run and attempt to survive the BBs. All such actions require you to stay active and move rapidly. Like football, there is no time to relax, rather you need to stay active and continue some movement. Airsoft is an excellent game for losing weight and maintaining fitness and stamina. You move almost every part of your body on the field, so your entire body moves and leads to overall strength and fitness.

  • Mental Strength

Airsoft improves the mental strength of the players. As you play the game, you must plan your moves and implement smart strategies for surviving in the field for longest possible time. You need to be active, both physically and mentally for saving yourself from flying BBs. This enhances your mental awareness. Also, you will improve your thinking skills because in the airsoft sport, you need to be a quick thinker to react faster and plan your moves accordingly.

  • Disciplinary Skills

This may seem strange to you, but airsoft sport assists you in establishing disciplinary skills. It encourages you learn and follow disciplinary regulations. Airsoft has certain rules and principles that every airsofters needs to follow. The players learn to remain honest with others. Breaking the rules leads to punishment, so, you stay within the rules and make sure not to break any of them. This encourages the players to obey the rules in their real lives. Hence, they become disciplined citizens.

Are you sick of playing the video games and other field games? Try the unique airsoft sport, and experience a thrilling and enjoyable game. Airsoft is more enjoyable, thrilling and advantageous sport than others. Get your airsoft guns, and step on the field to shoot your opponents and learn firing with real firearms.