People who are fond of collecting guns often search for Airsoft Guns vs Airgun on the internet.

It is, in fact, one of the most frequently asked questions over online forums and on other query-based platforms. But, unfortunately, most individuals are not really familiar with the actual difference between these guns.

We have, thus, compiled this article to let you have a better answer to all your queries related to Airsoft Guns vs Airgun.

To begin, you must first have an overview of both these guns.

Overview of Airsoft Guns:

Airsoft is basically a sport that has massively gained popularity among paintball lovers. This game offers the player with the same sort of fun and excitement.

Hence, it relatively mess-free and is thus, much more expensive as compared to paintball. This sport allows the player to use numerous guns. Those guns are known as airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns vs Airguns

Note: These guns look like real firearms though they are safe to use and are manufactured for the purpose of playing this game only. These are either battery operated, gas-operated or spring operated.

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Overview of Air Guns:

An airgun refers to a gun that functions on the basis of compressed air. These guns are known for hundreds of years and dwell in the hearts of almost all weapon lovers.

The modern-day air guns are lethal weapons and are among the most purchased weapons in the weapon market.

Airsoft Guns Vs Air Guns - Differences Between These Two Guns

Let us now compare these two types of guns to clear all our confusion about the Airsoft Guns vs Airgun issue.

1.  Hardware and Barrels:

These two guns use distinct hardware are barrels. Their details are listed below.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns make use of shorter barrels and are mostly manufactured out of plastic. Their weight and cost are specifically considered when buying this type of gun. 

These guns don’t generally shoot with much power and that is why they have low-pressure chambers. Longer barrels are used if and only if the target is moving fast.

Air Guns:

This gun is an entire opposite of the airsoft gun. These guns are expensive and use high-quality hardware along with longer barrels.

When buying this type of gun people generally do not consider its price or weight. It is because a single air gun is durable enough to last a lifetime.

However, air gun lovers can buy as many as they want to.

2.  Power and Range:

These guns are also segregated based on their power and range. Let us see why and how.

Airsoft Guns:

To be precise, airsoft guns don’t fire with much pressure. That is why an average airsoft gun uses some 1.31 joules of power to fire a 0.20g BB at 375 FPS.

This is way too less when compared to an air gun.

Air Guns:

These guns are thoughtfully designed to fire with much greater pressure and thus, utilize more power as compared to airsoft guns.

Their power and pressure is twice the power and range of an airsoft gun. You may say that these are 17 times more powerful than sport guns.

These guns can even accurately fire up to 150 yards.

3.  Accuracy:

Keeping an eye on the accuracy of these guns further provides us with a basis of distinction.

Airsoft Guns:

When comparing the accuracy of Airsoft Guns vs Airgun, you must not ignore the fact that these guns serve a different purpose. That is why airsoft guns are accurate for what they are created for.

They might not provide the same level of precision and accuracy if used to serve some other purpose.

Note: People generally consider that their shorter barrel length accounts for their inaccuracy. However, it is just a misconception. Barrel length has got nothing to do with a gun’s accuracy and precision.

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Air Guns:

These guns are astonishingly accurate and are thus, rightly suited to their purpose of creation. To be honest, the cheapest air gun can fire even better and more accurate than the most expensive airsoft gun.

Their barrels are rifled and this truly gives this gun a competitive advantage.

4.  Ammunition:

When you search Airsoft Guns vs Airgun in terms of ammunition, you will get to know the following facts.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns support make use of low quality ammunition. The BB’s use for different types of airsoft guns are made out of ceramic material and are able to shoot in a straight line. The lighter the ammunition the safer it is to use this gun.

Air Guns:

On the other hand, air gun ammunition comes in varying types and styles. Its pallets are available in varying shapes and weights. Each type and size is exclusively designed to serve a different purpose.

Whether you are planning to hit a nearby can or you want to hit a faraway balloon going up in the sky, you can have a different pallet to target the object accurately.

5.  Target:

Target accounts for one of the major differences when we look into the details of Airsoft Guns vs Airgun.

Just go through the details given below and you will get your answer to the question that has just popped up in your mind.

Airsoft Guns:

Airsoft is an out-of-the-box sporting activity, while these guns are sport guns. Thus, you can point it towards others without worrying about the consequences.

You can play the sport with this type of a gun however, you will never be able to kill a rat or a squirrel with it.

The plastic ammunition may cause a slight wound if in case you are not wearing the safety gear.

Air Guns:

If you are using an air gun, be careful. It is a lethal weapon and must be handled sensibly. It is surely not a toy to leave in the hands of an immature individual.

It can seriously take the other person’s life. These guns rightly target the prey and shoot flat to it.

These are high-velocity guns that is why you can’t afford to make any mistakes.

6.  Projectile:

The material and size of the projectile used must not be neglected when studying about Airsoft Guns vs Airgun. Let’s see that aspect of this comparison too.


Each of these guns has a distinct projectile size as is given below.

Airsoft Guns: 

These guns are capable of using 6mm Plastic BB’s only and are thus safe to use in any indoor or outdoor environment.

Air Gun: 

The guns use metallic 177 pellets or BB’s. These pellets or BB’s are either of lead or steel are thus, extremely harmful to be used by untrained individuals.

Airsoft Guns For Airsoft Sport - Air Guns For Hunting!

Airsoft Guns:

Airsoft guns are sport guns only. These operate on the basis of compressed air technology and make use of plastic projectiles that are not really able to harm or injure anyone.

If you are an archer or a hunter, you can confidently use these guns for indoor practice. It will not make you regret your selection of the weapon. The main purpose of these guns is to play airsoft games and airsoft sport. 

Air Guns:

These guns are machine guns and are thus able to fire metallic bullets, balls, pellets or darts. You can’t risk the other person’s life by targeting him with such a lethal weapon.

These guns are not suited for practicing your archery or hunting skills. These must not be used by people who are not trained to use these sensibly.

Note: Never use air guns for playing sport. Don’t fall prey to your thirst for adventure. These guns are exclusively designed for professional shooting and hunting.

Our Verdict- What Should You Choose Between These Two Guns?

Under the light of these discussions over the hot topic of Airsoft Guns vs Airgun, we have found out that airsoft guns are relatively safer. These are suited for random usage. In contrast, air guns are lethal weapons and must not be used to target others. Otherwise, they can lead to unbearable consequences.

Nevertheless, you can’t actually decide which one is a better weapon. It is because both types of guns serve a different purpose and thus, possess features that are suited to that purpose only. Comparing these two types can simply help you judge these guns individually. The rest depends on your choice and preference.

If you are planning to make an investment in any of these types of guns, you must first go through this article on Airsoft Guns vs Airgun. It will help you make a better decision based on your purpose of making this purchase.You must also not forget to surf the legal implications of these weapons in your area.